Happiness Is….

I have gotten the laundry done, and after that we went up for lunch. They had a special of Mexican food. So we went on that side of the buffet, and got soft tacos (I think I like the crunchy ones better) and different salads.

While we were eating we both agreed that the food on Ruby Princess has not been too good. Yes, there are nourishing meals, but the dining is not quite up to par. For instance, last night, two of our table mates ordered the baked barramundi and when it came it was raw inside! So, they sent it back and in a few moments brought it out again and it was still raw!

This time they sent it back and said, “Do not bring me back any fish”. Both had pasta instead.

I think the best meal of the day is breakfast. There is so much to choose from, but as the day progresses, the food has been a disappointment.

Do not get me wrong here. The wait staff are splendid. They do their job efficiently and always with a smile.

As I sat sipping my coffee this morning and then my tea, the dining room went from being empty to slowing filling up. So I people watched. I saw smiling and loving eyes looking back and forth across a table. I saw newly weds and long married couple with that sparkle. “pretty people and not so pretty people” loving each other, but a wink, a smile, or a hand held.

It was beautiful!

My dogs seem to have me trained. I wake up each day at 6:45-7 AM. Since I cannot sleep I dress and go up for coffee, although this may be changing. I tried Twinings Breakfast blend tea, and it is so very good. I had it again this morning and actually thought it tasted better that coffee.

Tonight we will perhaps go to another show. In the morning, upon our return to Fort Lauderdale to drop off passengers and pick up more, we need to clear the ship so customs can search it for stowaways, and then we are allowed back on. At least we do not have to go back and reenter the ship as we did last Thursday!

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  1. Sorry about the food, but as long as most of it is okay and you aren’t getting sick then hang in there. Love YOU and enjoy! Love YOU, Mel

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