Busy Day, Happy Day!

Going to Disney is not for sissies! Nor is it a place to go if you cannot deal with crowds.

Usually, I worry about my personal safety. But Disney is amazing. They have probably the best security of any place in the world. Quite honestly, I sort of feel like a member of the Royal Family. To get into any of the parks you must go through Security, and when leaving, there are many officials making sure that all is well.

However, I have to say one thing. Some of the people visiting are pretty rude and brutal. By the end of today, while I’ve been pushing a wheelchair, I became slightly aggravated and therefore a bit more aggressive than this country girl likes to be. But getting from point A to point B is important.

Today started with temperatures in the low 60’s. We all could handle that okay, but by the end of the day the cold front had moved through and we had just 48 degrees with a stiff wind. By the time we got back to the hotel, we were all frozen to the bone.

Mary and I turned on the heat in our room, got out the extra blankets and made hot cocoa.

I turned on the TV, and the Patriots game is on.

It was a fun day and we did do a lot. Star Wars ride that was like being in a flight simulator, a Toy Story ride where everyone is shooting at targets.


And we saw the Frozen Sing-a-Long and the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. It was a lot of fun!

The kids met Lili and Stitch,



and I got to meet Mickey Mouse!


A very nice time was had by all!




Our Hotel, The Polynesian Resort at Disney World.

20190119_121343Our Darling Quinn being a ham! He sure loves to go in the boats.

20190119_094710During her makeover.

Savannah after her make-over!

Savi and Rapunzel.
Tiana and Savi dancing.

Forgive me for not writing more. I am exhausted and need rest. I am hopeful that I can have time tomorrow to write a good post.

It’s Magic!

Well folks, after getting up in the middle of the night to get our shuttle to Boston’s Logan Airport,  we easily made our first flight.

The kids were so excited and happy to be on their way to Disney.

Mary and I chatted up a storm, joking and laughing the entire way.

When we arrived in Orlando FL, I was shocked at how much the airport had changed!

We actually got to our hotel quickly and Mary and I checked in and our room was all ready.


Mandy and Matt’s room was not. So we dropped the bags we had in our room and went and found some lunch.



Now, this is when things got tricky.

Mandy and Matt’s room was ready,  their suitcases arrived as did their grocery items.

Back at our room, our groceries arrived, but still no suitcases, which was odd because the four big bags were all checked in together.

I attempted to resolve the problem on the phone three times. After no luck, I went down to  Bell Services.

A young man named Tyler heard me explain my plight, and he did something unique.

He went and found our two bags! Then he helped me up to our room.

Problem solved and we both gave Tyler big hugs!

We volunteered to babysit the kids so Mandy and Matt could have some quiet alone time.

And I did what I do best…settled Quinn in for the night and now Mary and I are all snuggled with our grandchildren! The best.

Tomorrow is Princess day and we sure will have fun. It’s supposed to be the warmest day we will have here.



On Our Way

This will automatically post, while I am working my way through Logan Airport, in Boston, with Mandy, Matt, Savannah, Quinn and Mary (Matt’s Mom) heading to our Disney Destination!

I have never traveled with my grandchildren, and I am looking forward to watching their faces during all of our trips.

I selected the name for the category where I will post all about our trip, as Disney Dreams. Certainly, it is a dream come true for me to share in this wonderful experience!

Jack is home with the doggies keeping the home fires burning, so to speak. He just isn’t able to handle long trips anymore. But, he told me to go, enjoy and have fun! And I surely will!


It’s Time!

Life is amazing, isn’t it? It seems like just the other day I was beginning to plan the trip with Mandy and the kids, and now, here we are. This afternoon I will be dropped off at Mandy’s house and tomorrow we will be flying to Orlando to begin our adventure at Disney World!

I’m psyched! I got my hair done, and Wednesday around noontime my dentist called and told me that my crown had arrived! My new tooth is beautiful and I am ready for any pictures there are to be taken!

I shopped on Wednesday and got dog food, people food and a few last minute things for my trip. I am ready!

The bags are packed and I  am ready to go!

Now I am praying for a happy, healthy time. Husbands who stay in the pink, and homes that stay safe while I away!

I have places to go, people to see and adventures to conquer! Say a little prayer that I accomplish all I have planned!