Our Hotel, The Polynesian Resort at Disney World.

20190119_121343Our Darling Quinn being a ham! He sure loves to go in the boats.

20190119_094710During her makeover.

Savannah after her make-over!

Savi and Rapunzel.
Tiana and Savi dancing.

Forgive me for not writing more. I am exhausted and need rest. I am hopeful that I can have time tomorrow to write a good post.

5 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. I love the Poly. I stayed there with my kids several times. Suggestion — you can watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the beach at your hotel. There’s also a boat show on the lake, the boats ar all decked out in lights. If the kids are tired …

    They didn’t do the makeover when my kids were little. She looks absolutely adorable.

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