This & That

Good morning everyone. Last night I lay in bed, and I realized I had not written a post for Dackel Princess! I thought for a minute I should get up and write a post, but then, the bed was so warm and comfortable, and Anneliese and Greta were all snuggled in, and I decided that I could actually wait until morning to write.

Yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, I stood in the middle of the family room and looked at Hubby and said…”I actually am feeling better!” I am both shocked and happy about this, after such a long siege of illness.

Today Hubby is off to the VA to get the results of all of his tests, and later today I have an important dental appointment. The dentist is going to replace a large filling, with a medicated one. Please say a little prayer. I have the worst teeth in the world, despite taking care of them in my adult years, and I am trying desperately to hold on to them

Each day brings us closer to our vacation! Yesterday I was speaking to Ben’s Mom about it. He is our house/dog sitter and she knows he will do a fine job. She is also just down the road if it all goes to he!! and he needs help, it’s nice to know his Mom is just down the road.

I am really looking forward to Christmas. We’ll be spending the afternoon with Mandy, Matt and Savannah! I can hardly wait! Talk about a little kid being excited! This old Oma is really both excited and happy!

This & That Tuesday

Today I’ll be seeing my other eye doctor about a new prescription and also getting new glasses. Ah what to get, what to get?

For a while, earlier this year, I thought perhaps a pair of Harry Potter glasses would be appropriate. You know, scar on the forehead…

Now, with the scars mostly fading on my face, but the ones on my nose actually being sensitive, I need to find glasses that are light weight and soft against my nose.

I may do the frame-less glasses, Then the only weight would be the prescription lenses. And then, I would try to order the lightest weight possible ones.

Do any of you watch, “The Good Wife”. I sort of started watching at the end of last season. What a great show! Last nights episode was outstanding! Fortunately for me, I can watch the first 5 years free on Amazon Prime. I think I’ll try to watch an episode a day until I am caught up.