Happy Birthday, Quinn!

My sweet grandson turns five years old today. It’s amazing how quickly time has gone.


I certainly remember before Quinn was born, but somehow it feels like he has always been with us.

87409071_10221929789775556_6319425308067889152_nMy favorite picture of Quinn, right now.

Quinn is quite the little man now. So grown up and interested in everything. He is also amazingly interesting. At five years old he carries on long conversations that make perfect sense.


He loves life, Spiderman,


building things, making noises for his cars and airplanes, and is so very much a boy! I smile just watching him!


One of the nicest things Quinn has ever said to me was that he had a great time hanging out with me! High praise from a five-year-old!


So here is a short montage of the best pictures of Quinn from birth, until last year.  Due to my computer issues, I wasn’t able to make a new one, so I added some current pictures to this post. Oh yes, and the song? Well, who knew back in 1968 when I first heard this song, that one day I would have a grandson with the same name!

Happy Birthday, Quinn!

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