It’s snowing her already. It’s 5:45 AM and Shubi had me up twice in the night. I’m supposed to go skiing this morning before it gets too bad out there, but we will just have to see what Hubby says when he gets up in about an hour.
I want to go skiing, but I hate to leave Shubi if she isn’t feeling well.
Procrastination is my middle name!


Oh I just love to shop. Today was a good day too! I got to visit, “The LL Bean Outlet“!!! Now you are probably wondering what I could possibly need from there, but today I found great deals, and some pretty, new, clothes to add to my closet.
First was this cute, practical, blue wind breaker. It’s a summer jacket, I know, but at $4.99 I couldn’t say no. I don’t happen to own one like this, so I did in fact need it.
I’d seen breed specific baseball hats and I wanted the dachshund one! They had it today at 1/2 price! So I got that.
This is the Kingfield sweater, all wool, and it was also 1/2 price! I loved this color and thought it looked good and bright and cheery on me.
So it was a really fun day, doing something I love! Shopping!!!

How I met Hubby # 2

Many years ago when Mandy was 6, and Katie was 4, my ex-husband and I took the girls to a pizza place for kids called, “Chuck E Cheeses“. They had this play area for the kids, pizza and beer for the adults. While my ex and I were finishing up the pizza, the girls went off to play on the equipment. A while later they came back to the table and had a little blonde girl with them. Her name was Jessica and she was 4 1/2. But Jessica was very grown up and quite precocious! She wanted to exchange phone numbers so the kids could have play dates. We knew where she lived, as her parents had a local apple orchard where we’d actually gone to pick apples and get cider. (They had the best cider!) I went over and met Jessica’s mother, we exchanged phone numbers and as promised, a few days later Jessica came to our house to play.
The kids had a few more play dates. Mostly it was Mandy that went to Jessica’s. Jess, really was older for her age and got along better with Mandy. But when they were all with me, the three played very well.
One snowy day, shortly after that, I got a call. Jessica’s father was taking her to The Boston Museum of Science and could Mandy go? It was snowing and I was a little nervous about that. I asked to speak to Jess’s father. He assured me that the snow was due to stop and he was fine to drive the kids. I decided that it was okay.
A while later a car drove up to our place and Jessica and a very tall man ( 6 feet 4 inches!) got out and came to our door. He was blonde too and it wasn’t difficult to see who Jessica looked like. She was the spitting image of her Dad. He smiled and I guess I must have smiled too. He seemed very nice. Mandy got her coat on and I watched from the door as they drove off in the snow.
Hubby recalls, that I was tall, (I’m 5 feet 8 inches) and thin, (at 24 I weighed about 115! Man those days are long gone!) and my waist length hair was a pretty, natural light brown. He said I looked like a hippy, which back when I was 24 was probably true.
So, we were both married to other people. Had no interest in each other, except our kids, and from that we grew to know each other as friends.
It’s funny how when you look back and think about the very first time you met someone, the one person that you will eventually find is your soul mate, you can have absolutely no idea. Hubby and I didn’t “fall in love” for many years after that. But, that is another story.

Skiing at Waterville Valley

Today dawned, bright, beautiful and extremely cold (16 degrees here and 5 at the top of the mountain!) and windy! “Of course”, I told Hubby, “because today is the first day on the ski slopes for me!”
So I got out the super-dooper long underwear, turtleneck, insulated ski pants, sweater and the new down LL Bean ski parka I bought over the summer that was guaranteed to keep me warm. Which it did! The ski pants were just a tad snug. (Can you say Hold Your Breath?) So I brought a bag with ’emergency pants’ with me “just in case” I split the seams! A few more pounds down and these pants will fit just fine. Meanwhile, I live on the edge!
I made a picnic breakfast to eat on the way to Waterville Valley. Coffee, juice, boiled eggs, cheese and a steak sandwich for Hubby. The roads were clear and when we arrived at the resort I think there were 5 other cars there. We got all bundled up, adjusted our goggles and gloves and headed out.
Dec 7 003.jpg
I’m always a little nervous my first run of the season, but it’s sort of like riding a bicycle. You don’t forget how. So down we came. Back on the ski lift and I swear the wind had picked up. it was a mere 5 degrees on top of the mountain with 30 mile an hour gusts of wind!
At one point we were coming through an area where they are making snow, while on the lift and both of us had our goggles iced! This required a moment in the Schwendi Hutte to defrost them. Then we were back out on the slopes.
Dec 7 005.jpg
After a few more runs we stopped for a HOT cup of coffee at the Schwendi Hutte. I kicked off my ski boots, sat by the window in the sun and soaked up the warmth. I felt like a cat who wanted nothing more then to curl up on the little sofa there and go to sleep!
Alas, that was not to be. I was up and dressed and out we went after the coffee for two more runs before we quit for the day.
Now to answer some questions.
Did I fall? No. I didn’t fall. I actually felt relaxed and good on the skis.
Am I completely exhausted and sore? No. I feel a little tired, but not bad. I imagine tomorrow I will be a little sore.
Did I freeze? Just a little. The new jacket was great, but my toes, fingers and cheeks all felt the nip of the wind chill.
Dec 7 004.jpg

LL Bean

What did I ever do before LL Bean? I was getting out my ski gear this morning, and I noticed one thing. Nearly everything I have as far as casual wear is LL Bean. My ski jacket, new this year, is from LL Bean. My after ski boots, LL Bean. Socks, hat, Turtlenecks, etc. Yep. LL Bean.
Now how did I get into this LL Bean rut? 18 years ago I needed clothes. I was newly divorced, and hadn’t gotten a new piece of clothing since High School. Suddenly, I was out there in the working world, and needed clothes for that and well, after 10 years, lets face it, my clothes were falling apart.
A Friend, (and as it turned out, Hubby #2) took me to Freeport Maine to “The Mother Store“! I had a little money in my pocket, my first credit card, and a way to pay the bill when it came, and walking into LL Bean was like a Country Girl’s Heaven“!!
I tried on one thing after another and tossed things into a cart. Sweaters, skirts, pants, jackets, etc. And at the end of the day Friend (Hubby) said, “So what are you buying and what are you putting back?” I bought it all. I spent a couple hundred dollars. He was shocked and teased me like crazy. But you know what? 18 years later, I have all the stuff I bought and the timelessness of the styles means I still wear it all the time, and the quality means it still looks brand new!
I still shop LL Bean. Online, at the Outlet stores, wherever, and whenever I can. There are days I am literally a walking advertisement for them.
I like to call it New England Chic.

Monday Morning Musings

It’s been a week since I started back on South Beach. I haven’t cheated once. Many of you will say this is incredible, since we are in the holiday season, but I look at South Beach as the way I should eat all the time. It’s a way for carboholics like me to live without love handles!
In any case, today was weigh-in day. You always hope for a big first week, because after that it just sort of comes off a half a pound here or there, but nothing spectacular, if you know what I mean? So with great trepidation I stepped on the scale at 7 this morning, naked as the day I was born, save for the socks I wear at all times. I’d lost 5 pounds! Yahoo!!!
Shubi has been a sick little munchkin since yesterday. I’m not sure if it a reaction to the anesthesia or what, but she has been throwing up like crazy and not eating. I was up 4 times in the night with my puking princess. This morning I got out the baby rice cereal and mixed that with warm water and made it very watery. She slurped down some of that and I’ll keep giving that to her to get her rehydrated. This is what I did when she was on chemo and had the occasional bad tummy.
Hubby has gone off skiing. He is really into getting himself back into shape. I’m afraid his knees aren’t cooperating, and at the end of this ski season he will need another knee replacement. But God bless him for getting out there and working on himself, something I will be doing quite shortly.
I’m finally starting to feel better from this sore throat thing. Thank goodness. It certainly has taken forever! But I’m hardly coughing and the throat itself is hardly sore at all. Best of all, I’m getting my energy back!
I wish the spammers would leave Princess alone! Y’all would not believe the amount of spam hitting this site! I may have to do something drastic. It’s getting really crazy.
And how was your weekend??

All In A Days Work

We’ve been working most of the day on “The Christmas Letter” You know, the thing you send out to people each year telling them what you’ve been doing and now in the great age of computers, putting your pictures into the letter as well? We’ve managed to agree on what we did during the year, and after some minor squabbles, we have agreed on the pictures we will use in the letter. (The naked picture of me sunbathing, will be saved once again from the letter and blinding those we love!)
While Hubby, who is an English junkie, was correcting the letter, I did what I do the very best. I went out shopping. I wanted to finish my shopping for my BFF in Germany so I can mail her packages tomorrow. Mission accomplished, Not only did I find what I wanted, everything is wrapped and will be mailed in the morning.
Then I was sort of looking around and I found something more for my cousin, Janet. I’d already shopped for her, but when I saw this, I knew I had to get it for her. It was perfect.
I think the thing is about my Christmas shopping now, is that I don’t buy crap. I buy things I think people can either use or will like. I saw people today throwing all this junk into their shopping carts in Walmart and TJ Maxx and I thought, “Wow, you know no one ever uses that crap. They put it away and then the next time they move, they have to pack it up and move it to their next house.”
After seeing what my parents had when they sold their place and went into a senior apartment, I wanted to gag! I promised my sister never to buy her another Chia Pet (Ha! I never did, but you know what I mean) or anything else that was just plain junk. And so it goes.
Now that Hubby is done with the English part of the letter, I need to finish up my art work. Nothing wonderful, a few Santa’s here, a Christmas tree there, you know…
It’s all in a days work!

Greta Dream

I always worry just a little when Greta goes off for a walk at the park with Hubby and Fritz and I’m not around. I worry a little because she doesn’t always respond to Hubby and often takes off. Yesterday was just such a time. Off they went while I stayed home with Shubi. I later learned that she had been running around like crazy, and hadn’t been very good for him at all.
Last night, I dreamt of Greta. She had gotten away from Hubby, and I was out in a car looking for her. I was driving around with care and worry and I couldn’t find her. Then I was on this long, long road. I wasn’t driving the car, (I’m not sure who was) but I was in the passengers seat, and suddenly I saw her running down this road. She was scared and tired and I just about leapt out of the car and scooped her up in my arms. She was so tired and I cried.
Then I woke up, and Greta was asleep by my side.

Our Animals

I met Rosie O’Donnells sister. Well, not really, but this woman could have been. I went to get Shubi at the Vets last night and there she was. She was there with her 4 kittens getting their shots. She’s a New Yorker, looks like Rosie’s twin, and sounds just like her!
We talked for a while, as we waited for our bills and animals. She had lost her cat of 14 years last week and went right out to the shelter and got the kittens! How could she say no to any of them? I was thinking how much work it would be with 4 cats, and then I remembered that I am the crazy woman with 3 dogs! And yes, it is a lot of work, but I wouldn’t trade one of them in. (well, most of the time, anyway!)
She was saying that her friends all thought she was nuts because she’d spent a fortune on her other cats care. She said she would have done anything for him.
I knew exactly what she meant. I’ve been there myself. I can’t begin to count, (well, I could but it would depress me!) how much money I have spent on Shubi since she got sick two years ago. But the fact is, when you are the type of person that this woman and I are, you would find the money, somehow, to pay the bills, because these furry little beasts are your children, your companions, your loves.
Shubi came up the steps at that moment and came running over to me and the woman exclaimed how lovely she was. I swear Shubi knows when people are speaking about her! She stopped and wagged her tail and gave a little smile.
I headed home then, with my little bundle of fur. Happy to know that she was okay and going happily home with me.