The Friday Five ~ June 2nd

The Friday FiveHappy first Friday in June! Can you believe it? In a few short months, me and a bunch of my friends will have our 65th birthdays, thus joining the retired “Baby Boomer” generation. The last week has been crazy, but as I reach Friday, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. A week and a half ago after experiencing the Blue Screen of Death on my Dell Laptop,received_160654043470439

    I sent it in to have my Computer Guru wipe the hard drive. He started off trying to run a few programs. After he got the Blue Screen of Death when he had actually wiped the hard drive, he got this cute screen.


    He tried to go further, but when he saw this, he knew that my old Dell was good for nothing other than chopping up the hard drive with a sledgehammer.


    Well, it got both of our attention and we decided that a new computer was in my future.

  2.  Since it’s been a while since I purchased a laptop, I wanted to get a good machine with upgraded features. Again, the industry has flown by me and I needed help. Fortunately, my friend helped me pick a new machine. I ordered a Lenovo and it is unbelievably fast, And it seems to suit me.
  3. Due to the long weekend, the machine didn’t arrive until Tuesday. I could hardly wait and I have spent the last few days programming it. Later today I will add my purchased programs.

  4. Lili is doing fine now after her bee sting. I have never seen such enormous Bees! And Poor Lili suffered from the sting and from being sensitive to Benedryl.


    Heidi knew she was unwell and she lay beside her until Lili was better.

  5. I am on a German Wirehaired Dachshund webpage on Facebook. We are all devoted to our little beings and enjoy their special personalities. While dusting my bookcase I came across a book that had been written and illustrated by a man named Martin Blank.

    20230526_192035Martin Blank and his Dackel, Schluffi.

    I had taken two pictures from the book and mentioned that I knew Mr. Blank had died, but I felt the need to celebrate his creativity. Some time passed and his wife (who is also on the list) replied. I was so happy.

That is all for this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that a little sun shines and the temperatures are wonderful and warm.


Happy Birthday, Savannah!

Today my sweet Savannah Rose turns 11! Wow, I cannot believe how quickly she has grown and changed. I can’t believe how quickly the last 11 years have gone, and in many ways, I feel like I have always known Savi. As if she has always been a part of my world.

May31 12 002Me holding Savi the day she was born!

As she has grown and changed, I have marveled that she is kind and gentle, and a caring person. Mandy and Matt have done an excellent job as parents.

1914914_10154055428821719_918252124935863928_nAnd when Quinn arrived, she showed us what a great big sister she could be.

So, Happy Birthday, my darling girl. Oma loves you to the moon and back!


The Friday Five ~ May 19th

The Friday FiveIt was a pretty crazy week for me. So much going on and I felt like I just couldn’t complete things in a timely manner. Somehow I did, so here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Last weekend I thought I had “fixed” my electric recliner. After cleaning the connections it worked right up until Tuesday night at about 10 o’clock.

    20190222_145642The loveseat when I first bought it.

    It was then I went to put my feet down and nothing happened! I checked what I could, but decided on two coarse of action. 1. See if the furniture store I bought it at could recommend a repair man,  or 2. worst case scenario, buy another recliner.

  2. On Wednesday I stopped at the Furniture store and they were amazingly helpful. They had all the records from the transaction and assured me that the repairman could get to me this week.
  3. Thursday morning at 8:30 Tim the repairman called, and fifteen minutes later he was here. Half an hour later my reclining loveseat was fixed! Call me one happy lady!
  4. It’s funny, Heidi loves the recliner.20200221_181423

    We have a special blanket I put over my knees and Heidi is always asleep between my knees. This is a blanket I had crocheted and never cared for. But Heidi loves this afghan.

  5. We had an honest-to-goodness frost last night. When I took the pooches out at 5 AM the grass was crunchie! And the thermometer read 28 degrees!

I am nearly caught up with a million little things around the house and since we are due for rain this weekend, I am hopeful that I can actually check things off my list.

2022-06-09_02-26-22Have a great weekend!

Mother’s Day 2023

Today is Mother’s Day. A special day for all the Mothers out there, myself included.

Here I am with my sister, Melodie, and our mother Rosamond. I’ve always loved her name. So beautiful.

2436793586_43be7f53e5_hThis was taken in the Spring of 2008. The Cherry Blossoms were blooming in New Haven, Connecticut. What a beautiful day that was.

1Then I became a Mum on December 20th. A much-wanted and extremely loved and adored daughter, Mandy entered my life. I remember that day, feeling like no one had ever had a baby as I did. She was (and still is) so beautiful and wonderful!

It’s funny how one loves their baby before they see their face, and when they do, it’s like they have always known those eyes, that smile, and those expressions.

25Me and Mandy. This is one of my favorite pictures. Oddly enough, it was taken in a ladies’ room because it had great lighting and a wonderful background.

img053aAmanda, Me, and Katie. Me and my girls. I have always loved being a Mum. These two just filled my heart.

49081853731_5546d5b2c3Now I am an Oma! Savannah Rose came into my world almost eleven years ago. I didn’t know it could be like this!  The very first time I held her in my arms was magic! She is amazing and my heart grew and continues to grow as this young lady continues to steal my heart!

Savannah is sweet and kind, she is loving and gentle. She loves to dress up and pretend, and swim and dance. She is my little Princess.

49645785926_cd466b2ae9_bThen one day Mandy came running down the stairs waving a home pregnancy test! And we learned this little one was on the way. I was so excited, and it’s strange because a palm reader said I would have another grandchild and it would be a boy! She sure was right!

Quinn is also amazing. He is so different from his sister and I just love it! We play Spiderman, build Legos, and play Planes. We color and he is poetry in motion. He likes guy stuff and roughhousing. Yet at the same time, he can become sweet and caring.

Let’s face it, I have been blessed all the way around. I had two beautiful daughters of my own, And two fabulous grandchildren too!

343340304_3060244664284715_2816906605181410820_nLovely flowers from Mandy, Matt, Savannah, and Quinn!

Friday Five ~ May 12th

The Friday FiveWell, Happy  Friday, Everyone! It’s been a crazy week, but as I slide into the weekend, here are the five things I am thinking about.

  1. In just about six months I will have my 65th birthday. This means a major upheaval for my medical care, as the VA will no longer allow me to access my doctors. I’m bitter about this as I feel I’ve finally found a medical care unit that works for me. But, such is life.
  2. I’m actually sort of freaked out about turning 65. I recall my grandmother, and mother turning 65 and I thought they were really old! Aside from aches and pains, in my mind, I don’t “think old!”. In fact, I think at this time in life I’ve realized that I have lived more than half of it. There is no climbing the road of life up. At this point, I’ve hit the peak and I am now on the other side, wondering how many years I have left to wander this earth.
  3. Jack is still recovering from the kidney stone. I think I can safely say it knocked him down.
  4. Our window air conditioners go in today. Yay! It’s getting to the point that we will need to use them. Well, at least I will be. Jack is always cold.
  5. Spring has sprung up here. Flowers are blooming and trees are leafing out! Just lovely.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine


The Friday Five ~ May 5th

The Friday FiveWell, this week did fly by. It started with a trip across the State of New Hampshire which allowed us to see all the flooding that we have had. It’s a ride I used to make often, but haven’t since 2018. Anyway, hold on and here we go with the week’s Friday Five!

  1. Jack is still not free of that dratted Kidney Stone. We saw a specialist on Monday and right now I am trying to get him to drink copious amounts of water. I really do not want him to have surgery.
  2. It was Jack’s birthday yesterday, but he is so ill he cannot eat. He has lost a lot of weight I hope his appetite returns soon.
  3. My little darling, Heidi is doing great on her special food. Apparently, she does have allergies to things in common foods. Thankfully, Purina Veterinary Care Diet works so well for her.
  4. Our Fox has returned after being hidden during the 2The Fox is pleasingly plump and its fur looks thick and healthy.
  5. I need to get a pair of sneakers. After being shut in and wearing slippers most of the time during the Pandemic, my old sneakers just do not fit right anymore.

Well, that wraps up my week. This weekend is the usual laundry and cleaning. Have a good one, wherever you are!


Happy 85th Birthday, Jack!

Today is the eighty-fifth birthday of my husband Jack. It’s quite a milestone for him.

He graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Economics, and then joined the Army, and went to flight school. He served in Vietnam and when he was discharged he did so as a Captain.

Despite his college degree, he took the path to his real love, flying, and got a job with Pan American World Airways.

He was stationed in both Hong Kong and Berlin Germany. Berlin was his favorite posting.

He was married to his first wife, Jan and they had two wonderful children, Jonathan and Jessica. They owned an Apple Farm, and they were married for 25 years.

I met Jack many years ago and we were friends for a long time. We saw each other through many difficult times in life, and eventually after both of us went through painful divorces, we started to hang out together. Eventually, we got married and started our life together. It’s been 35 years! How the time has flown.

May 28 024
Today we celebrate Jack’s birth and here is hoping for not only a happy day but a healthy and wonderful year ahead!

The Friday Five ~ April 28th

The Friday FiveQuite honestly, I am glad the week is over. Jack is feeling better and life is moving forward. As Friday dawns on us, here are the things I am happy about!

  1. As I said, Jack is well, and although he is still weak at least the pain is gone.
  2. I’ve been able to keep up with my meal preparations and some laundry. Over the weekend I want to curl up and take some nice naps, as well as finish up the throw rugs, washing and hanging them outside.
  3. Heidi is doing so well on a new dog chow. I am so pleased. I was worried about her, but it seems the worst is over.
  4. I ordered a pack of three doggy toys. They are just like the one that Heidi came to us with, which is her favorite. I gave her one and gave one to Lili. The next thing I knew Heidi had Lili’s toy, her new toy, and her old toy all in her mouth! Oh, it made me laugh!
  5. Yesterday was the 14th birthday of Anneliese’s pups. Baron, Bogart, Baerbel, and Birgit (Ali). All four are still with us. It makes me so happy because I know, I bred good hunters who were also very healthy. All the pups from three litters made it to 14+ years old. And one, Angelika in Greta’s first litter lived until she was almost 15!

So this wraps up another week. I hope you are enjoying the days wherever you may be.


The Sunday Six

Usually, I end my week with a Friday Five. This week my days were filled and by the time Friday rolled around I was asleep by 8:30-9:00 every night. So, here are the six things that made up my somewhat crazy week.

  1. I was taking care of Jack and his kidney stone all week. Not only was this hands-on care which included calling doctor’s offices trying to get help. No one was returning my calls or secure email. Call me frustrated.
  2. Jack was weak from the pain. I tried my best to keep him hydrated, but he wasn’t eating much.
  3. By Friday I needed food. Not a big shopping, but some easy food to eat. I told Jack that my plan was this: if he got worse over the weekend, I would drive him across the state to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. I felt quite helpless, but I know after 3:30 in the afternoon, you are most likely not going to hear from your doctor. So off I went.
  4. I picked up a week’s worth of mail, milk and bread, and some muffins. Then I headed home. I walked in about 5 minutes after the nurse called from Jack’s doctor’s office. He was a little confused, but fortunately, she sent me an email.
  5. A friend kind of called me out on leaving Jack to go to the store if he was so ill, but my gosh, part of my being a good caregiver is preparing foods he can eat and things he can drink.
  6. As of midnight on Saturday Jack says he thinks the Kidney stone has moved as his pain is not as acute. He is exhausted and will likely sleep until 3:00-4:00 this afternoon. The next step is to make sure the stone works its way out.  Meanwhile, today I am doing laundry, and napping myself. It has been one crazy, stressful, and busy week!


It’s All About ~ Emergency Rooms

Dog Pablo PicassoIt’s All About…Emergency Rooms

The last few days have been a blur. Jack hasn’t been feeling well, as he had a sharp pain in his lower left side. On Tuesday the pain was much worse and at 3:00 in the afternoon I drove him to what used to be a good hospital. We got there just after 4:00 and tests were ordered. I was hopeful.

As the results were logged in I was texted the full report. By 7:00 I knew that Jack had a 3cm kidney stone. I attempted to get a solution for Jack so I could drive us home. Us being, Jack, Heidi, and myself. That was easier said than done.

I kept going out to feed, water, and walk Heidi. In the process, I lost my Bluetooth device for my cell phone. I picked up a tuna sandwich in the cafeteria (which was terrible, but then they have a captive audience) and kept waiting.

Finally, around 11:00 I went to the desk, again, and tried to get someone to make a decision about what they were going to do with Jack. No one could answer. They claimed they didn’t have all the test results. I held up my cell phone where I had downloaded them all.

A Physician’s Assistant took Jack into a small cubby and explained there were no rooms, so she wanted to give him some meds and send him home. Great.

I went out to warm up the car, walk Heidi again, and wait for Jack. At 12:15 I went back in. Had he gotten his medications? No!

I told them he was so upset he was just going to leave. They assured me that he would get his three lousy pills in a moment.

At 12:30 Jack walked out the door and I set about to drive us home. The night was pitch black yet, the roadways had heavy fog. Slowly I made my way home and we pulled in at about 1:45!

Both Jack and I were exhausted. His meds had kicked in and so he was able to sleep. It took me a while until I could relax enough to sleep. Heidi and I turned off the light and sleep came to us.

Today I kept trying to get into contact with the VA Urology Clinic. Now that I have Jack’s records sent to the VA, we can get an appointment there. Meanwhile, tonight we will sleep and rest up for whatever may come.

Jack is still in pain, but since we know what it is, we can handle it.

I must mention that poor Lili must have fussed and whined because we noticed today that her voice is a little hoarse. Poor girl.

Lastly, I must mention that the ER was horrible. Yes, they had many people like us who were seriously ill, but when the sun came down and it got colder the junkies and street people came in. I am sympathetic to this problem, however, a hospital ER is not the place for them to land. There were newborn babies there, young kids with cuts needing stitching, and people like Jack who have come in due to painful illnesses.

So that is my tale of woe. We lived to tell the story, even if it was a rather gruesome one. And at least we made it through the fog to get home.

Maribeth Dackel