For The Love Of Cape Cod

Like all good things, my time back in my hometown came to an end yesterday just after lunch. We spent the morning on the beach collecting shells and sea stones and watching the Osprey’s building their nests as they get ready for another year of raising their young. You can read about the Osprey’s HERE.


We had stopped in a parking area to watch one particular nesting pair, and before we knew it, they were dive bombing my car. We snapped a few more pictures and then drove off so they could once again relax.

Besides the Ospreys, we saw Swans, also nesting, Canadian Geese, and Mallard Ducks. As I watched all of this nature around me, I couldn’t help but think how much I had missed in my youth, simply taking for granted the things that occurred around me.  I spent so much time scanning the level earth, that I forgot to look upward into the skies and be amazed at all I saw there.

I also spent time watching the wild rabbits hopping around. Now, these aren’t your typical small bunnies, but rabbits that are the size of a small dog or good sized cat!

In so many ways, during this visit to Cape Cod, I felt like I was seeing my hometown through new eyes. The sheer beauty of what I saw was overwhelming.


From the gardens to the ocean, I was truly awed by the loveliness of my hometown. More pictures to follow.