Meg’s Friday Five

In friday five

1. What was the last thing you made from scratch?
Stuffed shells. That was dinner last night.
2. List your top five indispensible web sites/utilities.
Spell check, File upload, dogs, imagination, Meme’s
3. What nice thing did someone do for your this week?
A friend brought me back real Saffron from Istanbul!
4. What nice thing did you do for someone else this week?
Washing clothes and cleaning out moldy things.
5. List three great things about this past week.
Good weather, dry days and cool nights

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I Have Found It

Last spring, in all my domesticity, I bought “Space Bags” to protect all my woolens from those bad wool eating Moths. I carefully packed and stored all my sweaters and Hubby’s wool shirts. I was so proud of my accomplishments! Smile, smile, smile!!!!
Fast forward to a week ago when I pulled out the woolens for unpacking and putting back in Moth free closets. I found Hubby’s shirts, and our coats, and a few of my lesser sweaters, but my favorite and best sweaters were no where to be found!!! Also in that bag were two blankets. I searched high and low, in and out and all around the house. No bag. Certainly I didn’t accidentally give it away to charity?
This morning I could feel my self really losing control and I began to get frantic. I was sending Greta under beds, tossing boxes in the attic and I was near to a nervous breakdown!
Then I decided I would look in our guest room closet, which is currently chock-a-block full with Old Boy’s stuff.
There in the very back of the closet, was the sealed bag!
Once again I could breath!!!

Greta, Greta, Greta!!!

I was dreaming this morning of living in this big house. It had a swimming pool and I went out on this screened lanai area with the pool and there had to be a dozen dogs, of all shapes and sizes. Fritz, Shubi and Greta were there as well as all these strange dogs.
I opened the door to the outside so they could all do their business and they all bolted. Before I knew it, all but Shubi had jumped into a deep canal! Oh no!! How would the little dogs get out!
There were people there pulling out dogs and I was screaming over and over,
“Where is Greta! Where is Greta! Greta, Greta, Greta!”

And it was that moment that I felt Greta licking my face and cuddling up next to me in bed, waking me up. I don’t know if I called her name, or if she was reading my disturbed sleepy dream. Somehow, she knew and woke me from my nightmare.
A picture of Greta and me from a year ago. I love this one.
July 28 007.jpg


I wish I was tough. But I’m not. I’m one of those people who has trouble saying BOO. I hate emotional chaos and I try like anything to live my life in harmony. So today when I found another contractor who is working on the new housing in our neighborhood driving his big truck down our private drive and once again driving over our already damaged drainage system, I sort of lost it. This is a long running problem.
I followed the guy!
Then I jumped out of my car and screamed at him, telling him he had driven on private property! And you know what he said?? Do you know???
“I got permission from the owner!”
Well folks, I don’t pop my cork often, but I did today.
“Who the F… do you think I am?” I screamed!
I told him if he used the drive again I would call the police and have him arrested for trespass. Then I gathered myself up and stalked to my car!
I got in and drove off…and my entire body shook.
I am such a wimp!

This & That

I woke up this morning a little later than usual. The dogs actually seem to be adjusting to the time change! Anyway, I opened our bedroom door and was hit with a wave of heat! Our thermostat for the familyroom zone was stuck on again, (after $185.00 repair a week ago) and it was nearly 80 degrees! I opened the bedroom door and told Hubby to get up and fix it! He got up, swearing and reset the system. I made the coffee and our day began.

Last night we went out to our neighbor’s for a dinner to celebrate the visit of our friend, Tina from Istanbul, Turkey where she is teaching. She is back for just a few days and so we heard all about her adventures in this strange and foreign place. I’ve been to Istanbul a couple of times, so I was anxious to hear what she had to say and how she liked it.

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Indian Summer and Stuff

It’s a beautiful day here in New Hampshire. Bright skies, warm temperatures and brown and gold leaves. Not bad for November 1st. Indian Summer!
Many people have disparaged the month of November, saying it is a cold, wet, and dismal month. I have often found that the opposite is true. November can be filled with bright clear weather, low humidity, warm days and cool nights. In my book that is nearly perfect weather.
November is also special because of the many people I love that were born in November. As the month progresses, I will share with you all, their birthdays.

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The day started early, (due to Standard Time and the dogs waking me up). Since I was up and showered and dressed, I decided to get my shopping done early. I was half way through the store when I felt like I was going to keel over! My head was splitting and I felt faint. I also felt really chilled, which was funny because it was 60 degrees outside!
So, once I paid for the groceries, I headed home. I glanced down and noticed that the car was nearly empty of gas, so I pulled into the cheapo gas station to fill up. (Imagine thinking that $2.40 a gallon is cheap!) Anyway, I pulled up on the wrong side of the pumps and I had to pull the car around and do it all over again. I felt like a moron. But I was just feeling so out of it.
I got home, put all the groceries away and sat down and took my temperature. 100′!!!
I called Hubby and he told me the adjuster was coming today from the insurance agency, and so I should be ready. Well, this guy has not shown up or called. I have been here all day and no adjuster.
That’s okay, I have enjoyed the quiet.
I sat and mindlessly watched “All My Children”. And as I sat here I couldn’t help but think that sometimes people can be so dumb!
It’s 4:30 and getting dark. Oh it’s that time of the year!
I wonder how many kids will come to our house Trick or Treating? Usually we don’t get any because of our long, long driveway. I got some candy anyway. M&M’s I hope we get a few! If not I will suffer and nibble away at the little packets of goodies over time. (like 2 days!) LOL

I Hate Standard Time

I am going on record. I hate Standard Time! I’ve heard all the happy Pollyanna news people talking about how we all get an extra hour of sleep and how wonderful this is, and I say BAH! The dogs know it is 7:30 even if the darn clock says 6:30! And they want to get up and go out! It doesn’t matter that I kept them up until 11 PM last night watching the Desperate Housewives rerun on ABC, their internal clock said it was time to get up and that was that!
It will also get dark tonight EARLY! I hate that too! Soon the days will shorten and it will be dark, dark, dark. I say, BAH!
Oh well, it gives me something to look forward to…SPRING…and Daylight Savings Time!


I’m trying very hard not to be upset. I’m breathing in and out and trying to stay removed. Darn it. Why am I an emotional sort of person? Why do I let things that are not in my control, bother me so much?

Our Old Boy is still with us. We’re trying to get him to get his affairs in order, but every time we get close, he throws a monkey wrench in to stop any progress we might have made. Hubby has been working like an animal clearing out the trash in an old house getting it ready for sale. He’s driven Old Boy all over New England, helped get his finances in order so that his checks don’t bounce. Is Old Boy appreciative? Or even co-operative? Nope!

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