Glimpses of Spring

I think this has to be one of the wettest Springs I can recall. In any case, flowering shrubs are finally blossoming, and so I went out and took this picture of our home. One Snowball Bush isn’t quite as healthy as the other, but otherwise, it’s not looking too bad out there.


The Azalias and Snowball Bushes are simply lovely to look at, and I clipped some Lilacs to bring inside.



I am truly amazed at the number of birds looking for a free meal in my yard! And  I am in Heaven. I must admit to having a big grin on my face as I watch them out the windows.

I have even ordered a Bird Book identifying the back yard birds of New Hampshire and Vermont. It is written by a man who takes all his own pictures. I will let you know how it is once it arrives.

Anneliese has worried me for a few days as she been fussing and not happy. I’ve been worried. But today she is like her old self. Perhaps she missed me a lot and was just making me pay for my time away from her.

Have a great week!

Feed The Birds

After rescuing the cute Woodpecker earlier this Spring, I noticed during a shopping trip to an Odds & Ends Store Bird Suet and Woodpecker Suet Treats. Well, that got me started and I bought two to bring home and put out for my ever-growing list of birds.

When we first moved in here I had started to feed the birds, until they began cleaning off our fruit trees. Then I thought they could fend for themselves, as they appeared to be doing very well indeed!

But now, we are no longer working the trees and well, the poor things might go hungry! (Not!) So out my Shepherds Staff Poles, and onto them, the suet treats.

20190615_174455Not the best picture, but that is Woddy hanging on to taste the suet treat! I blame the lack of clarity on the window screen!

At first, not one bird noticed them, but by late afternoon we had quite a few. At dusk, I will need to bring them in for the night so Mrs. Bear does not stop by, and then return them in the morning. I am so into this art of nature. I wish I could say the same for Jack, but he could really care less.

Ah well, I am doing this for me. Well, for me and the birds.

Happy Sunday!

Life’s Adventures

Coming home found me doing all the things that had not gotten done in my absence. I spent the day doing laundry, hanging it out to dry and going to the grocery store.

The weather was lovely and surprisingly, the traffic was not too bad. It’s actually Motorcycle week here, but I suspect the beautiful weather had the motorcyclists were all down at Weirs Beach or at some other lakeside venue.

It felt good to be home again, and Jack teased that I seemed happier. I told him that a week away had recharged my batteries! Just what the doctor ordered.


Certainly, all the dogs are happy with my return. As I wandered from room to room cleaning and changing sheets, I had three little beings following me! Here is Mr. Arnie and I all cuddled up!

I desperately need a manicure, but I think I will have to do it myself. My nails are so long (I cannot believe I wrote that!), and I need to shorten them before I break them working around the house!

20190612_204123Happy Thursday!

The Friday Five

Friday Five

The start of the week found me at the beach, and the end of the week found me at home. In between, I filled my days with lots of good stuff.

  1. I’m so lucky that despite a sprained ankle, I did a lot on vacation. I managed to get to see my elderly cousin and have lunch with her. Her health has not been good, so this was a very nice visit that we had!
  2. I got to eat lunch on the beach in the rain! Now trust me, there were people that ran inside when the raindrops fell, but it was 90 degrees and the gentle rain felt nice on my skin.
  3. Forget any sort of good hair pictures during my trip. It was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit each day, with 70+% humidity. I looked like Bozo the clown! It matters not. It was nice and relaxing and I had a great time.
  4. Beware of Seatmates on Airplanes who are facing Federal charges for crimes we all know he committed. I was so surprised to see this man and tried to sneak a selfie, but alas, I was not able to.
  5. How wonderful to have doggies that missed me and welcomed me home! I sure missed them and I know they missed me.

Thinking of Katie

11/8/78 – 6/19/85

I had a lovely daughter, named Kathleen “Katie” Alynne. She was my youngest daughter and quite amazing. She was six and a half when an impaired (stoned) driver, hit my car and killed her. She actually lived until June 19th, but she never regained consciousness after they pulled her from the car. So in my mind and my heart, the 13th is the day that she left us.


You never get over losing a child. But you learn to go on, and to make a new life for yourself. But on days like today, I like to remind everyone that once long ago, lived a beautiful little girl named Katie!


This is so beautiful. I was crying by the second line, Written by Henry Scott Holland (27 January 1847 – 17 March 1918) was Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford.


I miss you each day, Katie.

Coming Home

The best thing about going away on vacation is coming back home afterward. I’d been planning my trip to the beach for several months, and the day finally arrived and I managed my trip away with very little problems, save for a twisted ankle on the escalator in Atlanta.

My trip was so pleasant and restful and I cannot begin to tell you how much all that downtime did for me.

Eating fresh fish, cauliflower pizzas and watching action movies made the days pass so quickly, until I found myself on a plane, headed home, this morning.

It was a lovely day to fly, and I’d reserved window seats for both flights. I even got in half an hour early, which enabled me to catch the early bus back to New Hampshire!

There is something about flying to Boston Logan Airport. It’s my home airport. I know my way around and feel comfortable there.

And there was another special thing too. The Bus Driver is a great man, who I have ridden with previously.

Then I arrived at home, with my pups. All happy to see me! And of course, I was more than thrilled to see them!


My time at the beach is proving to be amazingly refreshing. I do almost nothing that I don’t want to do and I sit quietly talking with my friend or watching a movie. I sleep soundly and barely wake until the morning has dawned. It’s been a while since I have done that.

It is hot here and very humid, so once again I have curls. I guess I cannot escape them.

We went to lunch yesterday to a cute Seafood Joint and we chummed around with some Pelicans and Cranes and Ibis.
20190608_144234They are quite the tourist draw and are used to people and very friendly. And, I swear they have all taken classes in posing for just the right tourist shot!

I am here for just a few more days before heading back home.

The Friday Five

The Friday Five

It’s the first weekend in June and I am away and at the beach. But here are some things I have been thinking about as the week comes to a close.

  1. I needed to get Anneliese’s eye drops. My Veterinary Ophalmologist called in a prescription and I went to get it at the Pharmacy. The Technician announced that it was $140.00! Oh, my, sweet Mother of God! The Tech looked at me, with eyes that asked if I really wanted to spend that kind of money on a dog?
  2. I recalled we have a prescription card for that Pharmacy. I asked if this would be covered? She disappeared and came back a moment later with a smile on her face. “I love you,” I said. She laughed “You are really going to love me when you find out how much you saved”.
  3. The total for this very expensive eye drop was $40.00! We both laughed. And she smiled and told me that this had brightened her day.  Needless to say, it brightened mine!
  4. I got to the car, and with tears in my eyes, and I told Jack what had occurred. Anneliese is blind, pretty much in her left eye. But these drops help her right eye from becoming totally blind and keeps the pressure down.
  5. So as I look back to my humble hometown Pharmacy, I am grateful for their prescription plan and that it covered my little doggy’s eye drops!

IMG_0373 (2)

Have a great weekend everyone!

TBT: The Beach & Me

I guess you could say I am a beach baby. Since I was 6 months old I have spent part of every Spring, Summer, and Fall at the beach. Listening to the waves lap against the shore, and feeling the sun soak into my bones. I just knew from a very early age that the beach, the ocean was my home.


I was a bit of a fish, really. My mother was concerned that I would swim away over my head and had a rope on me until she was certain of my abilities. Those came from swimming lessons at Surf Drive Beach, come rain or shine, thick fog or freezing cold water temperatures. I did not care. The ocean was in my blood!

img680Yes, that is me. I am thinking I am perhaps 6 years old. At my beach, Surf Drive Beach. The one place that fills my soul.

Over the years, I have been many places where I felt that same kismet! One such place was Barbados, where the ocean also called my name. This is actually a full-scale picture I am cropping, but I told Jack when I die I want this picture published with my obituary! Even if I am 90!

Barbados 1987

I was 29 years old in this picture, and for once in my life skinny! And I remember how much I loved that bikini.

I’m at the beach now. Somewhere. It’s warm and I am happy. Solitary happiness on the beach. My idea of a grand vacation.

Feeding the Birds

I was gazing out my bedroom window when suddenly a little bird flew into the lilac bush. I stopped and watched as this little bird, not bright or colorful, but certainly intent on doing something in my lilac bush, worked at something. I looked and looked and there it was. A rather well-built nest.

birds nest

I was really struck with the bird’s cleverness and the beauty of the nest. I believe the nest is the new home of a Catbird. We’ve had them before and they really are quite amazing nest builders.

I’m not sure why, but this year I am really enjoying the birds! Perhaps it was the injured Woodpecker I saved. Whatever, I have now gotten new suet feeders and once I return I will set them up. Of course, since we also have bears, so I will need to bring the feeders in each night.

61963809_2787685864637823_7099090386303320064_nWhat is it about being in your sixties? I mean, I have found that I stop and smell the roses more. See birds, notice all the little things in life that make this an awesome place to be.

I felt this as a child and then lost that awe for a long time. I am so glad to have found it again. Especially at a time in my life when I can appreciate it all the more!