December 4th

December 4th

Well, here we are on our Delta flight back to New England. What a wonderful time we had! I simply cannot believe that it is over.

We woke at 5:30 AM, and got ourselves ready for the day. We had to bring our luggage with us, when we left our cabin, and went over to the buffet. We left a little envelope and a bottle of wine for our Cabin Steward.

So breakfast was ok. It was sad thinking this was the last on the ship. They had a full menu available, and Jack and I ate quickly.

Our walk off the ship was to happen at 6:30 AM, and we finished and made it down to the gangway right on time. We breezed through Immigration, and then caught a cab for the airport. That’s where the problem began.

Today it was my suitcase they wanted to check. Now what is the last stuff you toss in when you are going home? Yeah, dirty laundry! So here is this TSA Agent going through my bag, pawing through my undies, for all the world to see! Call me simply mortified! However, we eventually made it and got to the gate.

We had purchased tickets for the 9:45 flight to Atlanta and then on to Boston. Jack asked if we could just switch (and those of you who buy tickets and fly will already know this), they refused to change our tickets, despite empty seats, despite that Jack is retired from the Airline. One of the Agents was so rude to Jack and it made me feel bad for him.

Another agent suggested we pass ride, and he changed everything for us and we left Fort Lauderdale two and a half hours earlier that our flight.

While we flew to Atlanta, I found a flight on the web, where we could list and we literally ran from one gate to the next to catch an earlier flight. (Which is where I am right now)

This vacation was the best one, in a very long time. It was truly relaxing, the weather was great, and best of all, I got to return to Barbados, which is my favorite Island in the Caribbean!

I forgot to mention that on our last sea day, we were invited to the Captains Cocktail Party. These are usually fun and it gives the frequent cruisers a chance to meet the Captain. Tony Draper was our Captain, and he was a pleasant, kind, man.

I also forgot to mention when we departed St. Thomas. I watched Captain Draper maneuvering the ship backing out of the channel, turning and then proceeding out to sea.

The usual hum from he engines, and music from the pool area filled the ship and then…it all stopped and everything went dead! The Captain came on quickly and said that one generator had kicked off (like a blown fuse) and the two back up generators didn’t much like that so they also kicked off too. It took only 5 or 6 minutes and the ships power was up and running. Many of us hoped that we would be tugged back to St. Thomas and extend our cruise, but that was not to be.



I am always thrilled with trying new things, when I am on vacation. Sometimes life is good and I find yet another new thing to enjoy, and set my Weight Watcher diet back.

I have enjoyed a few things, but I will start with breakfast. Since my doctor told me to eat more fiber to battle my high cholesterol, I have started each day with oatmeal. It’s good, and I sprinkle just a teaspoon of brown sugar on it, and I am good to go.

I’ve been enjoying one coffee, and then I switch over to English Breakfast Tea. I tend to drink that or ice tea all day.

Besides the oatmeal, I wanted to be good and just have some whole grain toast. Unfortunately, because they are serving a lot of people, by the time I reached the toast area the toast resemble “Cylon Death Toast. (re: Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon, who loves to make this.) The toast was cold, hard and dry. So, nope, wasn’t going to eat that, instead I have had Stollen. I know, not the best for WW, but certainly something I enjoyed!

Lunch can mean almost anything. Salads are abundant, grilled vegetables, as well as at least two types of grilled meat. They also served tacos, fish, Chinese foods and Indian foods. I’ve been trying to stay away from the fried foods, and eat more vegetables.

Dinners have been interesting. A few new items, like tians (a kind of pate), soups (I tried their wild mushroom soup last night, but didn’t like it. But mostly, I like the things I have eaten. The Prime Rib was the best we’ve ever had. We could literally cut it with a fork. And desserts are good. Each lunch and dinner has a sugar free item and Jack really has appreciated that.

Now, I have a confession to make. A week ago Sally (from the movie, When Harry Met Sally) invaded my body. I suddenly found myself taking a basic item, subtracting all the other components, and replacing them with what I wanted to eat.

Here is an example.

Lamb with mint jelly.
roasted potatoes.
mixed vegetables of the day.

I went on the order.
Lamb with mint jelly.
mashed potatoes.
asparagus with butter and lemon
no gravy

It’s just a quick example. Trust me, our poor waitress knows I ‘like it my way’ and is ready with her pen and pad to take down my order. I sort of started to feel guilty and self conscious, but I like what I like and I don’t see why I must eat a meal that I don’t care for.

Just call me Sally!


November 30

I slept so soundly last night that I woke feeling very refreshed. So I got out of bed, dressed, and was very happy that I did not wake Jack. I slipped out of our cabin and walked over to the 24 hour buffet where I had a nice cup of coffee.

I lingered for a bit, then grabbed a coffee for Jack and breakfast tea for myself. I walked so carefully back from the buffet, so I didn’t spill the coffee and tea, thus giving me great appreciation to every flight attendant who serves drinks while an airplane is swaying.

I managed to get back to our cabin, opened the door, came inside and then…I stubbed my index toe on the sofa! I screamed inside, (silently) so as not to wake Jack. What a good wife I am!

The ship is due in to St. Kitts at 10 AM Island time (1 hour ahead of the east coast), and we shall hop the sugar train for a three hour tour of the inland.

A few things I have notices on this trip. Probably the first thing is that no one is using strong sunscreen, and very few are wearing a hat. So, dinner tends to be in a room filled with bright red lobster people! I so want to sit down and give a public service announcement about the dangers of ‘unprotected sun exposure’, but I know it would not be welcome.

Second, the theme from Gilligan’s Island keeps playing in my head! Not sure why, as this has been a wonderful and uneventful voyage. Still, the song is there!

In the early morning when I have my tea, it is the same people in the buffet sitting area. Some read, some are writing on their computers and some are having an early breakfast. I always wait for Jack.

I went to and checked out refrigerators yesterday. All I need are the dimensions of our current fridge and we can stop at Lowes, and order a new one. Thank goodness for our house/doggy sitter and his Dad, who got everything out of the upstairs fridge and into our small fridge in the basement.

Yesterday I forgot to mention the wonderful Orchid Gardens. It was spectacular. They were having a wedding there amongst the orchid gardens and that was beautiful. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the bride, but I spoke to the groom and he was a sweet, handsome, man!

On our cruise, I think the average median age is 65-70 years old. This means two things. I am often the youngest person in a group, and for me, who likes to zip around, I am often behind someone who is walking soooo slowly. I remind myself, that this is the way it is and I should relax, but I have now found ways to bee-bop around the ship with no one in front of me!

All for now!

And Away We Go!

We boarded Royal Princess about 12:45 Monday afternoon. It was absolutely mobbed going through security, but once inside, we checked our two bottles of wine (OK to bring two but no more), and then almost immediately we were in a short line to get our card keys and board the ship.
Our Cabin is beautiful! It is golden in color, with marble table tops. The balcony is a bit small, but really nice none the less.
We went over to Horizon Court, the 24 hour a day Buffet and had lunch. They had grilled eggplant, onions and peppers! Oh my goodness, it was delicious!
We watched as the ship set off, and it was so neat as Caribbean Princess left just before us, so we watched her rather closely ahead.
I was complete unpacked by 3 PM, and the room is all set up to be comfortable during our stay.
The ocean is calm, nary a rock or roll and I am feeling good. I did put on my seas sickness patch, just to be sure I would be well.


We went to the dining room for dinner. Our table mates never showed, which would have been okay except that we were in a far corner, where we literally froze! We finally asked if they has an extra cooks jacket to place over our shoulders, but honestly, we are both still a bit frozen.
However, the meal was fabulous! Prime Rib, rare, baked potatoes, and Caesar Salad. I had a small square of brie for dessert.
They have great bands that are playing up on deck, and I found myself dancing a bit when we got underway. As we left the harbor in Ft. Lauderdale, the Captain played a little tune on the ships horn. It was so cool!
Tonight both Jack and I feel tired. The last two days was exhausting as we raced from there to here, but now we are settled, time to kick back and relax!

This Is It!


Hubby and I will be boarding the ship today around noon. Our long awaited vacation will begin! We have stops in Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, (my favorite island) St. Kitts, St Thomas, Princess Cays and then back to Fort Lauderdale. We have three sea days, where one, swims, sleeps, eats and explores the ship. After all these months of planning, I am just giddy with excitement!

Basic CMYK

Above you will see what our mini suite layout is like. Below is a picture of the actual suite. Hubby and I enjoy sitting on the balcony reading and just plain enjoying the sunshine. I am putting in an order now for warm, sunshine!


I will try to update the blog each day, and put pictures up too. A mini travelogue. I am looking forward to doing that too!

Is It Just Me?

I’ve always known there was something different about me. I’ve actually never been able to pin it down. This morning, however, I discovered that things just happen to me, more than to some people.

We arrived at the airport well before our flight today in Boston. In fact, there was no one ahead of us in line at the Security Check In. Hubby and I breezed through, answered all the questions correctly, and proceeded to be ‘scanned’. First I forgot my cell phone was clipped to my waist. So back I went to put that with my shoes.

I got back into the scanner, no problem, but when I reached the other side, the luggage clip on my bag had caught up in the rollers of the conveyer belt! I tried to unhook it. The lady controlling the belt kept pushing the button to forward the items.

“Excuse me, Ma’am, my bag is stuck.” So the woman tried to forward the belt again! I called to another TSA Agent, who came running. He took two rollers off and freed my bag. He was so nice.

The ‘Old Bag’ doing the conveyer belt just scowled at me. I kid you not! I swear these things just don’t happen to normal people.

I got my shoes, my back pack and my carry on suit case, and managed to get to the other side.

It is interesting to note that I was the Security Disaster this time, not Hubby, who usually gets stopped for his knees.

We ate a light breakfast and then walked to our gate, which as it always turns out, is at the opposite end of the concourse!

Our flight from Boston was packed! I knew it was going to be, which was why we sprung for tickets. Actually airfare to Florida is pretty cheap right now and it just made sense.

On our descent into New York City, were vectored all around by Air Traffic Control. I was a little annoyed, as it was making us late for our connection, but then, there was The Freedom Tower! The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty! We literally flew in a circle around them and enjoyed the spectacular views.

We arrived a little late in New York and several of us were running through the terminal to get to our gate. We all made it, and a lovely flight attendant brought drinks to those of us who looked like we were wilting.

After a few short minutes we took off, and after a rumble and some bumps we were once again in the sky. Both of us feeling pretty hungry and thirsty. Since this is a short flight, there were no meals being served, but you could purchase snack boxes. We picked up one of each. One was a tapas box and one was a ‘treat box’.

We opened the tray table between our seats and spread it all out. A veritable picnic in the air! I laughed and teased Hubby that he takes me to all of the finest dining establishments!

The ride was a bumpy one, and the skies were that cloudy white, but truly, nothing could dampen my spirits!

We arrived quickly at the hotel, changed our clothes, (It’s 82 degrees!) and went shopping for the last minute things we needed. Walking back, we stopped at Taco Bell and got Taco Salads for dinner.

We need to repack our bags, snuggle up with a glass of wine and the TV and get ready for tomorrow!

My Bags Are Packed & I’m Ready To Go….

OK, I was a busy bee today. I managed to get two of the three bathrooms done, the vacuuming done and dusting, and I got all the clothes I am taking neatly folded and packed in my suitcase. My backpack is also packed and ready to roll. All I need to toss in are the computer, Kindle and phone.

Friday I plan to iron and fold and pack all of Hubby’s things. Then with will be on to make the Snickerdoodles and wash the last bathroom.

I need to pack the car with the suit cases, apples for Mandy, and housewarming gifts for Mandy and Matt and a special housewarming gift for Savannah!

I have just about finished my instruction letter for the house/doggy sitters, and I need to leave the key for the mailbox as I am expecting a few things to arrive while we are gone.

I have paid all my bills, my taxes and I hope and pray I have thought of everything. I just want to get away and relax!

Escape Completely…That’s What The Commercial Says!

A week from today we leave on a much needed vacation. Things with Lili have calmed down, the cold weather is creeping in, and my old bones ache!

I am relieved that Lili is doing better. It will make things so much easier for our house sitters. I am so glad I found people who will actually move in and care for the animals for us. This way Lili and the dackels don’t have to be alone.

I have acquired a sinus infection, and I am taking Cipro and decongestants and nasal spray that my doctor gave me. I simply must be 100% by next week.

Funny thing is, I have no fever right now, after three doses of the antibiotics and I am actually starting to feel better. Fingers crossed!

The packing has actually begun. I have a laundry basket that I have been tossing things into and soon I will drag out our cases and start to organize them. This time I will not over pack!

I will be putting up links next week so you can follow the ship we will be on. They have a bridge camera, so you can see what the weather is like for our trip!


We will be on The Royal Princess!