Here, There, & Everywhere

I was out most of the day on Tuesday. I had a doctor’s appointment and then I headed over to do our grocery shopping.

Now a funny thing happened on my way to the grocery store.

I’d made a detailed grocery list and printed it out. Neat and precise! Well, I was at the doctor’s and I went to add something to my list and I couldn’t find the list! I know I had folded it up and put it in my purse, but suddenly…POOF…it was gone!

After my appointment, I checked all over the car and even dumped out my purse. No list! I called Jack and asked if I’d dropped it at home? Nope. It was simply gone.

Now I am a woman who just misplaced her list, I was not feeling too good about remembering everything on it!

Once I got to the store, I simply went slowly and hit the usual things and looked for a few new ones. I spent well over $200.00 so I am hoping that I got everything on the list!

Today I am driving Anneliese to Portsmouth for her eye exam. I will be doing that after WW Class in the morning. It is supposed to be a nice day and I expect I will enjoy the ride!



I’ve been back to WW for 2 weeks. Wednesday was my weigh-in and folks, I am not crying!

In the last two weeks, I have weighed, measured, planned my meals and tracked my food. The first week was much harder then the last one was. I swear I was going through sugar withdrawal!

Now I seem to be hitting my stride with the diet and I’m actually enjoying the planning and the¬†cooking.

Most of all, I am really enjoying the fact that I have now lost 11.6 pounds in these last two weeks.

I know I will not lose vast amounts like this each week, but this certainly encourages me to stay on plan and keep up the good work.


Not What I Expected

Well, I went to my appointment yesterday and all was going really well. There were changes to my vision, but my vision is correctable to 20/20 and my right eye was actually correctable to 20/15! Not bad for an old chick of 61!

Then the doctor checked my pressures again. Then he checked them again. Then he told me that the pressures were 28 in the left eye and 26 in the right eye! Yeah, like almost everyone in my family, I have Glaucoma.

He said we would check things in a month, but I did not want to wait, since Glaucoma is in my family. My sister has severe Glaucoma and is being aggressively treated.

So, I left the office feeling somewhat blindsided. I called Jack and my sister and my daughter. I tried to formulate a plan of action. And it all came to me.

I researched doctors who specialize in Glaucoma. Then I looked at their Medical Schools, Board Certifications, and if they had been involved in any research work in the Glaucoma area.

I found a woman in Manchester, that I will see on January 29th. They will do a full workup and I will know what is happening, and if the optical nerve has been damaged. I will have answers.

Meanwhile, I want to relax and try not to drive myself crazy with worry. It is what it is, and soon I will be under a good doctor’s care.

It was not at all what I expected, but at least it was found and I will begin treatment very, very, soon.

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

When The Eyes Have It

Today I go to the eye doctor. I’m always a tad nervous about this. For those of you who have not known me since I started blogging, I have had detached retinas in both eyes. It was worse the first time when my left eye had the detachment. It was totally off and I had no vision.

MB's eye patchMe in the hospital after the retina detached the first time. It happened so late in the day that they kept me overnight.

The second time, it was the right eye, and the retina detached halfway giving me really strange vision. Like looking out a window where the shade was half drawn.

little shotWhat it looked like once the bandages were removed!

Anyway. I’ve done well since the reattachments, but today the doctor will check to make sure everything is where it should be.

I’m thinking I will keep my frames and just have the new prescription put in them.

Meanwhile after carefully watching the weather this morning on our local TV channel, “cold and clear“, we had flurries all afternoon. Good news, it left just a light dusting! Are these weather forecasters ever right?

Yep, I’m Doing It!

I am now over a week back on WW. I feel like I am doing well, although I do have my moments of feeling slight hunger pangs.

I am hoping my stomach shrinks as I eat less and less.


Don’t get me wrong. I am eating normal types of meals, but I am limiting the portion size.

That’s really my problem you know. I have problems with portion size. I simply cannot look at a steak, or chicken meat and know the right size to eat. And other items like bread, potatoes, and chips, well I’m a goner! And we won’t even mention cake!

I have been weighing and measuring everything that goes into my mouth and tracking it all. I will keep up the good work. Weigh-in is next Wednesday!

Back To WW

Today I return to WW after a two-month hiatus due to pneumonia, I am ready to return to class. I am so excited to see my friends and to work on myself with the new program.

I actually started back eating the WW Program on January 1st. It’s my New Year’s Resolution and I am hopeful that I can do this.


I take time each day to plan my meals and cook them and I feel pretty positive about it all.

10519239_10154472254580010_613243843712091899_nI feel like this is as good a time as any to pay attention and just do it. I shall update as I go along.


Well, yesterday I just plain felt lazy about writing. We went out to dinner with my sister and brother in law, and when I looked at the pictures of my sister and me, well, I cried.


You see, on Christmas, a few pictures were taken and I looked terrible. How come some people get sick and lose ten pounds and I get sick and gain?


My face is puffy and swollen and I look like Porky Pig’s sister. It made me pretty upset and also angry with myself.


Now I’ve been reading all the information on the new WW programs. I know I have to crack down and get serious, so day one of my rededication to losing weight is January 1st.

But I’m not happy with myself, and I want to run away and hide. I keep talking to myself, trying to be gentle and give myself all the encouragement that I need.

I want 2020 to be the year I actually make losing weight a priority!


New Moon

220983b10316ed43f3713d6f2619088f--vintage-christmas-cards-victorian-christmasI woke up this morning and as I opened the door for the dogs to go outside, there was the most beautiful new moon! Ah, what beauty is around us, if only we take the time to look!


I poured my coffee and then coughed and coughed, making me glad that I have a doctor’s appointment today. Although I am doing so much better, there are certain parts of this illness I cannot shake! The cough is one part for sure.

So, since I am still coughing a lot and don’t have a lot of stamina, Jack offered to drive me. I’ll report in tomorrow with Dr. M’s findings.

Meanwhile…Have a wonderful day, filled with holiday cheer!

Cough, Hack, Wheeze!

Well, folks, I returned to the doctor because this pneumonia is not leaving me. After another full evaluation, the antibiotics were changed and I was put back on the pill for my cough. But I have to tell you, after 5 weeks I am really tired.

My only stop was at the Pharmacy to get the new prescriptions and then I came home to regroup.

While waiting for my prescriptions I wandered around the grocery store and picked up a few things. One thing was a chicken which I thought about cooking tonight (Monday) but it looks like I will be cooking it tomorrow as it is late and I have no appetite.

Despite not wanting to do much of anything, I had to wash the comforter on my bed. Anneliese wasn’t feeling well last night and well, laundry needed to be done!

I managed two loads of laundry and it is my hope that tomorrow I might get two more loads washed. Baby steps.


Just a little picture of my favorite Christmas ornament. A Chipmonk playing with a nutcracker. I am not sure why I like it so much. Just a wee bit of whimsy!

Not So Good News

Well, on Monday I was so ill that I broke down and drove myself to the doctor. Since I am worried about passing this along to Jack, I left him at home and drove myself.


The doctor did a full exam and Xrays and pronounced me a bit crazy to have stayed home sick for 4 weeks before getting in to see him.

The diagnosis is that although he’s sure it probably started as the flu, I now have Pneumonia. Yes, and a pretty bad case of it.

I was chastised and sent home with three prescriptions. An antibiotic, a pill for the cough, and an inhaler.

I was so exhausted after my trip out, that I came home and went almost immediately to bed.

I can tell all the medications are trying to work, but I am wiped out and coughing up a lung or two.


So, I will keep warm, keep drinking my tea and hopefully, I will be on my feet again soon. Meanwhile, almost all my Christmas shopping has been done online! I am really happy about that!