The Bermuda Triangle ~ AKA My Life

I must tell you that I had a good time on the cruise: sunny skies and temperatures near 80. I felt good, and although I had three excursions canceled, there was always something to do. When in Port, I spent most days walking on the shore.

My health was good, and I felt strong. Then, the 14th arrived, and I was told I should be ready to ‘disembark’ by 8 AM.

I grabbed an English muffin, and I headed to grab a taxi. Miami has changed. I recalled all the time I spent there. Jack and all our Pan Am pilot group.

Eventually, our plane was ready to load. The announcement offered a preboard for those who are disabled and might need extra time.

I got up and went to the gate, and the Agent looked me over and said: I said for people who are disabled. I need that extra time. And she said the magic words that anger everyone, “I can’t see anything wrong with you.”

I stopped myself before reaching out and bitting the hand, trying to push me away. I turned and showed her the scar. I hoped that would be enough as I didn’t want to play the “How Disabled Are You?” game.

I settled in my seat and got settled.

Our plane to Boston was packed, and right after take off, I swear, everyone began to cough. Not quiet coughs, but loud, full hacking coughs. I prayed I would be okay.

Since I found that my life is one Bermuda triangle after another, I felt very wiped out three days after I returned. Sleeping, coughing, and then chills.  But by Wednesday, I felt so ill I sat down with my Covid tests and took them. Both tests were very positive.

2024-01-17-10-31-24-617So, here I sit under several blankets, sipping ginger ale. My fever is down. My cough is almost under control.

But now, it is time for me to take another nap. Here in my personal Bermuda Triangle!

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  1. I’m glad you had a relaxing holiday Maribeth and hope you feel better soon. Covid seems to be the souvenir everyone brings home from a trip. Hopefully you’re on the mend soon!

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