Poison Ivy

I just hate Poison Ivy. It starts out with the smallest bumps, gets a bit red and then the skin swells and the itching becomes almost unbearable. At least it does for those of us who are fairly allergic. My Poison Ivy started a few days ago, when Greta, ran through the field above us, (which is loaded with it) and came into the house and wanted to cuddle. At first it didn’t look too bad, and I thought I could make it through without it spreading or getting too bad.
Today my arm is swollen, the rash goes from my wrist to my upper arm, and I would sincerely love to claw my flesh for relief!
Hubby says, “Oh, that doesn’t look too bad. Slap a little Calamine lotion on it, you’ll be fine.”
I glare at him as I pour the lotion on my arm, searching for some sort of relief. Greta walks by me and wags her tail and I look down at her and snarl, “You! You, did this to me!”
Dogs are just faithless beasts!

2 thoughts on “Poison Ivy”

  1. Oh, I hate having Poison Ivy. I remember once as a kid I was bragging to a friend that I did not get it and to prove it I picked some and rubbed it all over my face and arms. Well not only did I get it, but I ended up going to the doctors with eyes swollen shut and getting a big shot in the fanny. I didn’t do that again!Doesn’t this sounds like something on one of those idiot shows where kids almost kill themselves doing crazy stuff?

  2. I couldn’t imagine dealing with poison ivy. As it is I’m itchy all the time. I’m probably allergic to something very common, like my detergent, but just don’t know it.:(

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