This & That ~ March 30th

Wow! There is so much going on in the world, and even in my little corner of the world, so a “This and That” list seemed appropriate.

    • Okay, the slap was heard around the world. I understand the frustration, but as I think more and more about it, I think sometimes you need to suck it up and walk away. I live every day of my life with a face that close up resembles an inner-city roadmap. It’s due to extensive cancer surgery in 2013.2022-03-29_08-14-11People have made comments that felt unkind to me, but so far I haven’t decked a single person. Walk away and choose your battles wisely.
    • I went in on Monday to begin having my two front teeth crowns replaced. It is rather an arduous task and has left my mouth sore. But the end result will be good I am sure.
    • Today Lili was running around the yard and my guess is she leaped from the field down onto the driveway and twisted her ankle. Tonight she is limping badly. If she is not better tomorrow I will bring her in to get it checked.
    • I go to see my Glaucoma doctor tomorrow. I am six weeks late for this appointment as I was sick with the flu when I was due to go in for my last appointment and had to cancel.
    • The bears are awake and starting to roam the neighborhoods. This means that I need to bring in my feeders at dusk and put them out after breakfast in the morning.
    • We had to call for home heating oil today and they came and delivered 202 gallons of what I should call liquid gold. The current price for heating oil is $4.97 a gallon. So there’s $1000.00 I will never see again. But, at least we will be warm and can take hot showers.
    • I got the cutest picture of Heidi today and I love it so much that I ordered a print of it to have on my mantle. I just love this girl!

2022-03-29_08-13-075-month-old Heidi.

2 thoughts on “This & That ~ March 30th”

  1. I agree with you. It was a foolish thing to do. Violence solves nothing. What Smith should have done was later request Rock to make a public apology for his poor taste remark.

    I hope just a minor sprain for Lili.

    Your water is oil heated too, so you need oil all year round.

  2. We have had floods here in the last month or so. We haven’t had running hot water since 16.3.22.

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