My Loves

In the last few days, I have been driving all around New Hampshire. I got to spend time with Quinn and Savi and we played games and shared special times together.

I’ve been very careful about going out. I have kept myself very clean, worn gloves, masks, and used hand sanitizer. Likewise, the kids have been very isolated. So spending time together was a fairly safe thing to do.

The loneliness we have all shared has made us crave being together, and it was wonderful to hug them, hold them, and fall asleep with them cuddled up next to me.

Savi & OmaHappiness and smiles!

Imagine how much of a blessing our grandchildren are to us. Their love, their laughter, and their smiles are all so very real.

Quinn & Oma FunnyBeing silly is a very good thing!

Savi and I found a new word app game that gives you letters and you need to make words out of them. It’s pretty fun and we had a very good time playing it.

Quinn was fascinated with my Galaxy Tablet and the pictures above were when we were playing with the camera.

My visits are always too short with them, and then it was time to drive back home. The tricky part is that tomorrow I need to drive almost back to Mandy’s neck of the woods for a doctor’s appointment. Life is never dull.

Sig file for Dackel

Happy Birthday, Quinn!

My sweet grandson turns four years old today. It’s amazing how quickly time has gone.


I certainly remember before Quinn was born, but somehow it feels like he has always been with us.

87409071_10221929789775556_6319425308067889152_nMy favorite picture of Quinn, right now.

Quinn is quite the little man now. So grown up and interested in everything. He is also amazingly interesting. At four years old he carries on long conversations that make perfect sense.


He loves life, Spiderman,


building things, making noises for his cars and airplanes and is so very much a boy! I smile just watching him!

87103120_10221905004315935_7770730916715954176_nOne of the nicest things Quinn has ever said to me was that he had a great time hanging out with me! High praise from a four-year-old!


So here is a short montage of the best pictures of Quinn from birth, until last year.  Due to my computer issues, I wasn’t able to make a new one, so I added some current pictures to this post. Oh yes, and the song? Well, who knew back in 1968 when I first heard this song, that one day I would have a grandson with the same name!

Happy Birthday, Quinn!

The Wonders of Grandchildren

I had the pleasure of having my grandchildren for a few days. What a wonderful adventure. I learned so much more about each of them and was able to thoroughly enjoy the wonderful ages that they are. One is fully conversational now and the other tells wonderful stories with words that far surpass the actual age that he is.


Savannah was incredibly interested in me. She asked me about my previous marriage, what her mother was like as a little girl, and did I love dogs as much as she did? I could see the wheels turning in her head about what to ask me next.

I gave her simple answers for now. The only thing I corrected her about was when she asked if I was sick when I divorced her other grandfather. I told her no, but I was very sad. She asked then if I had loved him and I said yes.


She wanted to know how many years I was married to my former husband and then wanted to know how long I’ve been married to Papa Jack? 11 years the first time and 31 years to Papa Jack! She was amazed that Papa Jack and I had been married that long. I guess 31 years seems like a very long time to a seven-year-old!

Quinn is at the age where his imagination is running wild. He told me stories where he was the Super Hero with big strong muscles! He is extremely well-spoken for a three-year-old and his vocabulary is amazing! He wants to tell jokes, although he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it. Still, I must say Quinn’s laugh is infectious! And I found myself really laughing with him!

20190827_144014It was nice to see that the kids felt at home with us here so that spending a couple of nights was easy for them. Both slept well and ate well, and played well. So the entire experience was a real success!

I hope we can do it again really soon!

TBT: Sibling Love

Since Facebook was down all day yesterday, I did things like, read a book, cook a splendid dinner, and make the picture I am posting!

3 years

This is a collage of my two grandchildren. It starts the day of Quinn’s birth, March 7, 2016, and then shows them each year since. Three years of Sibling Love!

And they really do love each other. Here is a great example. I was babysitting for them, and Quinn fell off the chair onto the floor. It was a tough fall and knocked the wind out of him. I asked if he needed me to make it all better?

“No”, he said, “I need Sissy”. He went over to her, climbed in her lap and she sang to him. Then he was fine!

That was just the sweetest thing I have seen.

Happy Birthday, Darling Quinn!

My sweet grandson turns three years old today. It’s amazing how quickly time has gone. I certainly remember before Quinn was born, but somehow it feels like he has always been with us.

Quinn is quite the little man now. So grown up and interested in everything. He is also amazingly interesting. At three he carries on long conversations that make perfect sense.


He loves life, building things, making noises for his cars and airplanes and is so very much a boy! I smile just watching him!

So here is a short montage of the best pictures of Quinn from birth, until last week. Oh yes, and the song? Well, who knew back in 1968 when I first heard this song, that one day I would have a grandson with the same name!

Happy Birthday, Quinni!


On Saturday I was up bright and early, my bags were packed and I had Christmas gifts for my cousin to bring down to my daughter’s house. I was on time, and even got a nice bottle of water for the ride.

Everything was going well until I got out of my car at my daughter’s house, went to get my overnight bag out of the back seat and found I’d forgotten it!

Yeah, call me stupid. I have never done this before. Especially since I take two very important medications that I cannot go without.

Oh well, I told Mandy and Matt to go on out and I would bite the bullet and drive home in the evening.

I’m not a fan of driving in the dark. I don’t see all that well, and so I really avoid it. Lucky for me, when it came time for me to drive back, the traffic was light and I did just fine.

But I am still annoyed with myself!

I did get to see Savannah perform at her ballet class Christmas show. And she was wonderful and adorable and this Oma was thrilled!

Here Savannah is waiting with her classmates to perform for us and for Santa.
She was so adorable and knew all her steps and little hand gestures!

She sure can jump high!

Savannah really loves Santa and is always good for hugs, snuggles, and cuddles!
When we got home Quinn was playing with his Christmas Tree. Fun to watch!

Our weather today was splendid! Our temperatures were close to or right around 50 degrees! And the sun was shining! All in all, a great day.

If only I hadn’t forgotten my medications!


Best Of All

Monday found me driving south for a medical appointment. It is a long way to go, but I like the doctor I am dealing with.

After the appointment, I headed to my favourite place. My daughter’s house, where I was greeted with big hugs and kisses from Mandy, Savi and Quinn. So much love! What a wonderful thing!


One of the best things about being with them on Monday was that I got to play with them on the swings and monkey bars, and we also played hide and go seek! I just spent the better part of an hour simply laughing and playing with the kids, and it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

Being surrounded by their love made me feel so blessed. I am so lucky to have them!

Best of all, despite the long drive for me, I will see them again on Wednesday and Friday! Wednesday Savannah graduates from Kindergarten, and Friday I am babysitting the kids as there is no daycare that day, and Mandy has an important work day. Long ride, but oh, so very worth it!

What a great way to start my week!

Being An Oma

I am still basking in the afterglo of time spent with my daughter and grandchildren! On Sunday morning before I left, I played Barbies with Savi and dress up with both Savi and Quinn and then we did these selfies! All of this reminds me that I am a very lucky lady.


I spent a lot of time with Savannah as she was growing up from baby-hood to child-hood! But with Quinn, I got sick just before his first birthday, and I feel like I missed a lot of that age 1-2 years. In the last few months I have tried to get down more and the funny thing about Quinn is that he knows exactly who I am, “OMA” and that I am his!


I really am so very lucky to have these two wonderful kids for grandchildren. I not only love them, but I like them too. And like all grandparents that I know, I am just crazy about them!


Happy Birthday Quinn!

As we sit here in New England awaiting the arrival of Winter Storm Quinn, in our family we are also celebrating something else!

Today is the actual birthday of our grandson Quinn! It doesn’t seem possible that it has been only two years, and yet, I will say, I can’t seem to recall a time before Quinn was a part of our lives. When he was born he fit right in.

I was lucky enough to be there right after his birth. I brought Savi up to meet her brother, along with Matt’s Mom, Mary. I could not believe how beautiful he was!

I changed some of his first diapers while Mom and Dad rested and Mary and I and Savannah took turns holding Quinn. Our beautiful, fair-haired baby boy!

Now let’s look back on the last two years.

Happy Birthday, my darling Quinn!!!

Quinn’s Party

This past weekend we celebrated Quinn’s Second Birthday. This little guy works so hard to keep up with the big kids, that you forget that he is still a babe.


Quinn is one of those kids, who walked before he talked, was taking things apart and putting them back together pretty early on, and now at age two, he is talking up a blue streak. But I have to remember that he is still a baby. Two really is still very young!



So many happy, loving faces!

I was amazed watching him play with all the older kids. He would run after them, with them, and at times fall down. But this kid never cried. He just got up and kept on running.


Here’s the thing. Quinn didn’t realize that the party was for him. He just accepted that everyone was there and there was a party going on, and wasn’t that just wonderful! He played and partied and had a wonderful time. Then, as we stood and the kids sat around the table, and we sang “Happy Birthday to Quinn” he suddenly realized the party was for him and his little face brightened right up.



I want to say one other thing. All the children there were wonderful together. Not one of them wanted the birthday gifts, and they all were happy for Quinn. I think the cutest thing ever, was watching Jackson put together the Little People Animal Rescue set that I gave Quinn. This young man should be an engineer! He had that thing put together in no time.


In the background is the young man, in red, who amazingly put together Quinn’s Little People Animal Rescue Center!


My sister, Melodie and me.

So I spent the day loving and being with my grandchildren, and all those who love them. I’ve known most of these kids since they were born, and I have to say that their mothers and fathers are doing a great job. They are nice kids, and I love being around them.


Like all good things, they eventually come to an end and I had to go home. I left with a smile on my face and my heart full of love. Later this week on Quinn’s actual birthday I will post a montage I made for him.