Aug 17 002

Well, Lili is doing better. The enzyme powder is helping her to properly digest her food (or close to it) and her empty belly is starting to fill out. We’re looking into a better food for her to eat (along with the enzyme powder) with hopes that this will calm her down, help her gain weight, and make her a less aggressive dog.

Oh, part of me would love to just bring her back. Nothing is easy with Lili. For instance, her food needs to sit 20 minutes at room temperature after the enzyme powder is mixed in. She can smell the chicken and rice and no matter where I try to hide it she simply goes insane. We have chosen an option. Hubby takes her out and I mix the food and then hide it (I’m creative!).

The thought that this will be how it is for Lili’s entire life, frustrates me. As a former breeder, I tested my dogs for various known illnesses in dackels.

But then, Lili adores me. She follows me every where. To the bathroom, to the basement, to the screen porch and she wants to be in my chair next to me all the time.

People talk about the sweet wonders of puppy-hood, and I have had that wonderful warm glow with every dog I have ever had, until Lili. Her illness makes her rather aggressive (especially around food) and not the cuddly sweet pup I had longed for and dreamed of.

We will be doing a blood test next week to pin point her illness. After that I think we will need to decide if we try to save her and make her healthy or contact her breeder.

Lili & The Beasts

Today the enzyme powder for Lili arrived. We started her on it for lunch and dinner. She already seems a bit better.

You see, Lili’s pancreas doesn’t make the enzyme needed for her to digest her food. She has not gained weight like most dogs and has just been miserable due to tummy aches and gas.

It made her rather hard to be around because she was just frantic. Frantically hungry, and frantic to be loved.

I wasn’t sure what would become of this girl, but the new medcine gives me hope.

Aug 12 012

The dackels are getting used to her, and Arnie will even cuddle up with her from time to time. It just amazes me how tiny Lili still is. We will certainly have to work on that!


Lili finished Puppy Class One last night. She failed! Not really, but let’s just say she is hyper active and probably needs medications for ADHD!

Again, kidding. She is a handful, and I am trying so hard to get her exercised enough, and also the classes so she learns how to be a proper doggy.

Her next class begins in two weeks. All the other pups, especially the other Shepherd who flunked, will be back.

On my way home last night I had to drive through a bad thunder and lightening storm. I do not like that. There were also torrential downpours that scared the daylights out of me. I slowed way down and took over an hour, but got home safely!

This morning I was up early, took a shower and dressed. I quickly made breakfast and jumped in the car with Lili and Anneliese for a trip to the Vets. Anneliese is having surgery on a growth on her teat. Lili needed her shots.

It is hot again, and the humidity is really bad. I think today I will kind of kick back a little. Tomorrow is a big day. Another Weight Watcher weigh in.

You Will Never Believe This!

I woke yesterday morning ready to face the day, and slipped into my slacks and top. I went out of the bedroom only to discover that Lili had terrible diarrhea in the puppy room in the night.

I have never seen her have this much! It was on the walls, on the tiles of the floor and on her bedding, and the only way to get her outside to wash her down was to carry her! So after that, I was also covered in her poop, with a back ache!

I worked hard to hose her off, and to wash her and she went crazy on me. I brought her in after I rinsed her and toweled her off. Then I washed down my hands and took off my poopy clothes and started the laundry.

About that time Hubby got up and asked what the horrible screaming was all about. I sat and drank one cup of coffee and then I got on my gloves and went into the puppy room (Oh my God the smell was so horrible!) to start the cleaning.

I cannot express how terrible it was. Just horrible liquid diarrhea everywhere. I thought I would throw up myself!

I spent over an hour washing and washing and washing. Then I closed the door again and turned on the air conditioner. After about 20 minutes I sprayed the disinfectant and now it smells wonderful again.

But my emotional scars linger on!

Once everything was clean, and I actually ate a small breakfast, I took a long hot shower. Even then all I could think of was the poop. I’m so glad I take Lili on Tuesday to the Vet.

Lili Marlene Growing…

Our little girl is growing up! She is well over 20 pounds and is starting to grow into her gangly body. She also is starting to play nicely with the dackels, and has her own spot in her crate and on the sofa. Yeah, I gave up on keeping the dogs off the sofa a long time ago. I bought this sofa in 1996 and now it is old, and I just use a slip cover that is washable. The dogs are very happy.

So back to Lili. She is amazingly beautiful!

June 14 14 002

Also now that she understands that she is one of four dogs, and not one of 10, she has relaxed. She has her own dishes, her own toys and her own chews.

The dackels are still leery of this white monster, but I have seen them getting closer to her. Especially on the sofa!

June 14 14 006

She starts puppy reform school on Monday night. I hope she enjoys it. It’s for 4 weeks and then we switch over to Obedience Training One.

Time is flying by. And she is growing like a weed!

22.8 Pounds

Lili went tot he Vet and had her check up and her shots. She weighed 22.8 pounds and was perfect in every way. She goes back in another month for her boosters and for her rabies shot.

Meanwhile in a week she starts proper doggy school! Ah yes, Our little munchkin really needs to learn how to get along with other pups.

My theory is this. Coming from such a large litter (10 puppies), she literally had to fight for everything she got. Food, toys, and the lot. Slowly she is learning that she has her own toys, her own bones and her own dish of food.

June 08 14 004

June 08 14 001

Lili no longer whines at night, and beccause she is a magic dog, who can open her own crate, we leave her out of her crate in the puppy/mud room. Since she sleeps in there when she wants a nap, it looks like she has taken over the room.

We are really starting to enjoy our little puppy as the intense work is starting to pay off with Lili becoming a sweet gentle girl.


I have not been as good this las month blogging here. I have a wonderful excuse! Her name is Lili! She is a sweet puppy, but she is just that. A puppy!

June 08 14 001

Most of the pictures that I have posted have been of sweet Lili sleeping. Trust me, she does very little of that and keeps me on my toes!

We go to the Vet today and Lili will have her shots and get weighed in. I’m actually looking forward to that!

A Month Later

Ahhhhhh! Today I went out to the garden and I was checking the peas and beans to see if anything had sprouted! The had! Just slightly, pushing their green baby plant selves through the loose dirt. In fact, the garden is looking pretty good.

Call me happy!

I realized today that we have had Lili for a month.

May 03 14 006

And we have survived! Actually, she is doing really well. She was not too people or dog friendly when she arrived. Coming from a litter of ten puppies, she was always fighting for food, toys, and attention. She had to understand that the dackels come first, and she is the low pupper on the totem pole.

Now a month later, Lili eats from her own dish, chews her own bones and doesn’t try to steal the dackel’s bones. She also sleeps well at night, is 99% house broken and loves to curl up on our old sofa. I haven’t gotten a new one since 1996 because of the dogs. Guess it will be a while longer.

June 04 14 011

Lili goes on Tuesday for her next shots. I am interested to see how much she weighs and what the Vet thinks of our baby girl! School starts on Tuesday night.

Yes, we’ve made it through that first tough puppy month!

The Magical Puppy!

We have a magical puppy! Her name is Lili. It started out innocently enough, but after the first week we knew it was true. Lili is magical!

You see back then a morning or two would pass and Lili would be out of her crate in the morning. I easily blamed Hubby for this but then I started to find that this was no normal 11 week old puppy.

We can put her in a crate and in less than 5 minutes she has popped the lock! After seeing her do this, we decided that we would close her into the mud room, and just forget about closing the crate door.

June 04 14 011

She likes that. She sleeps better, the whining has stopped and in the morning she actually will sleep in until almost eight o’clock!

She is still having a touigh time with the dackels, but she’s come so far and starts school soon. I can hardly wait!

The Garden & The Dog

  • Trying to pot some tomatoes and eggplants, and then get my garden planted, and the dogs will have none of it! Told Jack we will have to work in shifts. I’ll make lunch in a few minutes and then I’ll go out to work in the green house, and after that he can fence the garden and then if it is still light out, I will go and plant the vegetables in the big garden!
  • Just weighed Miss Lili! She is now 19 1/2 pounds! After this will need to bring her in to the Vet to use their scales. She has outgrown our baby scale! LOL!

June 03 14 004

  • 86 degrees in my garden. No shade. (Yes, I have my super hat on and sunscreen!) Planted a row of zucchini, and a row of summer squash. Have come in to cool down and hydrate. Still have the butternut squash, cukes, tomatoes, and peppers to go! Something tells me this is going to take a while in this heat!
  • Just a few more things to plant today and then tomorrow it’s direct sow day. Peas, Green and Wax Beans and Purple Beans!
  • Showered. Steaks on the grill with baked potatoes and broccoli! Oh man, I can tell this is going to be an early night. My muscles are reminding me that I am 55 years old!