This & That & Pickles

I was quite busy yesterday, canning the Bread and Butter Pickles, and then blanching and freezing another 2 pounds of beans. But, last night I was a bit smarter. I started to prepare our dinner before we actually canned the pickles. That way, when we were finally done, we could just sit down and eat! The previous night, I was too tired to even cook our dinner and that led to a quickie spaghetti meal. I was good and only had 1/2 a cup of pasta, but I was so hungry all night.


I’m in the kitchen, once again, doing the first stage of the prep work for Moon Glow Pickles. They need to be prepped today, and then sit overnight before we cook and can them tomorrow.

As we’re preparing for a little down time next week, I am still getting things ready for our live in Doggy Nanny. We are so lucky to have found her, so when we do slip away from the dogs, we know that they are taken care of, as well as our home.

Today is the day I look forward to each month. I go in, get my hair cut, and dipped into the fountain of youth, and for an hour and a half, I am pampered.

Hubby and I are really enjoying “Homeland”. We didn’t start to watch this great show until a week ago. We’ve been watching one episode a day, and last night finished Season #1. What a great show, with superb acting! My daughter told me that I would like it, and she was right.

This & That

The weekend came and went incredibly fast. In fact, I am finding that the year 2016 to be going along far too fast. But most pleasantly so.

On Friday my cousin Janet, and her husband Dave, called at the last minute and asked if we were up for Lobster Fest 2016? Well, I will tell you one thing…I am always up for New England boiled Lobsters.


They arrived in the afternoon, and Janet and I did some shopping up town. As it was Friday, and I live in a town well known for a tourist destination in the summer, the traffic was terrible. In fact, while we were in one shop, the fire whistle blew and police and rescue squads arrived. I saw a young policeman directing traffic around the accident.

My friend in the shop said that the police had answered another call a half hour before, in the same place. It was sheer madness, I tell you!

When we left the shop we headed down the road toward the traffic lights. As we pulled up next to the police car, I looked and saw the officer was very sad. I knew he had already responded to two traffic accidents and I could see the stress. I rolled my window down and said to him, “Officer. Thank you so much for your service to our community. Thank you for taking care of us.” He looked at me and he smiled. I hope to God I made him feel appreciated.  After the assassinations of the police officers in Dallas, I felt a kind word would be appreciated.

The Lobsters and Steamers were remarkably good, as was the fresh corn on the cob. I also made my grapenut pudding to serve as a little dessert.

It was so nice and relaxed and we all had a great time. Unfortunately, all too soon they had to hit the road to drive home.

Hubby and I finally purchased an Amazon Fire Stick, so we can stream various things on our smart TV. We used to be able to stream everything, but recently we got a notice from Amazon that they no longer supported our “Old TV”. We bought it in 2011.

So on Saturday we started at the very beginning of the show “Homeland”, with Clare Danes. She is remarkable, as are the other cast members. After two episodes, Hubby and I are hooked!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Enjoy it. Before you know, summer will be over!

This & That

The first day of summer dawned with unusually high temperatures and just enough humidity to remind me why I am happy I don’t live in Florida any more!

Both Hubby and I spent a lot of time out watering the garden, and patio pots, as it was hot enough to dry out the soil extremely fast.

Greta is our constant companion. She loves going out with us and just lies in the grass, sunning herself, while we water the garden. She doesn’t run off, or chase chipmunks, she just enjoys being with me or Hubby.

Hubby discovered that our coffee maker (we are on our 4th replacement from the manufacturer) is starting to have trouble with the digital display. At first I thought, no big deal, we don’t use the clock, but then I realized that I use the display for cleaning the coffee maker, setting the heat and also setting the time that it stays hot. Essentially, you use it for everything!

So Hubby, is correct. When this one dies, we need to just chuck it and find a new coffee maker. And no, not a Keurig. Hubby and I drink far too much coffee we would go broke buying pods!

The sunset on Monday night was quite beautiful. We joined our neighbor for a sunset gathering. It’s sort of an unofficial way of celebrating each beautiful day.




So here is a picture of Lili that I put i with HTML code, and then used the HTML adjustment for pictures. So far it is working. Now, lets try another.

Greta Age 11 3/4

Here is Greta’s picture. I hope when I check it will also have been correct. She sure is a sweetie. Currently she is sitting next to me under the covers.   received_10207643431976912

Me, Mandy and her sister, Ally.

(Yay, got it figured out!)

This & That

I started to write my Wednesday Hodgepodge, when it dawned on me that today is Wednesday! I missed the whole thing!

I have a good excuse. My neck, shoulder and arm. All very painful. I did have my MRI yesterday and will see my doctor on Friday.

 This whole neck, shoulder and arm pain has been a real…pain in the neck. Honestly it is one of the most painful things I have gone through. And I think the fact that the pain is not going away, also worries me a lot.

We were due to go away to New York for  a funeral this weekend, but between this neck thing and the fact I can only sit for short periods of time, didn’t sound good. So Hubby and I decided the best thing was to cancel the trip.

So, just one more day and I will learn my fate. Wish me luck!

This & That

Our weekend was a good one. I had hoped to sort of vegetate around, as I have been so busy lately, but it turned out that I was incredibly busy, all weekend long.

Besides the usual laundry, meal preparations and dog care, I cleaned and stored some home grown pears, made a double batch of chili, and made a peach crisp.

Mostly I had the US Open Tennis on the TV playing in the background. But I honestly can’t say I have watched much of it, despite the terrific coverage.

I’m enjoying the clear weather, but would enjoy it more if there wasn’t so much humidity. Still, robin’s egg blue skies, with no clouds, is a real gift. I need to reread this post in January when life is bleak, gray, and snowy.

I am quite amazed that I am 56 years old (almost 57), and yet in my mind, I still feel young, and I hope I think young too.


I am enjoying the three dachshunds, and White German Shepherd, Lili. Lili has finally grown up enough that she is settling down, and it makes it easier to love her. You see, when she acted like the “Spawn of Satan”, it made it very hard to relax around her. Now she is growing and is understanding, more and more and best of all, calming down.

I’m reading all sorts of travel guides and preparing for our road trip. I’m glad we are taking two days to drive out and back. Long ago, Hubby and I would drive 500+ miles in a day, but we are both getting a bit old for that now.

Happy Labor Day to all of my USA friends out there. Enjoy your day off!

This & That

On Monday I harvested 22 Ichiban Eggplant and made a second eggplant lasagna. It came out really well, but even I get a little tired of it after a few meals!

So, I am cutting it into individual servings and putting it in the freezer for a quick mid-winter meal. I do the same when I break down and make regular lasagna.

Hubby and I watched the Stock Market open and crash this morning, making us very happy that we are in simple Money Markets right now. I feel pretty sad for people whose retirement savings has been affected.

Greta continues to be a little snuggle bug. Imagine that at the age of 11 years old! She sure has mellowed in her golden years!

Arnie and Anneliese, at the age of 8, are both at that perfect age. They love to be out, running around, and their behavior is really good. Most of all, they just adore each other. I guess that is the way it is with Litter-Mates.


It’s been a joy to watch them grow up together!


I decided to write a list of sevens to tackle an array of things. None of it really goes together, but it tells a little bit about me.

7 things I can do:

1. Cook things from scratch (Love to cook!)
2. Raise sweet doggies
3. Be a loyal & loving friend
4. Make people laugh
5. Write small stories for kids
6. Sing
7. Acquire useless bits of trivia (trust me. This is a curse. No one really wants to know how Vivien Leigh was cast as Scarlett O’Hara, or what Billie Bird did every day of her married life to Florence Zeigfeld.)

7 things I cannot do:

1. Snowboard (I can barely ski on two skis!)
2. Math
3. Drive large vehicles
4. Change the oil in my car
5. Chop wood (heck I live in the woods, this is important)
6. Sleep on the ground (well I can but don’t want to)
7. Believe in myself (although I am working on this)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Good personality
2. Loyalty
3. A good heart
4. Sense of humor
5. Blue eyes (I’m a sucker for blue eyes)
6. Strength of character
7. Sense of fun

7 things I say most often:

1. Ya know
2. Where’s Lili?
3. What do you want for dinner?
4. Sh#!
5. whatever
6. Oh, really?
7. Ya think?

7 Celebrity Crushes:

1. George Clooney
2. Jude Law, (although he is a schmuck)
3. I like Hugh Laurie for personality and those eyes!
4. Colin Firth
5. Hugh Grant (eye candy, not substance)
6. Tom Brady from the NE Patriots
7. Bradley Cooper

Saturday This & That

Saturday was one of those quiet days. We woke to dark, damp, rainy skies, that really never cleared all day. I took this to mean I should sit back a little and perhaps have a slow day.

Friday I did a ton of housework, which included floor and carpet washing, dusting, laundry and 3 meals! So today I just felt like doing nothing too important. And that is exactly what I did.

I did watch three movies I have seen before. We watched, “Under The Tuscan Sun”, “The Fault In Our Stars” and “About Time”. It’s good that way, because I was able to write, wrap a gift for tomorrows birthday party, and play Words With Friends. My newest passion, and yet still follow the movie.

But really, all of Saturday was sort of a loss, and that was just fine.

Tomorrow is the ninetieth birthday for my former mother in-law. This is a woman I have known and loved since I was 15 years old. I am so happy to be included in the party.

Sunsets & Stuff

Monday was kind of a crazy day. Not that I was really busy, but that I got bogged down doing things like laundry, changing sheets and general household stuff. Mundane crap, but it must be done.

I watched quite a bit of the Wimbledon Tennis and I have really been enjoying that. Direct TV has a sports package that we subscribe to and so we get all the matches. I love this!

The sunsets here have been amazing the last few nights. Bright pinks, red, and oranges!

P7050008 (2)

I hope you are having a great week, Everyone!