Life or Something Like It

I’m sitting here watching Notre Dame Cathedral burn. I am saddened beyond words. No one seems to know why, just that it is happening. So very sad.

I never got to see Notre Dame on the ground, but when I flew into Paris I saw it from the sky and that was amazingly beautiful!

Then I started reading my Facebook Wall and I saw entry after entry with people lamenting this loss. A few said, “Could 2019 stop sucking so much!”,  and I thought, yeah, 2019 has been a tough year and quite honestly I don’t see it getting any easier either.

I’ve had years like this before and the one thing I have learned is that you have to work at looking to find the good and making the best out of the worst that life throws your way.


I guess part of it is having faith that things will pass, things will get better. I know they will. It will be different, but life will go on and a new normal will fall into place.

So dear ones, don’t despair. Life will be full of happiness again, even if it is a little bit different.

Monday Morning

I woke up this morning, listening to the whistling wind. I also felt cold as I lay in bed under my sheets, blankets, and comforter! Brrrrr!

I took a deep breath, and then I got out of bed, put on my slippers and a robe, and headed to the door. I admit I was dreading opening the door because the last two morning, Lili had been sick and I’d had to deal with poop before my first cup of coffee.

Today, I slowly opened the door to find a very happy Lili, no poop and after walking the dogs briefly in the 26 degrees, snowy weather, I had my first cup of coffee!

Now, I mention the icy cold temperatures, and snow, because this seems to be Mother Natures, April Fools Day joke on us! I mean, really, April 1st and winter weather? Ugh!

I’ve been having some computer issues, and this one is beyond me. I used to not worry, and just call a great guy and computer magician, Brad, but he has gone onto bigger and better things. So, today, I will have to call a new person and arrange a housecall. Ugh!

Otherwise, it’s just another Monday morning! Have a great day!


The Oilman Cometh

Bright and early on Saturday morning, the Oilman and his big truck arrived at our house! It was not the driver who had refused to deliver here, instead, it was our neighbor’s son who works in the winter delivering oil! We’re not on his usual route, but he saw our name for a Saturday delivery and knew right where we were and we were his first stop!

He delivered 248 gallons of oil to a 250-gallon tank. To say we were dangerously close to running out is pretty accurate. But Eric got here and got us all taken care of.

Eric has helped me out before with other things. He has his own business doing yard maintenance and when Jack was in the hospital or at times when Jack cannot take care of the yard, Eric steps right in! He is a good friend and gets all my thanks!

Life’s Journey

Life is strange, isn’t it? One moment you are plodding along, everything is so normal that it’s almost boring.

Then one day you answer your phone and the world as you know it, changes forever.

And so it was,  on the weekend right after Thanksgiving, when I answered my phone and heard Candy’s panicked voice.

She’d gone to the Walk-in Clinic for a bad cold, and as she left she was told to call her doctor on Monday

After that, her life, and the lives of all the people who love her came to a screeching halt.


Candy and her husband and their family. Especially her beloved pup, Aurora.

We all held our breath and prayed that the diagnosis was wrong. That somehow the Universe had messed this all up.

But as the days passed, it became clear that this was our new reality.

I admit to standing in my living room and swearing and crying before my trip to Florida began. I prayed that I would make it to her side in time. Things were happening so fast, I wasn’t sure if I would.

But on January 23rd, when I walked into her twin sister, Mary’s home, and knelt by her bed, I thanked God I had gotten there.

She was still able to sit and eat small amounts.  Mary and I gave her anything she wanted.

We talked, we were peaceful, we held hands, and watched our favorite TV shows, like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune,  The Property Brothers, (also twins!) And Love it or List It. Making comments, usually, one-word comments, during each show.

My room was next to hers and I noticed we both were sleeping with the TV on, as was Mary.

Sometimes I got up in the night just to check on her. Just to see her face.

We all held onto each other as we began the walk down this bumpy road. We tried to keep it all together, but tears flowed many times.

And then something amazing happened. We began to talk about her forthcoming death, but with no anger, no sadness, but with the love and friendship and the life we have shared all these years.

We laughed, we joked, we shared so many wonderful feelings and stories of days gone by, and told each other how we felt.

Oh my goodness, I am blessed beyond measure!

I’ve learned so much on this journey.  I’ve learned how very precious life is and how we should celebrate our loved ones each and every day. Make sure to let people know how much you value their presence in your life, and never take for granted the people around you that bring you joy!

I am on the bus now on my way from Boston, Massachusetts to Concord, New Hampshire.  It’s freezing cold here, but very soon I will be home with my hubby and three precious pups!

For me, my journey continues,  but I hope to make it an even better life after everything Candy has taught me.



What Really Matters

I read a book once, written by Charles Krauthammer called “Things That Matter”.

I read it as he used his older articles to convey what is truly important in life.

Many people will never get it. Many people will live totally self centered lives and never know the special friendship where you give yourself totally to a loved one, during their final days

I have been blessed. Not only have I enjoyed a close and loving friendship for 25 years with my friend, but right now, I am able to be here to give her love, support, and quiet peace.

I am so thankful for this. There are times when special people pass from this life to the next and you never have the chance to tell them how special they are and how much you love them. I have been given this gift and in the quiet of her room, when she sleeps or wakes, I am here.

So what really matters in this crazy world?

Love. Selfless, pure, gentle love.

Someone wrote once if you were lucky to know a true selfless love, you were the luckiest person alive.

I have been  very lucky my friends! Very lucky, indeed!

Starting The Year

Yesterday was a sad day around here. Yes, folks, the Christmas tree with all the beautiful lights came down and was put away for another year!


Honestly, I love those warm lights that seem to touch the depths of my soul and fill me with happiness. I just wish people wouldn’t think I was some sort of crazy “Dog Crazy-Christmas Lady” should I decide to leave the tree up year round! Even though, technically I am!

Arnie and Anneliese slept most of the day on Saturday, but both had good appetites and so I fed them soft food, so as not to hurt their mouths. Today I will feed them a little dry food with their wet food and see what happens.

I am not sure I mentioned that Anneliese outweighed her brother at the Vets the other day! Anneliese is a lot like her Mama, Greta. They never met a meal they didn’t want to devour! However, I will need to get Anneliese on a stricter diet once her mouth is healed.

I had to bring in a pair of sneakers to return to Amazon yesterday. So I brought Arnie along with me, so we could stop in at the State Liquor Store and see his girlfriend, Rebecca. He was so happy to see her that he forgot he had little aches and pains from his surgery!

The last thing on my list yesterday was making myself a temporary retainer to keep myself from grinding my teeth. This is one of the causes of all my dental pain.


The molding process went well, and last night I slept with it for the first time. It felt weird! But I am determined to wear it and stop myself from grinding my teeth.



I was in the Post Office on Friday when I was bumped into. I had my phone out to give the Clerk a claim number. Bump! The phone went flying onto the marble floor! The Otterbox was fine and so was the phone. The only casualty was the protective tempered glass screen! Whew! I will be ordering a new one!

Cell screen

Although I am not too happy about the broken screen protector, I am also happy about it. You see, it worked! It was a wee bit pricey when I bought it a year and a half ago, but I wanted to ensure that the phone was protected. The Otterbox does a great job, but they no longer provide screen protectors the way they used to. I bought this diectly from Verizon, and it did what they said that it would!


Weekend Wrap!

On Sunday I felt tired and decided to perform tasks that were not too difficult. Besides cooking meals, and running to the grocery to pick up some bread for Jack and a few vegetables for us to enjoy, I decided to sit down and wrap presents.

This year I have cherished every package I have wrapped. I have used decorative strings and bows and made each package special. But all that cutting, wrapping and taping takes time. And my wrapping spot seemed like a bomb blew up in there during the toughest part of the job


I have blurred out a few items so the mystery remains until Christmas Day. But honestly, isn’t this a disaster?

It actually doesn’t look like this anymore because all the packages are wrapped and neatly stored in boxes to go to Mandy’s house on Christmas Day.

Today (Monday) I need to call our Veterinarian and bring in Arnie. The darling boy has not been acting like himself at all. He seems not to feel well.

arnie1 copy

He also has two lumps on his chest. Six months ago he had one, and I was told to watch it. Well, now that one is larger and a second lump is in the area. So, this means a visit to our Vet is in order.

I would also like to get the laundry going and actually putter around and get the house in some sort of order. I’ve just been so busy and let things get away from me.

Looking at the stuff above, it looks like I will have a busy Monday. And the travel out to the Vets will be slightly tricky as we are due for some snow. However, I do not want to wait. Arnie’s an old boy now.

Have a great week, everyone, finish your Christmas Shopping, listen to a few Christmas Carols and enjoy the peace and love of the season.


Life Or Something Like It

I suppose everyone has days like this. I was running around trying to leave here by 9:45 yesterday morning, as both Jack and I had doctor’s appointments. I was doing fairly well, and I was pleased with this, and feeling confident the day would go well.


On the way down, despite my warnings, Jack was still driving too fast. It’s his days as a pilot, I tell you. He has never understood, that it is fast in the sky and slow on the ground! He did not get stopped, but I felt the need to nag and pull my seatbelt a little tighter.

We got down in plenty of time, and we each went our own ways to see our doctors. The plan was, see our doctors and go for a nice leisurely lunch before returning for Jack’s second appointment.

My appointment went well. My doctor weighed me and on her scale, since my last visit, I had lost 11 pounds! My blood pressure was down and perfect and everything else was looking good.

She asked about the changes in my eating and I explained that I was off sugar, limiting carbs and eating fresh vegetables and protein. Some fruit too! She liked what she was seeing and hearing, so despite my somewhat horrible cholesterol levels, she is giving me three months to get that inline. Also, since my blood sugar levels didn’t look too well last time, this three-month reprieve will also give me a chance to get all that under control too!

However, my infected thumb was a concern, so she sent me to Dermatology next and there went our long leisurely lunch. I had just enough time for a quick salad before seeing, Joe. Our favorite Dermatology PA. He checked out the infection and prescribed an antibiotic for two weeks. I hope this will clear up the infection and allow my thumb to heal.

Jack’s second appointment was with his Primary Care Doctor, and my concern for his health prompted me to sit in. This proved to be a good thing, as I found that he doesn’t tell her everything she needs to know to treat him successfully. I really like his doctor and by the time we left she’d scheduled blood work, x-rays and a shot for pain, physical therapy, and an evaluation before getting an injection in his hip.

As we left her office I heard from a very dear friend of mine that the results of her testing showed Stage 4 Cancer. It is not operable. She will see the Oncologists today, but she felt that there is probably nothing they can do.

The ride home seemed to take forever. I just wanted to get home, make a small dinner and call my friend back so we could talk. We did, but I felt devastated by her news and such love for this woman.

I sat, not doing anything, but feeling the waves of grief wash over me.

So, at the end of a good and productive day for us personally, was this news, more devastating than I can explain.

As I said, I’m sure everyone has days like this. But, it doesn’t make it any easier to endure.

Down 7 Pounds

After my first week of really cracking down on myself, I’ve lost 7 pounds. I admit this is not easy.  For a number of reasons, I am also determined to lose this weight.

First, there is nothing like turning 60 to give you a reality check. With cholesterol numbers that are far from impressive and blood sugars that go up and down like a yo-yo, I decided to be smart and just do this!

I eat three meals a day, plus I have a mid-afternoon snack. The snack has been an Atkins Shake. I do not use this as a meal, but as a snack because with 15 grams of protein, it really does give me a boost.

Do I miss bread, potatoes, and pasta? Probably the potatoes, but I’ve known for a while that pasta was not my friend, and very little bread thrills me these days, so no big loss. Now if I lived in Germany, with their awesome bread, it would be much tougher.

It’s sad to hear about George H. W. Bush. He was a good man, who tried his very best to serve his country. He also did not see Democrat or Republican after a person’s name and tried to work with everyone.

Loyal and true to the love of his life, Barbara Bush, the father of six children, and grandfather to 17 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He was a loving and kind family man.

Rest in Peace, President Bush.