The Mouse, The Leak & The Plumber

My usual posting was interrupted yesterday by the plumber.

A few weeks ago I noticed a little puddle on the floor under the sink in the laundry room. I mentioned this to Jack and he said he’d reseat the pipe.

Unfortunately, this did not work. By Sunday we had a lot of water on the floor. And no bucket or anything was clearing it or holding it.

So on Monday, we called our Plumber. He has done odds and ends for us for years now, and he came along with his apprentice.

Next, I heard drilling. That is never a good sign. But I didn’t want to know until it was over.

We have under the floor heating, with rubber-type piping. This same kind of piping/hose goes to the sinks, washer, dishwasher, etc.

A little mouse had managed to squeeze through an infinitesimal hole around the drain pipe.


Then the little bugger was hungry and chewed a small hole in the pipe/hose. It is my greatest hope that this gave the rodent indigestion which led to his demise!

So, the leak is fixed and now we need to get a sheet rocker in here to repair the hole left by our plumber!

The joys of homeownership!

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Here Comes The Sun…

It was hot, humid, and hazy a large portion of the day. This caused me to spend a lot of time outside and in the water.

After being cooped up for so long, it felt good to feel the sun on my face and the wind on my back. Unfortunately, I forgot the golden rule. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

20200606_202945It’s my face and the tops of my shoulders. A bit sore and up close my repaired nose looks really funny!

20200606_204215As you can see, the stitched up part burnt in a strange fashion. I’m sure it will be toned down by tomorrow. After this, I will be sure to use sunscreen again, all the time!

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Sunday Thoughts

I thought I would take the weekend off, so to speak. You know, kick back, not worry about the little things in life…

That was not the case. Saturday found me stripping the bed, and washing everything from mattress pad to comforter. Why? Well, little dackels that are low to the ground can become wet and muddy faster that you’d think. Such was the case on Friday night when storms went through here.

I also wanted to do a countertop wash and dusting. Not my favorite things to do, but quite necessary.

20200515_155957Saturday was so beautiful and since we have not installed the air conditioners for the summer, I took advantage of the fresh air and opened all my windows.

The real glory in that is when I turned off the TV and sat with the open windows, and I could hear the loons on the lake, and the birds in the yard as they tweeted. Perfect!

We had a new addition to our back yard, This very pretty Yellow-Rumped Warbler Female.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler FemaleShe is quite lovely and spent a lot of time here this weekend.

20200416_081129Anneliese has been very happy this weekend and she has spent a lot of time stretched out, on her back, smiling.

Happy Sunday!

Life or Something Like It ~ April 2020

All these self-isolation orders have caused several things to occur in my daily life. Here is a shortlist of just a few things that are big changes for me.

  1. Arnie had oral surgery just before this all began. Afterward, he couldn’t eat anything hard, so I was using baby rice cereal mixed with warm water and a tin of his wet food to feed him. Yesterday, I ran out of the baby rice cereal. I thought I had some, but I did not. In my old life, I would have run out and gotten more at the local grocery store. But since we are not allowed to do this, I made due. I wet his crunchy food and mixed that with his wet food and he wolfed that down. Score!
  2. Jack got a flat tire on the trailer for our tractor. He is doing work on our patio and needs to move heavy square cement blocks from down in our driveway to the back door of our house. I cannot help him here because those suckers are heavy. I did offer to order whatever he needs from Amazon. He could not commit. So we wait. In our previous life, he would have driven over to the tractor shop and had them fix this pronto.
  3. Getting our mail. When we moved here in 1999, we took a Box at our local Post Office. Our driveway is 600 feet long and since we couldn’t see a rural delivery box from our house, we opted for a box at the local Post Office. Each day, Monday through Saturday, we’d toss the dogs in the car, and head to the Post Office to get the mail. Now, I can look online and see what is in our local mail that day, what packages, and then choose when I go to get the mail. No dogs, no Jack, just me in my hazmat suit.
  4. Every Wednesday morning at 7:45 I would leave my house and head to Weirs Beach to go to my WW Class. I would weigh-in, and then as my friends arrived and also weighed in, we would sit and talk, and eat our breakfasts. Now, I attend class online, at different times, and I don’t “see” my friends. We text or talk, but it is not at all the same. I miss the camaraderie with these wonderful women and one brave man, who occasionally joins us.20200404_191313None of them have seen me since a very large portion of my weight loss has occurred.
  5. Likewise, I miss going shopping after class. Usually, I would see my friends at a few local shops, as we simply enjoyed being out in the world. Living in a rural community means that you don’t have big shopping areas locally and have to make do with what is available.
  6. Life right now is to go nowhere unless it is an emergency. One stays in and stays home until this blasted Virus is past us. It is what it is, but I look at how much everyone’s lives have changed. I only hope that it is over soon.

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I am a Hermit

More craziness is entering our world. My little town of 5000+ now has 4 cases of Covid-19, also know as The Corona Virus. We’d managed to escape for a long time, but with cases all around us, we knew it was just a matter of time.

We also jumped State-wide to an overall number of cases at 621. The number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 is now set at 9.

My State is not a highly populated State and these numbers, which rise exponentially each day, scare us all.

I had a video call with Amanda and the kids yesterday and that was so nice! I miss them a great deal but realize that we all must make sacrifices to come out of this thing alive.

Yesterday I decided to watch some Amazon Prime TV. I watched a Biography of Singer/Actress/comedian, Rose Marie.

rose marie

Most people will know her from “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. I had no idea that she actually started her career at the age of 4 in Vaudeville Show Theaters!

She was an amazing woman and met and fell in love with a soldier who played with big bands after his discharge from the military.

Rose Marie & Guy

They had a great love that lasted until his death. She never remarried and at the age of 93 still mourned his passing. So many things I never knew about her. It really was a good biography.

Next, I watched a show about the United Airlines Plane accident. United Airlines Flight 811 was a regularly scheduled airline flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, with intermediate stops at Honolulu and Auckland. On February 24, 1989, the Boeing 747–122 serving the flight experienced a cargo door failure in flight shortly after leaving Honolulu. The resulting explosive decompression blew out several rows of seats, resulting in the deaths of nine passengers. The aircraft returned to Honolulu, where it landed safely.

The investigation was really going nowhere when the parents of one of the Victims, Kevin and Susan Campbell investigated the cause using documents obtained from the NTSB. Mr. Campbell is a mechanical engineer who explored the causes of the cargo door problem. The Campbells’ investigation led them to conclude that the cause of the accident was not human error but rather the combination of an electrical problem and an inadequate design of the aircraft’s cargo door latching mechanism. They later presented their theory to the safety board.


The Boeing 747 was designed with an outward-hinging door, unlike a plug door that opens inward and jams against its frame as the pressure drops outside, making it impossible to accidentally open at high altitude. The outward-swinging door increases the cargo capacity, but it requires a strong locking mechanism to keep it closed. Deficiencies in the design of wide-body aircraft cargo doors were known since the early 1970s from flaws in the DC-10 cargo door. These problems were not fully addressed by the aircraft industry or the NTSB, despite the warnings and deaths from the DC-10 accidents and attempts by Boeing to solve the problems in the 1970s.

So, that ate up an hour and really was fascinating. There are about 20 more episodes that I can watch.

So that was my Saturday and now I start on Sunday. Let’s see what mischief I can get into today. Probably not too much.

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Days Slipping By

It’s Saturday, right? I admit to being slightly off as far as the days of the week go. Since I no longer watch any Soap Operas (sadly All My Children went by-by a few years ago) my whole Monday through Friday thing is gone. So what do I use?

Well, the dogs are no help at all with this. They act the same seven days a week. TV is consumed with nearly 24 hours a day coverage of the Corona Virus, and since I am doing my best to block it all out, it leaves me a bit lost at times. I could use those days of the week underwear that I had as a kid. That certainly would help.

On Friday I made a big pot of Soup. I’d planned fish for Friday but will cook that tonight. Friday we had the hot, yummy soup, that warmed our chilled bones. It rained most of Friday and never got warmer than about 40 degrees.

I think I may clean my closet. It needs it again, and since I am a house captive, it’s a good time to get it done.

How are things going where you are? Here in New Hampshire as of 6 PM on Friday, we had an overall number of cases of 540. The number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 (The Corona Virus) is at 7.

I do not think this will be over soon. I think we will be in this for a while and it really makes me feel sad. I miss my family. I miss being with my grandkids. Ugh. We will get through this.

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Covid-19 Pandemic

This morning Mr. Arnie woke me at 5 AM! Since he never asks to get up that early I figured I should pay attention and go and take him out. Naturally, Lili and Anneliese felt that they should keep him company, so up I got.

Now I sleep under a nice fluffy comforter, and so I never wear too much when I am in bed for the night. Consequently, as I stood in the kitchen waiting for the dogs, I was freezing.

As soon as they were all in, I gave them their breakfasts and turned on the coffee. I all but ran into the bedroom and pulled on my weekend comfy clothes.

I haven’t been sleeping well, and this early wake up isn’t going to help. I think perhaps what I need to do is take a short nap during the day.

My sister and I have been talking on Messenger Video. I can’t “Facetime” with her because I have an Android phone, but the Messenger app does a pretty good job. At least we can see each other.

My Chamomile Tea arrived yesterday in the mail, (I buy in bulk) and now I am set to stay in for a while.

Here is a great story about how people can be so nice.

I’d been told that the truck with eggs would be arriving at 11 o’clock yesterday. We needed eggs. I arrived shortly after eleven and still, no eggs. But I was told the truck would be there soon. I got the last of my groceries (The shelves had finally been restocked) and I went back to check on the eggs. Still no eggs. I kind of lurked around that area and a clerk came over and asked if I was looking for something? Yes, I told him, eggs. What kind? he asked. Well, I love the jumbo, but I will take anything. He went off and came back a few minutes later and had brought me a dozen jumbo eggs, very low key. He handed them to me and said, to hide them. They had not unloaded the truck yet and he didn’t want to start panic shopping.

I hid them under a package of turkey cutlets and headed for the door. I quickly checked out and came home! That young man will never know how much I appreciated his kindness.

We have 187 confirmed Covid-19 cases here in my little State of New Hampshire and we have had two deaths. Jack is very high risk due to his Agent Orange medical issues. He is also almost 82. I’m 61 and have had several medical problems so I know it’s a fine line for me.

We talked about it yesterday and since we have the things we need we will not be going out now until we run out of food. We both feel that it would be too risky.

I plan to order some dog food later today for the pooches and then it’s back to cleaning, crocheting and watching movies.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and as my step-son wrote to me, “Wash your hands”.

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Keeping Busy

On Wednesday I decided to tackle cleaning out my pantry. I am lucky to have a fairly large one, but the other day I opened the door and a bag of instant mashed potatoes fell out! Yes, it was time to clean and organize those shelves, especially since I have more canned goods and mixes than I usually have.

I also worked on making another batch of the Chicken & Cabbage Soup. It is simmering as I write and it’s what’s for dinner on this damp Wednesday night.

I am trying very hard not to dwell on what is happening in the World. This crazy Virus is an amazing thing. I watched the BBC News today and they gave a better account of what is happening in Europe. It is not good.

Wednesday was also weigh-in day for WW. Although we do not have class, I am determined to keep up my good work. And I did. I have now lost 28 pounds! I also attended an online meeting. Not quite the same, but it is really nice.


I think tomorrow I will do something truly decadent and give myself a manicure. Despite the fact that my hands are dry from all the washing, my fingernails have grown incredibly long! Yes, time for a nice manicure and polish.

So sad to hear that Prince Charles is sick with the Virus. I hope he recovers quickly, but at the age of 71, he is no spring chicken.

How are you all doing during this time when we are supposed to be sheltering in place and not going out? Do you take any precautions when you go to the grocery or pharmacy?

I now wear a mask (I reuse it which is probably not good, but better than nothing) and I wear disposable rubber gloves. When I come home I take my clothing off in the basement and wash them. And then go upstairs and either shower or scrub down. Yeah, I am a little paranoid.

But, that being said, I felt a bit lighter today. I’m encouraged that with the great minds that we have working on finding a vaccine or cure, there is hope.


A New Normal

On Monday I decided that I would suit up, complete with masks and gloves and go to our local grocery store. We needed a few things, like fresh vegetables and I thought I should at least make an attempt.

The store had a few people and I was amazed at the beautiful produce in the stores. I was able to get broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and summer squash and my favorite eggplant! I was thrilled. I’d made a list and was able to get everything except eggs. There were no eggs. Thankfully I still have some.


The store really was well stocked and people did have a lot to choose from. I thanked all the clerks I saw who were working hard to fill the shelves.

I was in the store for maybe 20 minutes as I raced up and down the isles. I did not want to be there too long.

In the check-out lane, I kept my distance from everyone and I noticed that some people were not being that careful.


I’d worn jeans and a shirt I could wash up, and the coat I was wearing really needed a bath anyway, so when I got home I stripped in the laundry room and then finished cleaning up upstairs.

As I write (5:55 PM on Monday) it is snowing very hard outside. We are due to get 6-8 inches of heavy wet snow.

So much for Spring coming to our neck of the woods right now.

I hope, wherever you are, that you are safe and healthy and well.

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