It’s Magic!

Well folks, after getting up in the middle of the night to get our shuttle to Boston’s Logan Airport,  we easily made our first flight.

The kids were so excited and happy to be on their way to Disney.

Mary and I chatted up a storm, joking and laughing the entire way.

When we arrived in Orlando FL, I was shocked at how much the airport had changed!

We actually got to our hotel quickly and Mary and I checked in and our room was all ready.


Mandy and Matt’s room was not. So we dropped the bags we had in our room and went and found some lunch.



Now, this is when things got tricky.

Mandy and Matt’s room was ready,  their suitcases arrived as did their grocery items.

Back at our room, our groceries arrived, but still no suitcases, which was odd because the four big bags were all checked in together.

I attempted to resolve the problem on the phone three times. After no luck, I went down to  Bell Services.

A young man named Tyler heard me explain my plight, and he did something unique.

He went and found our two bags! Then he helped me up to our room.

Problem solved and we both gave Tyler big hugs!

We volunteered to babysit the kids so Mandy and Matt could have some quiet alone time.

And I did what I do best…settled Quinn in for the night and now Mary and I are all snuggled with our grandchildren! The best.

Tomorrow is Princess day and we sure will have fun. It’s supposed to be the warmest day we will have here.



3 thoughts on “It’s Magic!”

  1. It will be cold tomorrow (Sunday) but hopefully sunny! Mid-60s is better than freezing and snow! Enjoy!!

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