Mrs. Cardinal

Tuesday found us being hit once again with a sizable snowstorm. This brought out quite a few birds to the feeders. Today, Mrs. Cardinal hung around posing for me. She doesn’t come by as often as her brilliant red spouse. So today was a great day to snap some pictures of this beautiful lady.

P2170012 (2)

P2170009 (4)

P2170010 (4)Amazing, isn’t she? I stood inside the door snapping away, and she eyed me with curiosity.  But she did not leave and I was very pleased.

Jack had his procedure for his Dupuytren’s Contracture done. This required us to drive through a heavy snowstorm about 10 miles down and back. The roads were really messy as many of them had not been plowed. They had been pretreated and this left the surface like something resembling greased Owl Poop! Luckily, we got home just fine, although I admit to being a nervous wreck the entire time. Ah well, we made it and are safe and sound now.


It’s 4:30 PM on Tuesday and it is still snowing. Who knows how much we will get when this ends.


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