First Day At Sea

Our first day on Ruby Princess, we were lucky enough to find pleasant companionship for lunch, as well as dinner. We all chatted and joked like old friends.

At dinner Jack had Barramundi fish with pineapple chutney and I had duck with lots of carrots and a wonderful sautéed potato.

I did decide that their version of New England clam chowder is not like Mama used to make. I did enjoy an appetizer of crab and artichokes baked and served with bruchetta like bread toasts.

After dinner, Jack wanted to go to that evening’s show in the Princess Theater. We saw the Princess Dancers (17 of them) do a routine to “We Are Family”. The young people have so much energy! The dancing was great as well as the singing.

Then the comedian/juggler began his routine. He was awesome. We laughed and laughed and the entire audience was in hysterics! This man was not just a juggler, but he could do almost everything, including riding a unicycle and juggling at the same time!

After the show, we came back to our cabin and settled in for the night. The bed is comfortable and we just love our Cabin Steward, Annop. He is such a kind and gentle man.

Actually everyone is very nice on board. Jack and I engage the crew in conversations about their home countries and they appreciate it when we tell them that we’ve been there, or in Jack’s case toured around quite a bit, and learned so much of their history. They appreciate that he studied their history.

I woke early today and went over to just get a coffee. I sat with a nice couple and before I knew it, an hour had passed. I grabbed a coffee and juice for Jack and off I went back to our room.

I went off to find out a few things with Passenger Services, and then watched a fruit and vegetable carving with three chefs. Another man did towel shaping, and one was a Dachshund!

I came back to the room and spoke to Annop for a bit. He wanted to make sure that everything is good for us, and that we did not need anything else.

The seas are calm, just a gentle rock back and forth. I have my sea sickness patches on and I am feeling great. But I met a man who was suffering. I directed him down to the medical center, where they hand those out like chocolate candies.

Tonight is a comedian in the Princess Theater. We will try to make that show. It’s so nice when you can be entertained with live performances.

Luncheon was in one of the main dining rooms. Our table mates were new to us, but we had a good time.

Jack had a wonderful and I had potato latkes. We’re going to wait for a bit and then go down for afternoon tea.

2 thoughts on “First Day At Sea”

  1. I just caught up on your posts ! So you are finally on the shop ! Great ! That will do you good to both of you ! I am waiting for the first pictures ! You really were lucky with your flights ! What a mess in other States !

  2. What wonderful experiences. Please eat something delish for me. And…Jack had a wonderful what?? So happy for both of you

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