The Swans

Yesterday, despite the known drizzle in the UK, I boarded my bus and headed to the Swannery.

I have been fascinated with swans all my life. There was an area near where I grew up where the swans in Falmouth raised their young. That was nothing compared to this place, where there were well over 100 pairs of mating swans.

To say I was astonished would be an understatement. This was beyond my wildest dreams!

Here is a Mommy Swan with a newly hatched Signet under her wing.



I walked there and stood in wonder. What I have long known about myself is that I am a Nature Freak. Perhaps this explains my obsession with the TV show “Northwoods Law.”

By the time I returned to the ship, I was exhausted. I had a little lunch, and then I took a nap. I recall a time when naps were punishment. Now they are bonuses!

Anyway, I digress.


441372843_863021722322211_6732868286610092628_nMy best shot of a Mommy and her Signet!

I will share the last picture of a beautiful mommy, Swan.  It was lovely.


Mrs. Cardinal

Tuesday found us being hit once again with a sizable snowstorm. This brought out quite a few birds to the feeders. Today, Mrs. Cardinal hung around posing for me. She doesn’t come by as often as her brilliant red spouse. So today was a great day to snap some pictures of this beautiful lady.

P2170012 (2)

P2170009 (4)

P2170010 (4)Amazing, isn’t she? I stood inside the door snapping away, and she eyed me with curiosity.  But she did not leave and I was very pleased.

Jack had his procedure for his Dupuytren’s Contracture done. This required us to drive through a heavy snowstorm about 10 miles down and back. The roads were really messy as many of them had not been plowed. They had been pretreated and this left the surface like something resembling greased Owl Poop! Luckily, we got home just fine, although I admit to being a nervous wreck the entire time. Ah well, we made it and are safe and sound now.


It’s 4:30 PM on Tuesday and it is still snowing. Who knows how much we will get when this ends.


I’ve Gone To The Birds!

I’ve been sitting at my sliding glass door in recent days waiting for my feathered friends to come for a meal. They’ve all been around, as we have had cold temperatures and yes, even snow!

PB110010 (3)My little Downy Woodpecker female in the snow, having a snack!

They seem to be getting used to me now, as they often come to feed when I am outside. They allow me to get as close as three feet of the feeders before flying off.

And since I am getting more chances and have become more patient I am getting better pictures of my birdies!

PB140003 (2)This is a male Hairy Woodpecker. He’s quite an eater. He will peck away at the suet like he was working on a tree!

PB140006 (3)A Blue Jay flew in (I suspect this is a male) and after having words with the Hairy Woodpecker, there was a little standoff, before the Woodpecker flew away!

PB140007 (3)And here is Blue Jay. He is quite a character. If I am outside putting up the suet he will sort of screech at me to hurry up!

First Snow

Tuesday found us getting our first measurable snow. It was quite pretty and really left only about an inch on the ground.

20191112_160550It’s just that time of year and we are forecast to have really cold weather for the next few days. (Between 15 – 20 degrees F) This is crazy and far too early for mid-winter temperatures.

I was worried about my fine feathered friends, and I made sure their suet feeders were full. We had a few come in quickly and get a little suet and seed and fly off. But my Downy Woodpecker came by and really went to town on the seed.

PB110010 (3)He really enjoyed the suet and seed and stayed for quite a long while. Ah, my little friend!

Meanwhile, I worked on washing sheets and cooking meals and repairing my old afghan that I crocheted thirty years ago! Then I sat down to drink a little tea but got preoccupied with a thought about dinner. I’m making Lamb Chops tonight with German Bratkartoffeln (fried potato slices with onion and bacon) and red cabbage. I figured if I go to WW tomorrow to start the new plan, I might as well eat my “last supper”!

Well, off to WW I go. I hope that the new plans make sense to me and that I can find one that works for me.