Covid-19 Pandemic

This morning Mr. Arnie woke me at 5 AM! Since he never asks to get up that early I figured I should pay attention and go and take him out. Naturally, Lili and Anneliese felt that they should keep him company, so up I got.

Now I sleep under a nice fluffy comforter, and so I never wear too much when I am in bed for the night. Consequently, as I stood in the kitchen waiting for the dogs, I was freezing.

As soon as they were all in, I gave them their breakfasts and turned on the coffee. I all but ran into the bedroom and pulled on my weekend comfy clothes.

I haven’t been sleeping well, and this early wake up isn’t going to help. I think perhaps what I need to do is take a short nap during the day.

My sister and I have been talking on Messenger Video. I can’t “Facetime” with her because I have an Android phone, but the Messenger app does a pretty good job. At least we can see each other.

My Chamomile Tea arrived yesterday in the mail, (I buy in bulk) and now I am set to stay in for a while.

Here is a great story about how people can be so nice.

I’d been told that the truck with eggs would be arriving at 11 o’clock yesterday. We needed eggs. I arrived shortly after eleven and still, no eggs. But I was told the truck would be there soon. I got the last of my groceries (The shelves had finally been restocked) and I went back to check on the eggs. Still no eggs. I kind of lurked around that area and a clerk came over and asked if I was looking for something? Yes, I told him, eggs. What kind? he asked. Well, I love the jumbo, but I will take anything. He went off and came back a few minutes later and had brought me a dozen jumbo eggs, very low key. He handed them to me and said, to hide them. They had not unloaded the truck yet and he didn’t want to start panic shopping.

I hid them under a package of turkey cutlets and headed for the door. I quickly checked out and came home! That young man will never know how much I appreciated his kindness.

We have 187 confirmed Covid-19 cases here in my little State of New Hampshire and we have had two deaths. Jack is very high risk due to his Agent Orange medical issues. He is also almost 82. I’m 61 and have had several medical problems so I know it’s a fine line for me.

We talked about it yesterday and since we have the things we need we will not be going out now until we run out of food. We both feel that it would be too risky.

I plan to order some dog food later today for the pooches and then it’s back to cleaning, crocheting and watching movies.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and as my step-son wrote to me, “Wash your hands”.

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Keeping Busy

On Wednesday I decided to tackle cleaning out my pantry. I am lucky to have a fairly large one, but the other day I opened the door and a bag of instant mashed potatoes fell out! Yes, it was time to clean and organize those shelves, especially since I have more canned goods and mixes than I usually have.

I also worked on making another batch of the Chicken & Cabbage Soup. It is simmering as I write and it’s what’s for dinner on this damp Wednesday night.

I am trying very hard not to dwell on what is happening in the World. This crazy Virus is an amazing thing. I watched the BBC News today and they gave a better account of what is happening in Europe. It is not good.

Wednesday was also weigh-in day for WW. Although we do not have class, I am determined to keep up my good work. And I did. I have now lost 28 pounds! I also attended an online meeting. Not quite the same, but it is really nice.


I think tomorrow I will do something truly decadent and give myself a manicure. Despite the fact that my hands are dry from all the washing, my fingernails have grown incredibly long! Yes, time for a nice manicure and polish.

So sad to hear that Prince Charles is sick with the Virus. I hope he recovers quickly, but at the age of 71, he is no spring chicken.

How are you all doing during this time when we are supposed to be sheltering in place and not going out? Do you take any precautions when you go to the grocery or pharmacy?

I now wear a mask (I reuse it which is probably not good, but better than nothing) and I wear disposable rubber gloves. When I come home I take my clothing off in the basement and wash them. And then go upstairs and either shower or scrub down. Yeah, I am a little paranoid.

But, that being said, I felt a bit lighter today. I’m encouraged that with the great minds that we have working on finding a vaccine or cure, there is hope.


A New Normal

On Monday I decided that I would suit up, complete with masks and gloves and go to our local grocery store. We needed a few things, like fresh vegetables and I thought I should at least make an attempt.

The store had a few people and I was amazed at the beautiful produce in the stores. I was able to get broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and summer squash and my favorite eggplant! I was thrilled. I’d made a list and was able to get everything except eggs. There were no eggs. Thankfully I still have some.


The store really was well stocked and people did have a lot to choose from. I thanked all the clerks I saw who were working hard to fill the shelves.

I was in the store for maybe 20 minutes as I raced up and down the isles. I did not want to be there too long.

In the check-out lane, I kept my distance from everyone and I noticed that some people were not being that careful.


I’d worn jeans and a shirt I could wash up, and the coat I was wearing really needed a bath anyway, so when I got home I stripped in the laundry room and then finished cleaning up upstairs.

As I write (5:55 PM on Monday) it is snowing very hard outside. We are due to get 6-8 inches of heavy wet snow.

So much for Spring coming to our neck of the woods right now.

I hope, wherever you are, that you are safe and healthy and well.

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Learning From The Past

I was reading through the news the other day and some young reporter said something like, “Do any of you know anyone who has the Corona Virus?” “See, it’s not such a big deal.”

Well, let me tell you a story about my family. Back at the turn of the century, My grandfather and his family emigrated from Germany to Boston. They had sponsors and jobs waiting for them when they arrived.

Prussmann 1 copy

My grandfather, Frederick, is the little boy seated on the bench. Next to him is his younger sister, Katchen.

They moved in down the street from my grandmother’s family, and in no time at all, Grandma Honey, (Whose name was Mary) became best friends with Katchen. During their youth, my grandfather who was one year older said he fell in love with my grandmother.  They married shortly after they both finished college.

Katchen met and married a wonderful man named Raymond.

Katchen 2

The young couples spent a lot of time together. Soon Katchen’s husband was called to war and left his young wife Home with her family, and pregnant with their first baby.

Kachen (2)

She was so beautiful and the sweetest and kindest woman one could hope to know. So said, my grandmother.

Kachen 1 (2)
Then, the Spanish Flu Pandemic hit in the winter of 1918-1919. The family attempted to keep Katchen in isolation, but the young couple made a fateful decision. Raymond snuck in to see his wife.

kachen 3 (2)

*A note was written by my grandmother as she recalled that terrible time.*
My grandparents were devastated, to lose Katchen like that, as well as her baby. Decades later, my grandmother still wept telling the story.

Raymond and Katchen didn’t think she would catch the Flu from him and die. They did not listen to the older folks who begged people to avoid each other. The Spanish Flu spread like wildfire.

Raymond’s life was ruined, and he never recovered from what he had done to his beloved wife.

Wikki Writes: “The Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic. Lasting from January 1918 to December 1920, it infected 500 million people—about a quarter of the world’s population at the time. The death toll is estimated to have been anywhere from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million, (675000 people alone died in the  USA) making it one of the deadliest epidemics in human history.

So yes. I have known someone who died in a Pandemic. She died at the tender age of 21. My mother never got to meet her father’s sister. I never got to know my Great Aunt Katchen. And yet, I do know her a little. Her death made me value life, but also respectful of illness.

So please people, this is a serious Pandemic illness. No one is immune to it.

So the next time someone asks if you know of anyone who died in a Pandemic you can say, “My friend’s Great Aunt died, as well as her baby.”

The virus does not care who you are. Young or old, it will get you.

Stay healthy, stay safe, follow the rules. We can get through this!


Friday found us watching as State after State began shutting down. I think we are very close to this happening here. We’ve been told to stay home unless we need to get prescriptions or food. Basically shelter in place with no running around.

This being said, Jack and I stayed in our pajamas all day. I mean really, who is going to care if we are in our comfy clothes? Certainly, the dogs do not care.

So here we are comfy, with doggies draped all over the furniture in the house. It’s a peaceful scene, really.

I have done only cursory housework and cooking. I’m perfectly happy to keep playing with programming my new computer!

I also learned how to use my Bluetooth device on the laptop to listen to music!

And I have to brag about two things. The first was I had trouble getting my email accounts to work correctly. I called my local carrier. Due to the Virus, the Techs are working from home. I had the unlucky experience of getting a guy with a name like “Keanu”, who was working from his living room.


His TV was on full blast, enough so that I could hear screaming from the show. Also, his dog was barking and this added to the chaos.

Now I tried to remain calm, after all, he is a professional, right? But as I attempted to explain my problem, it became clear that he had no desire to help me. He told me to do two things and then told me to switch to a better email program. Ah, what?

I hung up feeling furious. Then I remembered what Brad told me. Sit down, and work through the problem systematically.

I compared my old computer settings to the new one. Now wouldn’t you know the problem was in the last place I looked! Ha!

The next tech type victory was learning to sign in to the online WW Classes. They are having online workshops for us because the Virus has shut all the in-person workshops down. Thursday I could not connect, but on Friday I figured it all out! Yay me!

Life goes on, and if we are all lucky, no one we know and love will contract this Virus. Please stay safe and healthy!


Life or Something Like It

Friday was the busiest day of the week for me. I woke to pouring rain and wind. The skies were dark and it did nothing to improve my feeling of Friday the 13th doom!
I’d gotten ready early and had a light breakfast as I really didn’t have much of an appetite. After making Jack some breakfast I headed out. I had a few items left to buy and the Highlander needed gas. So just after 10 o’clock, I was on the road.
Oddly enough, there was not a lot of traffic. I thought maybe people weren’t panicking and not rushing to the stores. Wrong! The parking lots at Bj’s and the grocery stores were full. I had decided to hit the grocery store on the way back, but I did need three things at BJ’s as well as gasoline. BJ’s was crazy busy, and even the gas line was long. People at BJ’s were a little snippy as I could see the tension on their faces.
I’d built in plenty of time, so I got my items (PAM Spray, Table Pepper and of course the gas in the car and a 5-gallon gas tank), and then I headed off to Mandy and Matt’s with some items I got for them this week.
I was able to see the two of them and drop off their things before heading to my Glaucoma doctor’s appointment.
I arrived, tried to keep my distance from other people and wore medical gloves the entire time. I admit I am a germaphobe and right now I am a little bit on edge. I found myself staring at people and listening for a cough or a nose blow!
The good news is, my pressures were down to 19 in each eye. The doctor was very pleased. The drops are working and I will stay on them until I return in June. Then I hope they will still be working and I can stay on them.
I hopped into the car and headed home. I wanted to get some Eggplant and check for Enlightened Ice Cream Bars at Market Basket. I had 8 items and yet the express lane was so jammed I went to a regular checkout. Good thing. I actually beat the Express Checkout by quite a bit.
I got into the car, and headed home, finally. I was talking to my friend Carol from WW and I told her how weary I was feeling. In the last week, I have tried to get all the things I needed in the event that the Virus causes us to become Hermits in our own home. I can safely say I did a great job and we have plenty of food in the fridge, freezer, and pantry to last for well over a month.
It’s after dinner now and I’m getting ready to crawl into bed. I have accomplished all I needed to and we will be just fine.

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This & That March 11, 2020

This will be short and sweet as I am working with a computer that is nearly dead. I have been looking at computers online and tomorrow I will decide and order my computer.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of my grandson and me playing with his birthday gift.


It’s funny but I never realized how much of a family resemblance there is between us two. It makes me very happy!

That’s it for today!

Corona Virus

So, what are you doing in your little part of the world to prepare for the unlikely event that the Corona Virus comes to your town?

I admit to going out and buying extra canned food products and also paper goods and cleaning supplies. I want to be clean, keep our house as germ-free as I can, but with three dogs and a husband to contend with, it isn’t easy.


When you hear, over and over again, “wash all surfaces” well it was like a subliminal thought. Suddenly, I just wanted to wash everything. And I just about did. I only have a little left to do tomorrow.

In other parts of the country, shortages abound. Even here in my small town, they were all out of cleaning products with none due in until midweek.

Jack is a bit more concerned and since I have been caring for his feet for a while, I suggested that for now, he should cancel his appointment on Wednesday with the Podiatrist and go in a few weeks when we know what is happening with the Corona Virus.

Now I wait to see what happens with my colonoscopy. Since it is elective, they may postpone it until all of this is over. (One can only hope!)

I have not seen anything like this in my life. Each day it seems like there are more States with cases and more deaths. I am trying not to overreact, but I come from a long line of “over-reacters”  so this is a bit difficult for me.


32216247197_26de197829_o copy

Happy or Sad

Mostly I don’t write about things that make me sad. I try really hard to think positive. It’s a challenge because I tend to be a half-empty glass kind of girl, But I strive to be a half-full kind of girl.

This all was something I struggled with recently, as an acquaintance of mine had seen an article in a newspaper about a horrific traffic accident that made her think of me.  So, she wrote to me to remind me about it. Sending me the graphic article.

I’m sure it wasn’t her intention to hurt me like this. I’m sure that many people think that after 35 years you should be “over” the loss of your child?

But it did hit me very hard. You know, most days I get through and I do alright. Then I think of my little girl and the loss washes over me.


I really don’t need people reminding me of the horror I went through. It is never far from my mind.

I was also thinking of my Mom today. She has been gone quite a while now. Her passing was much easier for me because she was ready, we had wonderful loving words between us and although losing a parent is hard, it is more in the normal scheme of things.

img500Mom and I watching Siamese kittens being born.

Anyway, Mom was on my mind in a happy way, so I took out a bottle of her favorite perfume “Oleander” by Lily of Bermuda, and I put some on. All-day I have smelled Mom and it has made me smile.

Not all memories of our loved ones make us sad. They can be happy and full of love. Those are the ones I like to concentrate on.


Back in 2005 Jack and I took an Alaska Cruise. I had never been on a cruise ship. But when some friends of ours asked us to join them, we decided to go.

We set sail on The Diamond Princess. It was the largest ship that Princess Cruise Lines had back then. I recall getting lost a time or two. But we had a great and memorable trip.

I was so sorry to read the news below when I got up on Wednesday Morning!

Diamond Princess

The Diamond Princess cruise ship is seen anchored off the Yokohama Port in Japan. Ten people on board have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.

Ten people a Japanese cruise ship that has been quarantined near Tokyo since Monday have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.
Medics started screening all 3,711 onboard on Tuesday. Nobody can leave the ship for the next 14 days.
The ten infected people, who are all over 50 years old, were taken into isolation at a nearby hospital on the Japanese mainland.
They include two Australians, three Japanese, three Hong Kong citizens, one American, and one Filipino.
The Diamond Princess was quarantined because a passenger who disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25 tested positive for the virus on January 31.

Sept 12 Juneau001Here I am, cruising Tracy Arm, Alaska on The Diamond Princess. It was a beautiful ship and I found I really loved cruising.

I simply cannot imagine being confined to the ship for two full weeks just waiting. I hope that they do not have more Coronavirus victims.

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