It’s Over

Dec. 3
After a sea day yesterday, we got to the Island of Eleuthera at 9 AM on Wednesday morning. We were not sure we would have good weather, but by ten o’clock the sun was out and it was pleasant.
We took the tender (used for shutting us back and forth to the island) and once we were there, we walked around for an hour or so. They were serving a free lunch there, but the last time we visited the island, we didn’t really like the food. So, we hopped back on the tender and went back to the ship.
It was wonderfully empty, and we sat up at the Horizon Court (24 hour buffet) and had a nice lunch.
Both Jack and I feel stuffed from all the food we have eaten, and I think we are ready to go home and get serious about our diets.
After lunch I printed out our boarding passes for our flights home, and once we get to bed tonight, we will need to be up early to catch our plane.
Princess has been great and we will be one of the first passengers off tomorrow. We’ll catch a cab and get to Fort Lauderdale Airport.
I simply cannot believe that our vacation is over. It has been so relaxing for the both of us. Jack’s blood pressure is down to normal. He is feeling good. And frankly, so am I.
Yesterday I went and put a deposit down for a future cruise. I did it so that Jack wouldn’t know and I could surprise him! Then today as we arrived back on the ship, he said “You think we should put a deposit down on a future cruise?” I then admitted I had already done that. We each got a good laugh about that.
Now we dream about our next vacation!

Getting Ready

Oh brother!

I have gotten our suitcases packed. As well as our carry-ons. My lists for the house/doggy sitters are made, and in the morning I will print our boarding passes, pack the computer and be out the door just after noontime.

Since the cable conversions in the house, I did manage to get on TV working with a VHS player. When you have 600 tapes, it’s a bad thing when you are unable to have your house sitter watch any of them.

Chalk one up for me, I got the blasted thing working, so they can watch any of the old tapes.

Hubby and I were lamenting that we used to have plenty of room when we packed. Now each of us has half our carry-on space taken up with medications.

Well, it’s off to bed for me. I know it is early on Friday night, but my day starts early tomorrow!


Have you ever wondered what a High Tea was like on a cruise ship? Frankly, it’s one of my favorite things and I attend nearly every day when I’m not ashore.

January 11 14 009

The tea is a delicious blend called Twinings English Breakfast Tea. It has a full body flavor and made me smile with delight.

The tea is poured by men and women dressed in formal uniforms wearing white gloves. Oh, how my grandmother would have loved this!

They also serve tea sandwiches, of meats and cheeses, (which I did not have) and cakes, cookies and scones with clotted cream and jam. (And yes, I did have those!)

I also quit drinking coffee on the cruise and drank the Twinings Tea, as well as a decaffeinated tea that I cannot recall at this moment.

Jack even enjoyed the tea with me. He came about half the time, enjoying all the goodies that came along with the tea!

This really was fun. I would encourage you to try it sometime. Most ships offer this, and some of the finer hotels too. It is worth the time.

I’m Here

The Internet is really bad here at sea. So if you do not hear from me, do not worry.

Day 4

Today it was a very quiet day. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale before 7 o’clock this morning. I tried to be quiet but Jack said that after I left he was wide awake.

I stayed at the 24 hour buffet for about an hour (no I did not eat the entire time, I just had tea. and then came back to out room. Jack was up and dressed, and ready to go to breakfast. I always wait for him, so we can eat together.

So once again I worked a little around the cabin. A little paper work, and writing and I decide to keep my feet up. You see last night both of my feet swelled up and once again they look like Shrek Feet.

Day 5

Despite the swollen feet and ankles, I have done a lot of walking and enjoying the beaches! We were back at Princess Cays today and instead of doing a tour, we walked the beach and then found a nice pair of lounge chairs to sit on, with palm trees over head.

What I have not mentioned is that my back went out on Sunday night. If I sit still or lie still I am okay, but if I move wrong, well, it bites me!

This morning I went to see the ships doctor. I am a little leery of flying when my legs and feet are this swollen.

The doctor was very nice and got me some fluid pills, as well as compression stockings. She wanted me to take some valium for the back, but I told her that I don’t like taking that, it really makes me loopy. I will just take Advil and hope for the best.

Lest you think I am being a wimp, I have continued to enjoy our entire trip! The sunshine, the moist heat, and sea breezes! I plan to go into the pool and hot tub tomorrow. The hot tub really feels so good on my back!

Since Monday, the food seems to be better. Breakfast still is my favorite meal, but even last night was very good. I had Prime Rib, with carrots and baked potato. I had Bananas Flambé for dessert tonight. I can’t recall having had it before. I have decided I don’t really care for it.

I also decided that for the second half of the cruise, I’m going to watch what I eat more closely.

We have a sea day tomorrow and then we will be at Grand Turk. I’m looking forward to another sea day. On those days we can sleep in, take life slowly and just enjoy the day.

By the way, as of Wednesday, my feet are much better!

Miss you all,



Happiness Is….

I have gotten the laundry done, and after that we went up for lunch. They had a special of Mexican food. So we went on that side of the buffet, and got soft tacos (I think I like the crunchy ones better) and different salads.

While we were eating we both agreed that the food on Ruby Princess has not been too good. Yes, there are nourishing meals, but the dining is not quite up to par. For instance, last night, two of our table mates ordered the baked barramundi and when it came it was raw inside! So, they sent it back and in a few moments brought it out again and it was still raw!

This time they sent it back and said, “Do not bring me back any fish”. Both had pasta instead.

I think the best meal of the day is breakfast. There is so much to choose from, but as the day progresses, the food has been a disappointment.

Do not get me wrong here. The wait staff are splendid. They do their job efficiently and always with a smile.

As I sat sipping my coffee this morning and then my tea, the dining room went from being empty to slowing filling up. So I people watched. I saw smiling and loving eyes looking back and forth across a table. I saw newly weds and long married couple with that sparkle. “pretty people and not so pretty people” loving each other, but a wink, a smile, or a hand held.

It was beautiful!

My dogs seem to have me trained. I wake up each day at 6:45-7 AM. Since I cannot sleep I dress and go up for coffee, although this may be changing. I tried Twinings Breakfast blend tea, and it is so very good. I had it again this morning and actually thought it tasted better that coffee.

Tonight we will perhaps go to another show. In the morning, upon our return to Fort Lauderdale to drop off passengers and pick up more, we need to clear the ship so customs can search it for stowaways, and then we are allowed back on. At least we do not have to go back and reenter the ship as we did last Thursday!

First Day At Sea

Our first day on Ruby Princess, we were lucky enough to find pleasant companionship for lunch, as well as dinner. We all chatted and joked like old friends.

At dinner Jack had Barramundi fish with pineapple chutney and I had duck with lots of carrots and a wonderful sautéed potato.

I did decide that their version of New England clam chowder is not like Mama used to make. I did enjoy an appetizer of crab and artichokes baked and served with bruchetta like bread toasts.

After dinner, Jack wanted to go to that evening’s show in the Princess Theater. We saw the Princess Dancers (17 of them) do a routine to “We Are Family”. The young people have so much energy! The dancing was great as well as the singing.

Then the comedian/juggler began his routine. He was awesome. We laughed and laughed and the entire audience was in hysterics! This man was not just a juggler, but he could do almost everything, including riding a unicycle and juggling at the same time!

After the show, we came back to our cabin and settled in for the night. The bed is comfortable and we just love our Cabin Steward, Annop. He is such a kind and gentle man.

Actually everyone is very nice on board. Jack and I engage the crew in conversations about their home countries and they appreciate it when we tell them that we’ve been there, or in Jack’s case toured around quite a bit, and learned so much of their history. They appreciate that he studied their history.

I woke early today and went over to just get a coffee. I sat with a nice couple and before I knew it, an hour had passed. I grabbed a coffee and juice for Jack and off I went back to our room.

I went off to find out a few things with Passenger Services, and then watched a fruit and vegetable carving with three chefs. Another man did towel shaping, and one was a Dachshund!

I came back to the room and spoke to Annop for a bit. He wanted to make sure that everything is good for us, and that we did not need anything else.

The seas are calm, just a gentle rock back and forth. I have my sea sickness patches on and I am feeling great. But I met a man who was suffering. I directed him down to the medical center, where they hand those out like chocolate candies.

Tonight is a comedian in the Princess Theater. We will try to make that show. It’s so nice when you can be entertained with live performances.

Luncheon was in one of the main dining rooms. Our table mates were new to us, but we had a good time.

Jack had a wonderful and I had potato latkes. We’re going to wait for a bit and then go down for afternoon tea.

Life on a Cruise Ship

Well here we are on the Ruby Princess. We have settled in our room and unpacked and soon enough we will go down for dinner and then afterward, I think we will walk around the ship so we can see her.
The Ruby Princess is a newer ship and there is much to see. We have had some heavy rain, but that’s okay. It is nice to be in the warmth and the humidity. It has made my hair very curly once again!
At lunch we sat with a former flight attendant and her husband, and a man who is retired from FedEx and his wife. The food was great and luncheon lasted for three hours.
Everyone is so nice. I feel like I am constantly smiling. Our cabin Steward is from Thailand, Changmai in fact, and he is a delight! His name is Annop.
Apparently the dackels would not let Ben sleep last night. I told him to get out the dog crates and then tonight to crate the three dackels and close them in our bedroom. I sure hope this works. Ben sounded very unhappy and frustrated. I hope everything will be okay.
Apparently some people got off the ship in Fort Lauderdale and they have not gotten back. They keep paging them.


You know how sometimes things work well and you get through all the right lines and make all your flight connections despite the snow/ice storms last week. I saw us standing at the terminal in Boston, holding our bags, while our plane departed without us.

We were lucky. Our flight to Laguardia went smoothly and we connect there with our direct flight to Fort Lauderdale. Now the only glitch was landing in 62 degree rainy, windy weather. I will forgive the weather Gods if they let the sun shine and return the temperatures to 80 degrees.

After we checked in to our hotel we went for a walk. I know, in the rain? But we did. Both of us felt that we needed to stretch those legs and move them around.

Eventually the rain did stop, but the wind was high and of course it is humid, so my hair did it’s usual super curl thing. Not in a pretty way either! Tomorrow I will wash it and use some gel and hopefully get it to behave.

Ah yes. Hubby and I are here. We are happy to be on vacation at last!