This & That March 18, 2020

I thought today I would just keep myself busy and everything would be okay. I started the day by continuing to program my computer and eventually I solved the big problem of getting the new machine to talk to our Main Computer, which handles all important things, like Printers.


Oh my goodness, I worked so hard to remember all that my friend Brad had taught me, and in the end, I think I can say he would be proud of me.

Then I set about cooking. I wanted to get the Corned Beef in the oven on a low heat early. It requires you to just about cook it to death. Unfortunately, when I checked it recently, I’m not sure it’s a score. The vegetables will be okay, but we may have to search for different meat to eat. I’m disappointed.

Meanwhile, I boned a chicken and I am making my own Chicken Stock, and I will make a Cabbage and Chicken Soup. It’s yummy with a mixture of vegetables and it is a low point meal for me.

The stock is coming out well and smells so good. I will let it simmer in the crockpot overnight, then make the soup tomorrow.

I also decided to wash all my kitchen potholders. Why? Well, because I thought they needed it and why not?

Lili celebrated her birthday with a Doggy Cookie Cake and a new toy. Lili loves her stuffed animal toys so we bought her a new one. A fuzzy little Bunny. She loves it.


Arnie is feeling better since his tooth extraction and although he isn’t eating crunchy food yet, he is eating and is happy.

Anneliese was thrilled to find snow had fallen this morning and she ran outside with such glee! Yes, I said that we had snow, just a dusting really, on St. Patrick’s Day!

I weighed in a day early and I have lost another 1.2 pounds. Usually, I weigh in on Wednesday at WW Class, but they have been canceled until further notice.


Fortunately, I have a good scale at home and decided that I will not quit despite the stress I feel right now.

I will not give up!

So, that’s about it from the northern climes. Life is going on, quietly so. But we are blessed as we have managed not to get sick. nock on wood!

Take care, Gentle Readers.

PS: I was able to write this entire post without interruption! How I love this new computer!


This & That March 5, 2020

Today Arnie is off to the Vets to have his teeth cleaned. He gets terrible tartar on his teeth, and after he has a dental they look so much better and his breath is manageable. For whatever reason, Arnie has always had tuna-breath!

They will also trim his nails for me, as his nails grow longer, faster than the girls do. He also hates to have them clipped.

I did very well again this week at WW.


But I found myself in an odd position. We are having a substitute leader that I have always liked and enjoyed, but the last few times she has filled in, she will ask questions and when I raise my hand, she will call on anyone else but me. Perhaps I am being overly sensitive about this, but today I felt like Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter books.

11/00/2001. Film "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone"

Hermione always knew the answers and yet Professor Snape refused to call on her because she was a know-it-all.

I just feel that I finally get it (understanding what to do to make the WW program work for you) but I was unable to share. A little frustrating.

After class, I came home and made lunch for Jack and me. Shortly after I was unlucky enough to get a headache. I decided to lie down in my bedroom to get rid of it. All I wanted was an hour of stretching out and resting.

First Jack let Anneliese in. He closed the door, and of course, Anneliese did not want to take a nap, so up I got! Next, the phone rang, and then I got a cramp in my foot and jumped off the bed!  So much for a little nap. I gave up and got up and made myself a cup of tea.

Friday I go for bloodwork and to meet with the Anesthesiologist for my upcoming colonoscopy. They put me down for general anesthesia and I do not want that. I have a lot of trouble coming out of anesthesia, so twilight sleep is much better for me.

Happy Thursday!


This & That On Leap Year 2020

The other day when I did my grocery shopping, I stopped in and looked at some yarn. I love having busy work for my fingers and I was itching to start a new project.


I found the prettiest yarn, and in my mind, I knew what I wanted to do with it. So I made up the pattern in my head and then wrote it down and started.

The first time, I got three rows in and it was curling. So I ripped it out and started again. Nope, that wasn’t quite right. The third time was a home-run, and the project is progressing nicely! And once again, my hands are full.

Since this is for someone else, who I don’t believe reads my blog, but just might, I will say no more.

My laptop is acting funky. This weekend I plan to do a full backup of the hard drive, and then I plan to start looking at computers. Aside from Apple, does anyone have a Solid State Drive laptop that they love?

Believe it or not, it has been many years since I got a new one. This machine is a 2012 model.

I would like to really upgrade my system and get a really nice one. Fast, with good graphics and lots of memory!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the sunshine (if you can) wherever you are!


This & That Feb. 22. 2020

I finished de-pilling the Afghan today. I washed the sofa cover and then placed the new Afghan on the back


It’s really beautiful. Especially if you stand at a distance and don’t see all the little mini pills that cannot be pulled out or shaved.

I guess that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for me, this lovely Afghan will be a lesson. Never use yarn that says “Tweed”, as it will have little bits of yarn supposedly “woven” in, but actually causing madness and mayhem!

On the healthcare front, Jack’s finger/hand did not come out as hoped. He still has a few weeks of working with the finger/hand but will need to go back in three weeks if he is no better. He’s pretty disappointed.

P2170010 (4)The weekend is here! Make it a good one!

This & That

I’m not sure what I hoped Monday would be like, however, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I got up and it was snowing. Again. And at a good clip!

The plows had started running on the road below our home at 4 AM! Thus waking me and the beasts.

At 5 AM I got up and let the dogs out and watched the morning news. The forecaster said “Broken clouds and sun” Huh?

No schools were canceled despite the rapidly falling snow. Which I was surprised at. Jack had an appointment with the Orthopaedist and although I did not want to go, we went and the roads were surprisingly clear. Our snow totaled close to 4 inches.

The Presidential Primary is today in our State. We will go and vote as we always do.


On Wednesday I go to see the Glaucoma Eye Specialist for a pressure re-check, as well as WW.

Things have gone well with the eating, so I am hopeful I will continue to be going in the right direction. Although part of me knows that at some point the weight loss will slow. I’ve been on the path before and so there are really no surprises.

I just hope that I can keep the momentum up. It is easy to get discouraged when the weight loss slows down.

weighing20upside20downWell, Happy Tuesday everyone! Enjoy the day!


I Think I Can

I am happily here to report that I figured out my keyboard problem and fixed it! It turned out not to have anything to do with my poor mouse (which I was totally blaming!). This morning, while drinking my coffee, I said to myself, “Settings – Keyboard!” And it was like a light bulb went off!

Asus R510C
My laptop back when it was new. 2013!

I quickly got to my settings menu and searched for Keyboard. Then I went through the settings. Somehow, all the little boxes for shortcuts were checked! I unchecked them all. I never use shortcuts because my knowledge of my computer keyboard is not that great.

So I unchecked them all and so far so good. No wandering cursor. No typing into another paragraph. So far things seem to be working the way they should! Alleluia!

I am praying that this actually has been the one thing that will work. If not I will keep on looking.

It was another very cold day here. However, we were lucky because it was also a dry day. No snow!  We do have a lot of snow and ice around though.

Since it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, almost everything was closed, so I just snuggled up to the dackels and Lili and enjoyed a nice quiet day.

Some days, things just go along so nicely!

Saturday This & That

I started to de-Christmas the house. That’s probably my least favorite thing to do. I didn’t decorate a lot, but the house did look a little merry and bright.  I am dragging my feet about taking down our little tree because I love Christmas tree lights. Sometimes I sit in the morning darkness with only the tree lights on. There is something so peaceful when I do that.

Soon I will take my little tree, engulf it in a giant plastic trashbag and store it for another year. One day I will have a big tree again, but while we have “Leaping Lili”, I just cannot take the chance.

Anneliese did not have the kind of day I’d wanted for her. She was fussing and not comfortable. So, I am hoping that Saturday will bring her relief!

My daughter sent me this picture of my grandchildren. When I look at those beautiful happy faces, I smile and I can just feel the love.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

27643294581_6c024a9b1b copyThe handsome Mr. Arnie.

Welcome December

Saturday morning I was trying to find something to watch on the TV other than the usual news. I’m finally out of my bed, after nearly three weeks of being down and out with the Flu. So, I turned on the family room TV and started looking around.

What I found was that Showtime was showing last year’s episodes of Homeland all day long!

Jack and I have loved Homeland and have seen all the episodes, but I decided that this was a great show to watch on a cold Saturday.

We’ve always enjoyed the show, featuring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin. The acting is top-notch, the writing superb and when people look back in the years to come, I think this show will be categorized as a classic thriller!

About 15 minutes in Jack got up and he was hooked too. We watched it all the way through until it finished and by then it was time for bed.

Now during the programs, I was able to crochet and I did a lot, plowing through three entire skeins of yarn!

My Flu is on the way out. I was up and out of bed all day yesterday and only had one coughing jag and that was just before bed. I ate normally and although slightly tired, I was feeling so much better.

It’s not lost on me that so many of us that had the Flu Shot (Hello New England Patriots Football team, who have many players out with the Flu!) a large number of people have come down with it. From what I have heard and read, they believe this years shot sort of missed the strain that has been in my area.

It’s the biggest reason I locked myself in my bedroom away from Jack, did not cook his meals or do the dishes. I would come out for a moment, get my food and go back to bed. I would place the tray on the shelf once I was done and he loaded the dishwasher and then put away the dishes after. I really feared he would get this and at his age, it could be fatal.

Now I must prepare because we are due to get a foot of snow starting tonight and going until Tuesday mid-day. Oh well. It’s that time of year!

Cooking & Snow?

I decided this morning to make Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon. I went to the store and got everything I needed and came home and worked so hard on it. The entire house still smells like it, which is simply yummy! Most of the time I enjoy it when a good meal lingers unless of course, it is fish!

I read some and went through the mail. Our little no heat problem last week cost us a mere $124.00! That is a very good price for what the nice man did for us, and he responded so quickly.

Now that I finished one craft project I decided to do another. I already have most of the material, and will get the rest tomorrow and then begin.


And lastly, they are forecasting our first snow for Thursday! Wait! I am not ready for this!