Happiness Challenge

Isn’t it wonderful, after all this hot, humid weather, we have finally started to have some cooler temperatures?
Soon it will be fall, my favorite time of year, and the crisp days and colorful leaves will return.
Yes, this brief appearance of cool weather is reminding me of things to come. And I am looking forward to that with pleasure.

This and That

We went to Agway yesterday and got some tree glue. Well, I guess it’s not exactly called tree glue, but essentially that’s what it is. Once we finish taking the peaches off that branch, Hubby will prune it back and then use this glue stuff and a wrap to try to save the leader branch. As you can see, it’s quite a crack. My poor, poor baby!
Aug 15 001.jpg

I seem to have gotten hives in my mouth! Geeze! Give me a break! I think I will have to stay away from acidic things for a few days, until the bumbs go away.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping the last few nights. I wake up about 4 AM and I can’t go back to sleep. So, I get up, surf the web and watch the tube. My faithful companion? Fritz! He gets up and lies across my feet and never leaves my side..

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The Princess Has Hives

You go to your doctor and tell him how you feel and he gives you a pill. “This will make you feel all better.”
The next thing you know, you are feeling totally crappy and then, the bonus to all this,YOU GET HIVES!!!
So guess what? I went in feeling a little bad and now I feel like ten times worse. A little Benedryl and some cortizone cream and I’ll make it through.

The Great Peach Crisis of 2005 continues

We are harvesting more and more each day. I went out yesterday and bought 10 pounds of sugar. Not only will we be making Heavenly Jam (peach) in great amounts, we will also have Concord Grapes to be made into jelly later in the season and apples to be sauced! Since we have a ton of peaches, I am thinking of trying at least one batch of Peach Salsa. Does anyone have a recipe??
Once the last peach is plucked, Hubby will need to do some repair pruning to the tree. My poor, poor Peach tree. The very funny thing is, for every peach you saw on the tree in the post below, he had thinned off 9 this spring, as they developed. Apparently Peach trees can really set huge crops.
So now we get ready and in a few days I’ll be writing all about the joys and stickiness of canning Peach Preserve!

~ Sunday ~ Happiness ~ Peachy ~ Just Peachy ~

Aug 7 001.jpg

We have started picking our peaches. We actually ate the first one yesterday. It was warm, juicy and delicious! The crop is full and heavy and when we came in yesterday from grocery shopping we found our beautiful peach tree torn asunder!
Aug 11 003.jpg

Aug 13 001.jpg

But, we’re lucky. The crop is nearly ready to completely harvest. Just days from now, really. We’ve already picked two baskets full and in the next day or so, we will be making a peach jam called “Heavenly Jam”.
Mother Nature sure has an odd sense of humor!

Happiness Challenge

On even the most depressing of days, one can find something so precious, so special, that one just has to share it with the world. Even if the world, my world of Dackel Princess, is a small one!
I was having trouble finding something that I could “use” for my happiness challenge, and then I swear, the good Lord had other plans. So here is my Happiness Challenge for today.
I was doing my grocery shopping in the 99 millionth day of heat here in the northeast. Now y’all in the southern states actually choose to live there, but I live in New Hampshire, and this weather is supposed to come one day and be gone the next. C’mon. I was not feeling very happy about soaking my clothes on the way to the car. Okay, back to the grocery store. There I was standing in front of the Mexican food section looking for Peach Salsa, (my new passion) when I heard the most wonderful, and the happiest giggles around. The giggles appeared to belong to a small female child, although I couldn’t see them in the next isle.
I finally found Neuman’s Own Peach Salsa, and then went back to retrieve Hubby from the meat counter before our grocery bill resembled the National Debt! As I turned the corner there they were. Three blonde haired, blue eyed pixies in two shopping carts being pulled through the grocery store by their good natured, no great natured Dad! He asked them what they liked for a treat and they said, “Kwaft Macroni & Cheese!!” And he went over and got 6 boxes. “How come we need so much Daddy?” one of the girls asked. “Cause you’re really good girls!!!” he answered.
I asked if they were triplets. They were all about the same size, all looked nearly identical. But no a set of twins and a single. So I said, “Oh twins and a spare!” And he laughed. “Why’d she say I was a spare Daddy?” echoed the little girl. “Cause I’m lucky to have all three of you!”
It turns out that the happy laughing family was giving the Mom of the family a break. I saw them and heard them as Dad pulled them wildly through the rest of the store. And I thought how lucky these three girls were to have such a wonderful warm, fun Daddy who gave his wife a break, and the girls the best gift of all, a fun day at the grocery store with the man who gave them life.
Now that’s happiness!!!

It’s a big day today. The usual groceries must be purchased, but today, I also need to go to Staples, or BJ’s and buy a new WIFI for the laptop. My old set-up seems to be dying and I am having a lot of trouble working the laptop in the family room. Even when I walk back to the office I only get a good signal, not the excellent I once got. So, today, is the day!
I had the children for 2 hours yesterday and we watched 101 Dalmatians! It was on, but I have to tell you we talked more than watched the movie. They left at 7 this morning for their home in Oregon. Always a sad day.

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