Observations on Life

I finally slept well last night, but I have decided that I need to buy a new bed pillow. The one I have has gotten too flat. I woke with the two dachshunds glued to my body feeling happily, snugly, warm!
My doctor started me on new medication a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I noticed that things that have previously tasted really good to me, (a particular salad that I make when I need to diet and lose weight, coffee, tea, etc.) no longer taste the same. While on the old medication, I had wanted to drink only coffee. Tea just didn’t taste good to me. Now, I have my morning coffee, then I want tea. Coffee just isn’t cutting it. I think it is so strange how medications can affect your taste buds!!!
Shubi’s eye already looks better. I cut the hair away from the eye, and of course she has the ointment now and that is making all the difference..
Our pears are starting to come in. I need to look up some recipes for preserving pears. Pear Jam?
Today is errand day. I need to go to Walmart for dog food, and the grocery store for MB food!
Now that Labor Day has come and gone all the tourists have gone home. I can drive around town and not get cut off. Tourists seem to think that winter arrives as soon as Labor Day does, so we se fewer and fewer of them after that! All I can say is “Thank You”!!!

Friday Afternoon

I had thought that things would be fairly easy. All that really needed to be done today was to get Fritz to the Vets for his yearly shots. I did get that done, and got him weighed in 75.5 pounds. (My, he is such a small shepherd) However, I noticed that Shubi had a yucky eye and so I arranged to bring her in too. She was 21.1 pounds, (Greta came with us for the ride and was 18.9 pounds) and Shubi has a hairline scratch on her cornea. But probably the most troubling is that they discovered a heart murmur. Now if this little dog hasn’t had enough problems in the last few years, now they have found this.
So, I’m feeling a little depressed about it.
I think Hubby is too. He came back and went into his office. He is pretty quiet.
By the way. The Vet. says Fritz is fantastic. That and Greta’s continued good health made my day a little brighter.

Flowers at Mount Rainier

I have been terrible about writing in Princess since we returned. I plead exhaustion and confusion. Exhaustion from the time zone change and all the traveling, (you know, I need a vacation from my vacation?) and confusion as I try to reassemble my house and life from this trip and get into a routine again.
Add to this the fact that our Concord Grapes and Plums all came ripe at the same moment and we had to stop and cook them up and then make jelly and jam. That’s finally done and it’ll be a week or so until the apple are ready to sauce.
Today’s vacation memory has to do with a hike we took at Mount Rainier. We were so lucky to have beautiful weather and there were even flowers still in bloom. I took this picture just for my cousin, JanetSept 8 041.jpg
I have no idea what kind it is, but I hope you like it Jan.
Now I need to get Fritz to the vet’s for his shots and then I have the weekend to get myself straightened out. LOL!!

My Little Greta

When we arrived home, the three dogs just about died with happiness! Shubi and Fritz have been through this before, so they were used to the comings and goings of their jet setting parents. But, this was the first time I have left Greta. At a year and a half, she has never been away from me, and her reaction has been one that has torn at my heart.
She has acted like, “what did I do that caused you to run away?”
She has been snuggling in my lap wanting to be held and patted. And she has needed constant reassurance. Even now, four days later. Poor Greta.
How I wish I could tell her that I was just going away for a few days and would be back. I wish she understood and wouldn’t be so upset.
I think it is just plain mean that Shubi and Fritz didn’t explain it all to her. Maybe they are getting her back for all the bones she has taken away from them!

More Alaska

So, what does one do when they get to their first Alaskan port of call? Why I called home! I wanted to share that moment with my sister and cousin and daughter! I also called to check on Shubi, Fritz and Greta. What a great place for a call! I was so excited I felt like a little kid!
Sept  12 Juneau001.jpg
We took a tour over to the Mendenhall Glacier. I think the first thing you realize when you see a glacier is how enormous they are! This was huge, and even more impressive then I can ever say.
Sept  12 mend048.jpg
It was at Mendenhall that we saw the Bald Eagles and the Mama Brown Bear with her two baby cubs. Believe it or not while standing talking to a Park Service Ranger about the glacier, the subject came up about dachshunds. And well, you guessed it. The next thing I knew we were talking about dachshunds and how wonderful they are.
Sept  12 bears043.jpg
In the very center of this picture you can see the Mama bear. This was as close as I was going to get to her. Sorry, but she just didn’t look too friendly to me.

We’re back!
We actually got back very late on Saturday night, but I admit that I do not change time zones well, and most of yesterday was spent in a fog. Hubby and I did make a trip out to the store to fill the cupboards with food, but I just didn’t do much else.
Oh, well, yes, I guess I did. I cooked and cleaned up. And I had to really talk to myself the entire way through that!
You see, I really loved having all my meals cooked for me and cleaned up for me on the ship. All I had to do was show up. The biggest concern I had was finding a table near a window so we had a good view during our meal. I would circle the dining room over and over until I got a spot near the window and it was truly worth it.
The food was fabulous! I loved it all. But I have to say that starting the day with cream cheese, smoked salmon and toasted bagels was just about heaven on earth.
Sept  12 052.jpg
I ate a lot of fish. Salmon, Alaskan King Crab, Shrimp and Sword fish. I also ate a lot of salads. And then too, I ate a ton of desserts!
And I weighed in yesterday and found I hadn’t gained an ounce! Well thank the good Lord for that! It wasn’t because I didn’t try! In fact, besides enjoying the great views, I made sure I didn’t miss a meal!
Over the next few days I’ll try to take the trip day by day and break it down and write it about it.

Tracy Arm

Yesterday we cruised Tracy Arm. To say it was beautiful would be a real understatement of fact. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. At first it seemed pretty much like any inlet, then as we got further and further in small chunks of ice turned into larger ones until I could hear the theme from Titanic in my ears! LOL
Glacial Ice is incredibly blue and white. I couldn’t get enough of it! We toured this inlet 4 hours and it was all breath taking.
Last night we went for an all you could eat Alaskan King Crab dinner. OMG What a meal! I love Alaskan King Crab, but it’s expensive to order at home. This was just so delicious and so wonderful!

Sept  14 027.jpg
In Tracy Arm
Sept  14 041.jpg
With the Cruise Director
Sept  14 066.jpg
The glacier at the end of Tracy Arm

Random Thoughts from Sea

Quick Notes

Sunday night was formal night. We all got dressed up and went to dinner down at our favorite restaurant. Since we speak to all the wait staff and managers we got the best table in the place for our meal, and we got the best waitresses too! Adrianna and Mala. The meal was a bit more diverse. But they offered Ketchikan Sockeye Salmon and almost everyone had that.

After dinner we went to a musical show and it was fun. The singers were good, the songs all 70’s and pop familiar in type, and once we were done we headed off to bed.

I admit I do not change time zones easily!

We were up early today (again) and headed to breakfast. I could easily become accustom to living aboard ship, but I would weigh 700 pounds!

A now understand that a cruise is just an orgy of food. You talk about what time to meet for breakfast, ponder what you will eat and then say, oh and what time and where do you want to eat lunch. And of course dinner. If anyone starves on this ship it is entirely their own fault! I have never seen so much food offered anytime, day or night, and all for free!!

I do have a confession to make. Even with the patch for sea sickness on, yesterday when we hit rough seas and the ship began to rock and roll, I got distinctly green!! I tried napping. No luck. I ate small bits of crackers and drank ginger ale. But nothing worked. Finally about 3 AM we entered the inland passage, with quiet waters, and I felt so much better.

We went ashore to Juneau on Monday. We took the whole day taking two tours (The Mendenhall Glacier, and the Salmon Fish Hatchery) and then we walked around and did a little shopping and sight seeing on our own before reboarding the ship.

Aside from the green feeling of on Sunday/Monday, I am doing better. But I have to say, rough waters make me just plain sick!, I am having a wonderful time. And with the word Princess written boldly all over the ship, I feel very much at home!

But I miss everyone so much and look forward to getting back home too.

Sept  10 030.jpg

Sept  10 031.jpg

We have since toured Skagway and Tracy Arm. I haven’t written because it is so expensive to hook up my laptop and then pay for time $10.00 for 30 minutes! And as their satellite is VERY slow. It’s almost impossible to write as much as I’d hoped. So please forgive me and I promise to write more when I can.

On Board

Last night we spent a wonderful calm night just outside Seattle in a town called Monroe. This way we were able to get in to the cruise ship loading area without getting up early in the morning.
Of course, all four of us are on east coast time, and so we were up at the crack of dawn and we got to the docks about 10:30. Hubby and George dropped us girls off at the terminal with all the baggage. Then they went to return the car.
Carol and I zipped through out paperwork, and we were on board by 11:55. And checked out our rooms. They are lovely with fairly good views and then we went off to explore.
This ship is huge! And I am still not sure where everything is, or how to get there. I think more signs are needed or maybe a better ships guide. I figure I will know my way around by the end of the cruise.

Then, since we were hungry we stopped in at the buffet for lunch. There we met up our husbands and then Keith and Jill, more of our friends. We all ate our lunches, and then set off to unpack our cases back at our rooms.
Once that was done it was time for the fire drills, and then we set sail. What a pretty sight that was, as we pulled out of the docking area and sailed along the harbor in Seattle.
We had a Coast Guard escort all the way out of the Harbor, and then he waved and turned and was gone. We stayed out watching a while longer before hunger struck once again.
We explored the restaurants on board and decided to eat at the Savoy. We got a very nice table near a window. Our servers were Adriana from Mexico and then Mia from Thailand. They were young and seet and took incredibly good care of us!
We also had a wine stweard. He was hysterical. He was from Romania, and reminded me of Agadore in the movie, “The Bird Cage”. It was so funny! Still he was so nice and we enjoyed him a lot.
After we ate, we returned to our rooms and fell instantly asleep!
Sept  10 009.jpg
Me, George and Carole