This And That

I have now graduated to a cane. Ah yes., a cane. At first I thought that if Hugh Laurie can do it, then so can I, but I soon found that using a cane successfully truly was a challenge. Pain is a great motivator though and I soon found my rhythm and was getting around pretty well. So what’s the problem? I did too much. By noon I could feel my knee really hurting, and tonight, well, not so good.

A good friend of mine came to spend time with the babies today and we took them out and played with them. I am watching the pups carefully these days as I am trying to evaluate which of the two female pups would be best for our family. Anneliese is a strong, energetic pup, with a sweet nature and endless amounts of devotion. She is also hysterically funny.

Anita is a sweet, pup, slightly less energetic, but who loves to play with Greta. I have also noticed that she will go up to check out Fritz, but when he gets upset, she will back off and give him his personal space. She loves to curl up in your lap and she is a kisser. She loves to be held and knows her name.

In fact all the pups seem to know their names. I’m surprised by this, but pleasantly so. They also come running to the door when they hear the can opener grinding, or when they hear me open my bedroom door in the morning.

Life is so good right now, despite my knee. Every day is full of wonder as I watch my babies grow and change. Yes, life if good!

I’m Just Wondering…..

I had Anita out today, to play quite a bit. She is a real hoot. Greta was playing with her and the two of them rolled around, chased each other and had so much fun. I did too. I love watching Greta play with one of her babies. As I sat there watching, it sort of dawned on me, that although Greta is very good with all her babies and is a wonderful Mother, she actually acts like a puppy herself with Anita. Had I been more flexible I would have jumped up and gotten the video camera and would be boring you with a mother/daughter video.

However, I couldn’t do that, so I sat back and just watched. Anita didn’t chase Uncle Fritz, and she doesn’t bark like her sister, and she is happy to just play quietly. Mmmmmm……could this be the puppy I should keep? I have said that I need to keep the puppy that is the best fit for our family and perhaps Anita is it. Mmmmmm….stay tuned.


For anyone wondering, Uncle Fritz is doing better accepting the pups. At least he did okay with Anita this morning. By this I don’t mean to say he was happily playing with her, but after she went back to the puppy room, he went and smelled everywhere that she had been and was accepting of it. Mmmmmm, maybe Anita is the one?


It was VERY cold here today. I think the highest the temperature got was about 10 degrees F. The winds were also quite strong, at 42 miles an hour. I hope winter is making a brief stop in so we know she still exists, and hen leaves just as quickly. Perhaps if I were in better shape and my knee wasn’t wracked up I would want more snow and more cold, bug for now, I would be happy if it were spring.


I was actually productive today. I refuse to allow this silly knee to keep me down. I did three loads of laundry, thoroughly cleaned the puppy room and cooked three meals! I’m quite proud. The puppy room is never easy as we take the pups out, put them into a children’s playpen and then literally take everything out of the room, swab the decks and put things back before putting the puppies back into their room. But we got it done and now the entire house smells fresh!

The Party

The most important part of a doggie party are, the doggies, then add some children, a couple of balls, and tug of war ropes, and you have tons of fun!

Greta’s boyfriend Bernie arrived with his family about 5:30. They have a new 14 week old wire haired dachshund named, Vilia, who reminded me of Greta as a pup. Not in looks, but both are very strong alpha females and took to bossing the boys during their play session.
At first my timid boy Fritz was a little afraid of these little monsters, but it didn’t take long for him to realize he was just dealing with a couple of dogs like Greta and he, too, was playing.

Bernie is in the blue collar and Vilia is in the red collar and she is also a red and black wire-haired dachshund

The kids arrived just before we were due to eat and I was glad they were here. They’d already eaten, so they were in charge of watching all 4 dogs.

We had the shish kebabs and potato salad and once we were done with that we called Matina and James’s Mom, Aunt, and sister, Kamari to come down for the party!
The kids had gotten Fritz a present and made a card for him. Matina read Fritz his card and they opened his gift.

The cake

was served with some ice cream to all, including Fritz, but we actually had to feed him his cake twice because Greta stole his first piece!
The party lasted until after sunset when the mosquito’s chased us all away. After our guests had departed, Greta and Fritz came in and collapsed on the floor. I looked over at Fritz and I think I could se a smile on his face!

Happy 3rd Birthday Fritz

1. Fritz was born in Portland, Oregon
2. He flew home with Hubby when he was 8 weeks old. He flew inside the cabin in a small soft sided carrier.
3. He was just 11 pounds when he came to us.
4. At 4 months old he won Best Puppy In Show in Orlando Florida!
5. He went to Obedience School for three sessions, and did very well.
6. It was during that time I realized how incredibly smart he is.
7. When Fritz was 9 months old we brought Greta home and a wonderful friendship began.
8. Fritz loves to swim and play fetch in the water.
9. He also loves to play fetch with his ball.
10. If he loses his ball you can tell him to go and find it, and he will take off and actually go and find it. He will find Greta’s lost balls too. He has such a great nose.
11. Fritz loves people and loves to go see people, but he hates to ride in the car.
12. Fritz will follow Hubby and I around the yard while we do our work and stay with us the entire time. He doesn’t stray.
13. He is the sweetest, most gentle German Shepherd we have ever had.

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The Fur Flies

By all my calculations, my White German Shepherd, Fritz, should be bald.
In the last few months I have vacuumed up, pulled out and brushed out enough of his fur to stuff a mattress! A king sized mattress at that!
What is it about this boy?

I’ve had shepherds before and although they shed their coats, it was nothing like this! I could vacuum morning and night and still there would be fur bunnies all over the house.
This poor dog has allergies that cause him to sneeze. When he does this, I swear to God, I can see his fur fly! You don’t suppose he is allergic to dog fur, do you?
Even in the winter, when the temperatures dip below zero, the dog is shedding. I’m beginning to think that it will never end. Let me rephrase that, I know it will never end!
Why couldn’t Hubby love those cute little Mexican hairless dogs?


Great excitement here tonight. Fritz went out for his last wee-wee of the night and apparently got into some improperly disposed of barbed wire! It caught him under his chin and he pulled to get away. He came in with quite a gaping gash.
We called our Vet and brought him in and he cleaned the wound and now Fritz has about 6 staples in his chin. He is still all drugged out and we have him on a blanket in front of the fire. My poor, poor boy.
More later.