All Went Well

My day started far too early as I was feeling nervous. Would they find this problem? Could they fix it?

Well, It rained the entire way, which meant a weird trip down and then a mad dash to the door of the Surgery Center when I arrived.

My doctor ran late with his patient before me, but eventually, I got in and then Dr. S. took 2 hours to remove 2 Neuromas and a whole lot of scar tissue.

A Neuroma is a growth or tumor of nerve tissue. Neuromas tend to be benign (i.e. not cancerous); many nerve tumors, including those that are commonly malignant, are nowadays referred to by other terms.

Neuromas can arise from different types of nervous tissue, including the nerve fibers and their myelin sheath, as in the case of genuine neoplasms (growths) like ganglioneuromas and neurinomas.

My doctor was rather excited about the surgery, as my case was somewhat unusual. I asked to see the tumors afterward, and even I was amazed at what I saw.


It was all done under local anesthetic, so I drove myself home, and by the time I arrived, the Novacaine had worn off and I was starting to feel a giant ouchie.

It’s only 8:30 on Monday night, but I am ready for bed. I am so thankful to have this behind me.

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The Weekend Wrap October 26th

30380788381_d20cf8473a_kWell, I’d hoped to get all the household items done by Friday, but unfortunately, I did not, and in the end, I spent both Saturday and Sunday doing things around the house.

I did have fun cooking on Saturday night when I made lo-calorie Chicken Fajitas! It was so much fun rolling up the chicken and onions and peppers and then sloppily eating them! The best part was knowing that they were low points on my Weight Watcher plan!

On Sunday I woke and it was fah-reez-ing freezing!


So when I hopped quickly out of bed I grabbed my new legging set and put those on. The best thing about this new set is that they are fleece-lined! So soft, snuggly, and cozy!

It never really warmed up today, despite the bright sunshine, but I was warm and comfy all day long.

Dinner tonight will be an easy fix and will also give us leftovers for a few days. I have my clothes laid out for tomorrow and have set Alexa to get me up early enough to take a nice hot shower!

By the way, I asked Alexa once again what the current weather was in my town. “Partly cloudy” was her response. I came back quickly, “Alexa, you lie! ” at this time she informed me that “Alexa never lies!” Ha, Ha! She sure does. At least about the weather.

Have a great week everyone and I will report on Tuesday about how I made out with my surgery!



A Shubi Story

I’ve been thinking so much about my very first wire-haired dachshund named, Shubi. She was a remarkable pup and she traveled with me everywhere.

Shubi and mom

The beginning of her life started in Bavaria, and then after we “adopted” her she came home with us to Florida. As Jack was still flying then, I would bring Shubi and we would fly to Europe and meet him.

Shubi learned early on, to be quiet on an airplane. She knew to lie under a table at the European restaurants we went to, and most of all, she learned to be at peace, as long as she was with her Mommy and Daddy.

During one of our trips, we were heading to Northern Italy, but as it was getting late, we stopped at a Gasthaus in Austria. As we checked in, the owner told us to put Shubi in our room and he would make us a meal.


Now Shubi wasn’t happy about being left in this strange room, but as we left she sat down and was resigned to her plight.

We had a very nice hot meal and then headed back to our room. As we opened the door, there was Shubi sitting on a tabletop next to the door. The shocking thing was, the table was 3 feet off the floor, with no chair or any other way for Shubi to have gotten on top of it!

To this very day, I do not know, how one with such little legs, was able to get up on that table.

Yet, there she was. Sitting on top of that table waiting for us! The look of loving reproach was on her little face, but once I fed her and walked her she was just fine.

Shubi was an amazing girl, and I will miss her all of my days. The photo below was taken as I walked through a lovely forest in Bavaria with my friend, Otto. He and his wife had Shubi’s brother. And at my side is Miss Shubi. Always she was with me.


The Friday Five October 23rd

The Friday FiveThursday found me attempting to get a handle on all the house-keeping stuff before my surgery on Monday. I was crazy busy, and here I will list it all, so you can see that perhaps I should have slowed down. Thursday’s activities are why I plan to do very little this weekend.

  1. I got up on Thursday early. I immediately stripped my bed and started the laundry. I did six loads of laundry, hung out some of it, and folded and actually put away all of it, and remade the beds! Yes, this found me running up and downstairs and back and forth in our home all day long.
  2. I decided to make Eggplant Parmesan, and in the middle of removing the cooked eggplant, Jack put a can of soup on the counter. I was reaching for a pot for his soup when I brushed my index finger on the cookie sheet that had just come out of the 450 degrees Fahrenheit oven and burnt it!20201023_075615I mean, really burnt it! I iced it down and after a bit put some burn creme on it. Ugh!
  3. We took the last Air-Conditioner out of the Office window. This was going so well until the rain-water began running all over my shoes, down my legs, and soaked me. Worst of all, in the end, Jack lost his grip on the air conditioner and I was left to finish placing it. Oh, my aching back!
  4. I poached boneless, skinless chicken thighs for the dachshunds. Since they both are getting older, I like to spoil them a little. They love it and occasionally Lili gets a bit too!
  5. Tonight I am doing an easy dinner. Leftovers for Jack and of course, the Eggplant Parmesan for me. I already know that bedtime will be early tonight.

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

An Autumn Thursday Thirteen

Scav SatSince there is so much happening around me I thought I would do an Autumn Thursday Thirteen. Here goes.

  1. It’s been a beautiful Autumn. The leaves were vivid and bright and glorious! Some years, not so much, others, like this year, lovely.30380788381_d20cf8473a_k

    Chalk one good thing up for 2020!

  2. I had to go for pre-op work yesterday and a Covid test. I was a little nervous because I’d heard the Covid test is terrible. So, as I drove to Concord, and passed two McDonalds, and three Duncan Donuts, my old habits of eating the anxiety hit me. I wanted to call someone to talk me off the wall, but it was so early. So, I sat up tall, straightened my crown, and kept on driving!
  3. Of course, when I arrived at the Out-Patient Surgical Center, I walked into their lobby and what do I see? A Green Mountain Coffee stand with Cider-belly Donuts and treats! Once I checked in, I sat with my back toward the stand and soldiered on!
  4. On my way home…I stopped and had my hair done.50516210111_d0ac0dda55_3k copy After all, I will not be able to be around any chemicals after the surgery during my incision healing. I asked for shorter hair and got the cutest cut! Thank you so much, Becca!
  5. After that, I came home and made lunch. I cooked up several eggplants, ate a little, and then made an Eggplant Parmesan (WW Recipe).
    aubergine-parmigiana_2423-500x500Since I have three more eggplants, I plan to cook them up today and make a casserole of Eggplant Parmesan then cut into portions and freeze for future meals.
  6. Yesterday I woke up early, and I said: “Alexa what is the weather in Meredith, New Hampshire?” Well, Alexa said it was partly cloudy, with breaks.” Well, Alexa lied. It rained the entire day!
  7. I woke early today. I have a lot to do, and although I am isolating here at home, I would like to get caught up on laundry and change sheets, etc. The first load of laundry is already in the wash!
  8. What is it with all this pumpkin mania? This morning they did a story on the news about canned pumpkin shortages! Really? Really? I was just at the store the other day and I was able to buy several cans.
  9. How many of you decided that as we approach flu season it might be a good idea to stock up on a few things? In the last few weeks, I have stocked up on canned soups, vegetables, and pre-packaged potatoes. I have a freezer full of meat, chicken, turkey, and fish, and should the worst occur, we are prepared.
  10. Oh yes, I also bought the jumbo size toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, and napkins. Needless to say, I have plenty of cleaning aids.
  11. I also just ordered a box of paper masks from the USA Company. So, we will be set to be able to cover up.
  12. I love the yarn I bought for my latest afghan.20201017_114302
    In fact, I love it so much that once this one is done, I am going to make another with the same yarn for me!
  13. And lastly, my favorite Apple is back on our shelves!koru1 It is called Koru and it was originally from New Zealand, although there are places in the USA that now grow it. Oh, I cannot tell you how happy I am!

The News

The news is very good for my eyebrow! I saw the doctor today and was approved for surgery.

I will be going in tomorrow (Wednesday) for a Covid Test, and all my Pre-op work-up. Then I need to shelter at home. No going out, no going anywhere, until after the surgery.

The surgery will be Monday, October 26th in the morning. I opted for local anesthesia, and this means my recovery time will be slightly less. I will be able to drive myself both ways.

I do plan to relax after the surgery. I’ll come home and just chill out. I already have a meatloaf made for Jack and I will do the vegetable preparation the night before.

So after all this time, the hard nodule that has been causing me such discomfort will be excised and hopefully, all will be well.

I’ve been so worried about what the insurance would cover, and it was explained to me that in a case like this, they will cover it because there is a medical purpose for the surgery. I guess these sorts of rules must be so someone doesn’t attempt to have breast enlargement surgery and have the insurance company pay for it. Or worse yet, have a face-lift or lip enhancement (aka guppy lips). I can understand, and I guess I shouldn’t have worried. This really is medically necessary.

So off I go to get myself swabbed and then I’m home until Monday!

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The Beat Goes On!

Well, here I am on Monday afternoon, planning my week. The next two days will be very busy and a bit on the nerve-wracking side.

After seven years, the scar on my brow from cancer surgery has become painful. Well, it’s actually been painful for a while (a few years) but it has reached the point of causing me discomfort each day.  It’s like having two beans under my skin. When I put on make-up, it hurts. When I wash my face, it hurts. Finally, my Dermatologist suggested I see a Plastic Surgeon for a revision.

Eye brow swelling

The reason I am nervous is that although I have good insurance, it will be the decision of the Insurance Company whether or not I really need this.

I have said for many years that it was NOT our Healthcare System that needed to be revised. No! It is the Insurance Companies that need to have their systems revised and curtailed! Imagine some account manager for XYZ-Insurance Company being able to say whether or not you get care!

Unfortunately, the Insurance Companies have a lot of Lobbyists and they have controlled our healthcare system and availability for years! And now, as I wait to find out if I can have a revision, I must ask myself if my Insurance Company will deem it necessary.

After that appointment, I will be stopping at the grocery shop. I have a lot of things to buy.

Of course, once I get done with the shopping, I will need to come home, put all the groceries away, and make dinner! Long day.

Wednesday I have my ladies meeting in the morning, and directly after that, I am driving to get my hair done.

After that, I have no plans for the rest of the week. We pulled the last air conditioner on Monday and now we are officially in Winter Mode. I need to check the fuel oil and set the thermostats.

Yes, busy, busy, and then some quiet.

Have a great week everyone!

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Autumn in New England

This weekend found me traipsing around town taking pictures and enjoying the last remnants of the fall foliage. It’s already started to fall, and by the end of the week, I think we will be leaf-less once again. Another Autumn is slipping by.

As I drove I could see that “Red Hill” was still ablaze with color, but there was no place to stop, to pull over, and get a good shot. You will simply have to trust me that “Red Hill” was breathtaking!

The day started kind of dark and grey,

Oct 17 001

but rather quickly the sun came out and that is what set me off to find the picture!

Oct 17 004

It was such a lovely day! And I enjoyed the fresh air and slightly cooler temperatures!

Oct 17 003

I’ve not done too much with my photography this year, but today I did just what I wanted!

Oct 17 014

Autumn is nearly done and in a month I will be sixty-two. It’s all good. There are so many Seasons in life and on the earth. I think it helps one to stay balanced.

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Happy Birthday, Candy

Today would have been my dearest friend, Candy’s birthday. Two years ago I sent her a 3 lb wheel of Vermont Cheddar Cheese and New Hampshire Maple Syrup. The year before I sent her a Red Velvet Cake, her favorite.

I sang her happy birthday and all was well. Neither one of us knew that birthday would be her very last birthday on this earth.

Just over a month later, Candy was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. I will never forget the night she called me. She had just gone to a walk-in clinic for her cough. They x-rayed her lungs and found the masses.

She called me sitting in her car in the parking lot. She knew. I kept trying to explain away what the doctors had found, but Candy being a nurse knew.

July 15 13 005How lucky I was to have been her friend all of these years. We could go for a while not talking on the phone and then one of us would call the other and it was like we just talked yesterday. It was always easy to talk to Candy. She understood me in so many ways, that no one else did.

1471833_10152064816746499_671583404_nWhen Candy and her husband visited us back in 2013, they both fell in love with our Greta. So much so that a few months later they got their very own wire-haired dachshund. Aurora went everywhere with Candy and she was the real joy in her life.

FB_IMG_1548898268358Candy was an identical twin. I wrote to her sister Mary and spoke to her last week. Needless to say, she is feeling an unimaginable loss. I knew this would be very hard for her. It never gets easier.

I was not only blessed to have been Candy’s friend all these years but during her last days on this earth, I was able to give back to my friend all that she had given me, by caring for her.

Oh, how I miss this wonderful woman. But as I told her the last time I saw her, “Love never dies, Candy. I will see you next in God’s Garden”.

Happy Heavenly Birthday!

The Friday Five October 16th

The Friday FiveWhat a beautiful week it has been. Despite a little rain, the leaves are still bright and the skies returned to blue. Yes, a lovely Autumn we are having. So, here we go, this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I’ll start with the weather as that has been rather crazy. We’ve had several touches of frost, a lot of rain, and then beautiful warmth with blue skies. Not bad for the middle of October!
  2. Because I get bored easily, I decided to crochet another afghan. I let Savannah pick out the yarn and in the end, she will probably get it. I am working on it when I sit to watch the TV and the yarn is soft, chunky, and will make a wonderful, cuddly, blanket.
  3. I had a strange week on the diet front. I was doing everything right and managed to gain a small amount.scale-cartoon1I was upset at first, and I weighed myself several times to be sure it was correct, and it was. Ugh! At first, I was upset, and then I decided to look back in my food journals and then see what I was eating. I have made a few adjustments and I hope to see some movement on Tuesday!
  4. I received my small 5-inch cast iron pans. Many people use them to make big chocolate chip cookies, but I have made baked apples in them and they have been great!
  5. Thursday I loaded up the car with all the garbage and took a trip to the Recycling Center. Arnie rode along with me and we had a great time! Now that is done, I was able to clean the garbage cans and my garage is also smelling sweet. Well, like bleach, but that’s a vast improvement!

So, my gentle readers, I hope that you can enjoy the weekend. Stay safe, and enjoy the little things in your life. Hopefully, this darn Virus will be over soon!