Summers on Old Cape Cod

While I was driving out to the Veterinarian office yesterday with Arnie, I was doing my darndest not to think about Arnie. So I sat thinking about the first memories I have of my sixty-two years.

My mother used to say I could swim before I could walk, which could possibly be true. I grew up a mere 5-minute walk from the ocean, on Cape Cod.

img083Baby MB!

Looking back I think I was tremendously lucky because from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Mom would pack a picnic basket with sandwiches and drinks, and her latest summer novel. She would sit on her beach chair, and we would swim in an area of the beach called the kiddie pool in those early years.

Foggy weather or bright sunshine, we lived at the beach. Peanutbutter and marshmallow fluff was my favorite sandwiches, (still are, although I do not eat them) and I learned that a little sand in our lunch wasn’t a bad thing.

img082Me and Mel. Check out those chunky baby thighs!

Mom had to tie a rope around my waist to keep me from swimming away from shore. I would see Martha’s Vineyard across the sea and I loved it there, and thought, in all my childish ways, that swimming could get me there!

I learned that the salt on my skin felt wonderful. I learned that Seagulls will dive on you for the smallest potato chip and the waves, and body surfing them was the greatest of fun.

My cousins and their parents would come for vacation and join us on the beach. Uncle George taught me the finer points of swimming, and he would toss us in the air and we would splash into the water! Oh, what fun that was!

img657Mel and me. I’m the little squirt on the left!

One day I was trying to find beautiful shells, I felt something jagged under my toes! I hobbled up to the blanket leaving a trail of blood in the sand. And yes, I was crying. Uncle George picked me up and carried me to the ocean and rinsed the sand from my foot, then carried me up to the blanket. Mom said I would need to see the doctor about stitches, so Uncle George wrapped a napkin or two around my toe and he carried me all the way back to the house where my dad drove us to the doctor’s office. And yes, I did need stitches. Three if I remember correctly, and then I was bandaged up and told no swimming until the stitches came out! That was (or so it seemed) forever.

However, I made it, and looking back now, and remembering how loved and safe I felt in my Uncle George’s arms makes me so very thankful to have had such a wonderful man in my life.

I can look back, on the earliest years of my life and remember the carefree and beautiful life I had on “Old Cape Cod”.

There are more “Cape Cod Summer Tales” but for today, I will publish this and remember my summers back then with smiles and happiness.

MB Age 4

Crazy Monday


I did a lot of running around on Monday. I woke, not feeling my best (don’t worry it’s not Covid, probably an ulcer) and I had no food in the house I could eat. So after dressing, I toddled off to the grocery store, and already at 9:30 AM, the place was jumping with…Tourists. I’m sure many of them don’t think of themselves that way, but those of us who live here year-round look at all those license plates from out of State and groan!

I got foods that are easy on the stomach and then came home, ate a small breakfast, and then scooped up Arnie for yet another Veterinarian appointment. I packed a small snack and off we went.

Arnie is not well. He is slowly going downhill and we decided to do what we can to keep him comfortable during this time. Arnie has had 14 and a half wonderful years! And we have had fourteen and a half wonderful years with him! We have really been blessed! Arnie was and is a truly fantastic boy!

On our way home I decided to get a vanilla shake. You know, coat my stomach, and stuff. Well, a thought struck me. I’ll get that and give Arnie a little.

At the window, I told the girl I planned to give Arnie a little whipped cream. I paid and went to the next window and what do I get handed? A small shake and a small cup of whipped cream for Arnie! And he thought he was the luckiest boy around!

And watching him…I knew was the luckiest girl!


Samsung Galaxy S51~ 5G

For nearly a week I read everything I could about today’s Cell Phones. It had been many years since I last purchased one, and even then, that Cell Phone (the S8) didn’t have everything I needed.

So, I read and read and when I felt I was ready, I went down to our local wireless store and bought the Samsung Galaxy S51 ~ 5G. Here is why:

  1. At the top of my list was the 5G. I’d noticed that my reception on my old phone wasn’t too good and it was getting worse. Why? Well, as they replace the old towers they are putting in 5G Towers and somehow my S8 wasn’t too compatible. I was dropping calls left and right!
  2. The battery life on my S8 was terrible and was getting worse. The S51 has the longest battery life of those I read
  3. The camera has:
    48 MP, f/2.0, 26mm (wide), 1/2.0″, 0.8µm, PDAF
    12 MP, f/2.2, 123˚ (ultrawide)
    5 MP, f/2.4, (macro)
    5 MP, f/2.2, (depth)
    LED flash, panorama, HDR
    4K@30fps, 1080p@30/120fps; gyro-EIS
    32 MP, f/2.2, 26mm (wide), 1/2.8″, 0.8µm
    4K@30fps, 1080p@30fps
    all of which appealed. I am sure it will take me a while to learn to use it.
  4. This model also has two things I still wanted. The ability to plug into my car because I do not have Bluetooth in my car, and a place for a memory card slot, as I have still not figured out the whole cloud system.
  5. The overall layout was much the same as the S8 and I have been able to set it u so it almost looks the same.
  6. Still, I had forgotten how much of a chore it is to set up a new phone.
  7. I had them pour on the Liquid glass, but I still need a good Cell Phone protector. I usually get Otter Boxes, but they do not have what I like for this phone. (So far, the only drawback!)
  8. So, I have had two days to work setting up my pho9ne and so far I quite like it. I simply asked myself honestly what I needed and then went for my best option!

SO I am working each day to learn the new phone and get it set up so it is just right!

Sixteen Years

I noticed today that it is now sixteen years since I started to write Dackel Princess. Where has the time gone? I recall thinking that only three or four people would ever read me, and those people were all related to me.

Here is the LINK to the first entry I made all those years ago

However, over the years I have met so many great people as they found my blog. It really has been a thrill!

It all started with Shubi and then Greta and Fritz. My original three all those years ago.

Shubi Greta FritzShubi, Greta, & Fritz

Shubi was at the end of her time with us, and Greta and Fritz were puppies! Time sure does fly when one is having fun! And these three were so much fun!

Of course, soon Greta took a husband and she brought to us, Arnie & Anneliese. Fritz went to Rainbow Bridge and we got his niece, Lili.

Arnie Anneliese and LilArnie, Anneliese, & Lili

Of course, Anneliese left us in January, but there is still a lot of doggy love in this house!

During this time I also became an Oma! That is the best yet! Two beautiful and very special people named Savannah and Quinn came into my life. They are the loves of my life, along with my wonderful daughter, Mandy.

BeFunky-collage 2 (2)So in 16 years, so much has changed, but the love continues and the joy of sharing my life with my family, friends, and my pets continues. Each day presents an opportunity to find something new in life!

So Happy 16th Blogoversary to me!


Ah, so you haven’t heard from me about my “Healthy Eating Plan” for a while. So I thought I would write and tell you a little bit about what has been going on.

A lot of people tell me that they over-eat when they are happy or sad, celebrating, or grieving. But you know, I am not really like that. If life is going along well, I find eating what I should is easy for me. Mostly because I really enjoy all the “good” foods, like vegetables, fish and poultry.

My problem is when I am grieving. Then I find all I want to eat are sweets, carbs, and sugar!

I’d been doing pretty well until my birthday in November. That’s when I allowed sugar back into my life. Never a good thing. Christmas came and New Years’ too.

Then, in January, Anneliese became very ill and I knew her time with me was limited. Even before she left me, I was grieving for her.

The day arrived and I drove her out to our Vets for the last time. I was alone with her that one last time, and then I held her while she left me, and I drove home, alone.

My eating became erratic and before I knew it, things with my diet were not going well.

My friend passed away on April first and I was still drowning myself with food.

Did it help? Not really, but for those moments when I was eating there was almost a calmness that came over me. Or so I thought.

Then I sat myself down and had a long talk with myself. Was this accomplishing anything? Was it really making me “happy“, or was this making my depression even worse?

I went grocery shopping. I bought fruit, vegetables, some fish and some poultry. I also did not buy any item that was over 1-2 points. Mostly I stayed in the Produce and Meat Section of the store, but I did shop for some frozen vegetables. I especially enjoy the riced cauliflower.

I’ve had a constant conversation with myself this week. Who can make this “Healthy Eating Plan” work? ME! Who can sabotage my efforts with this Plan? Also me. So at 62, I decided it was time to stop playing emotional games with food and hold myself accountable for what I was eating and doing with my life.

I really want to do this, and the only way to do it is, to be honest with myself and work every day to make myself healthy and well!

Maribeth Dackel

Never Wordless…Ever

A few bloggers I know do a Wordless Wednesday Meme each week. I knew that this wasn’t one for me. Since the day I was born I haven’t been wordless. In fact, my parents considered naming me Chatty Kathy.

All through my childhood, I was one of those kids who just talked. I drove my sister crazy. We would be lying in bed at night and I would start talking and asking her questions and I would go on and on and on. She would kindly tell me, “Good Night”, and I’d reply, “Good Night”, only to go right back to chatting all over again.

As the years passed I moved in with my Grandparents. I would sit and talk to my Grandmother for hours. I would tell her about school, about my day, and go on and on.

She once told me, after I had married and left home, that the worst part of my moving out was the silence. The one and only time anyone has said this to me.

A few years ago a friend of Jack’s was driving me across Florida to meet Jack at another airport. We were driving along and I was doing my usual chatting, hardly taking a breath. Finally, he interrupted me and said, “I bet you can’t shut up for 10 minutes”.

Ten minutes? Not a problem. We started the clock. One second, two seconds, three seconds…It was the longest ten minutes of my life! I did, however, make it, although I felt slightly queasy afterward.

I don’t think I talk as much as I once did. At least I try not to.
What’s that?
Jack is now laughing hysterically.
Well, I am trying!


Spring Cleaning


I hate Spring cleaning. You know you get out the heavy-duty cleaners, usually containing bleach, and by the time you get done, all you can smell is bleach! Jack says he can’t smell anything, but to me, it is all I can smell! Ugh!

I did manage to get four loads of laundry done, clean the fridge and walk the dogs several times. Wait! Let me check and see if I have a fever! I am simply never this productive in one day!

At least dinner was easy. I took all sorts of leftovers out of the fridge, heated them up and that was dinner. So no real cooking for me. And tomorrow is the same. I am all for quick and easy meals.

My second shot is on Saturday. I am planning to be quiet and feel crappy like I did last time. This way, if I feel good after, it’s a win-win!

Well, a very Happy Tuesday to you all!

Dackel Footer 1

What A Day It Was!


I woke early on Friday, as I felt somewhat nervous about my upcoming appointment with my Glaucoma Doctor. During a recent visit to get new glasses, I found not only elevated pressures but a decrease in my vision in my left eye.

I was also a bit nervous because we were having torrential downpours and I really don’t like driving in the rain.

I came out to make my chocolate-Banana-Pancake and while trying to open the seal on a bottle of Vanilla I stabbed my thumb! I stood there in the kitchen thinking that perhaps I should just chuck the day and go back to bed!

Since that was not really an option, I sat down, ate breakfast, and then proceeded to get ready for the day. I did my hair and dressed in real clothes. No leggings and tunics for me!

Shortly after lunch, I headed out. The sky was dark and gloomy, the fog still had not lifted. It was cold, muddy, and yucky! And oh, the rain!

I stopped for gas and then since I did have a few minutes I stopped to look at a new Cell Phone with Verizon.

I went in, and during my talk with the salesmen I found out that my current cell phone is 5 years old! He was shocked by how my Galaxy S8 looks brand new. Well, I got a poured-on screen protector, I use an Otter Box phone protector, and, well, I take really good care of this phone. I try pretty hard to take care of my special and expensive things.

I mentioned all the things I like about my phone, and aside from a better camera, the new S21 does not have the things I like in a Cell Phone. Most importantly, the backup SD Card!

So right now, since my phone is still what I need for me, I’m not going to get a new one.

I arrived at my Eye Appointment and I was really upset. In fact, I did something I have never done before. I said, “Oh I think I left my glasses in the other room”. The technician came back and looked at me and laughed. “Maribeth, they’re on your face!” Yeah, I felt like a silly old lady! But really, that’s how weird my day had been going.

The doctor came in and there are a few problems and I will need some laser surgery to help get my pressures down. The first surgery is on April 9th. Our wedding anniversary.


The sun was shining when I came out and the temperature was in the 70’s! Beautiful! But, as I drove north toward home, it got darker and darker and then the rain started again.


I did manage to finish the day cooking dinner, feeding dogs, and doing the dishes without injuring myself! This was a real accomplishment.

So despite the fact that my day has been less than perfect, it was okay and actually could have been worse. So I will take it. I guess one must look to make lemonade when you find yourself with an abundance of lemons!


Feeling Sleepy

Okay, I have to admit that this Vaccination has not been what I expected. I’ve had flu shots for over 33 years. Just before that, I got the flu so badly that I prayed for death. (not really, but I was so sick) So, even though I have gotten the flu off and on over the years, despite having my flu shot, I have always felt like it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Flash forward to November of 2019. I got what I thought was the common flu, but I was so sick that I stumped all the doctors I saw. I couldn’t breathe, so I was put on an inhaler every couple of hours. The cough was terrible and they had me on special pills for that.

Worst of all, I didn’t get well. I ran a high fever for weeks, couldn’t eat, and forced myself to get liquids in, but it was like drinking liquid cardboard. About the time that the doctors wanted to admit me, I started to do a little better, but it took me a good 6 weeks of doing nothing but staying in bed.

Was it Covid? I’ve always thought it probably was, but back then they did not have a test. However, my medical team thinks it probably was, after seeing so many cases of it over the last year.

So, yes, as soon as it was offered I went in for my first shot. Moderna. The first day wasn’t too bad. Mostly fatigue. The second day I was achy, tired and the old arm was sore. The third day, I woke feeling great until about noon, when I was so tired I fell asleep in my chair.

Just working through all the after-effects of the shot, but really convinced that this is the right path for me. The sickness I had in 2019 was bad news!

I hope that those I love will be vaccinated soon.

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

Lili, My Hero!

Several new readers to my blog have asked me to share the Story about Lili saving me from the home invasion back in 2019, so here goes.

My Friday began like any other Friday. I got up, made breakfast for Jack and me, and then I started a load of laundry.

Jack got ready and headed off to a physical therapy appointment at the VA, and a few minutes later I got a phone call and sat chatting.

About a half an hour after Jack left I heard the door in the basement slam shut. That’s odd, I thought. Maybe Jack had car trouble.

I went to the window in my room and did not see a car, a UPS Truck, or anything!

It was then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement.

“Hello! Anyone home? Hello!” said a strange man’s voice.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Lili began to growl and bark! I raced to the cellar door and turned the lock and wedged my foot on the bottom.

“Who is there? Who are you! Tell me your name!”

There was no response.

“I’m calling the police!” I shouted again and again, as I dialed 911!

I didn’t hear the door slam shut. I didn’t hear him leave. I was frozen at the door waiting until the police arrived. It was just seconds until the police drove into my driveway.

The police searched the basement and the perimeter of the house. I’d seen a white SUV below us and so they put out an APB for any car matching that.

I filed the report, got the policeman to give me a few tips on how to protect my home (I need a few deadbolts and a long piece of wood to block the sliding glass door.), but he told me again that Lili was amazing and the two of us had done a great job under the circumstances.

Lili was amazing. She growled and barked and sounded so fierce. I guess it’s what makes German Shepherds such wonderful police dogs!


My Hero, Lili!

Yes, I did okay, but I have to tell you I didn’t start breathing again for a while. After the police left, and I locked every door I could, I sat down and slowly drank my coffee, and tried to relax.

I don’t understand why people break into other people’s homes. Why people think it is okay to steal. Today, I am just glad that Lili protected me, and that I wasn’t harmed.