Oh Yeah, Life Goes On…

The last few weeks have found me establishing a new normal for myself.

I have been slowly making this house my own, and during this process, I realized that it was the very first time in my life that I was living my own life.

Having gotten married at 17, I have been living the lives of my two husbands.

It’s not that this was bad. Our beautiful daughters came with my first husband, and with my second husband came the ability to travel the world.

However, I never decorated a house or selected my dishes or glassware.

Since last July, I have sold many pieces of furniture and selected the things I like.



The walls have been painted, the bathrooms refurbished, and a new reclining bed installed.


Finally, I am not sleeping in my recliner.

Also, my first foray out was to a local diner. “George’s”. It’s become my place. They know me, and when I go in, I feel looked after. That’s such a nice feeling.

So my life is going on.


My Life Right Now

I usually post a Friday Five each week, but this darn COVID has taken control of me, and although I am not contagious, it has settled in my chest, and I have been running a fever and coughing.

Yesterday, I was forced to do a load of whites, as I was down to my last pair of underwear. Miraculously, I got that done.

However, being sick and trying to manage the stairs to the basement have been a challenge. I have decided to do a remodel. I have a huge master bath, and I plan to remove the jacuzzi tub and put a washer and dryer in that room, along with the sinks and walk-in shower.

So, slowly, I recover with wonderfully warm and peaceful naps with my girls.



Life As I Know It

It’s been a while since I sat down to write. Not because nothing is happening but because too much is happening.

We filled another dumpster in my quest to get rid of all the junk, extra clothing of Jack’s, and all the things that do not bring me joy.

Social Security is still driving me nuts, and it required a fourth trip on Monday to prove I am alive.

So, I spent time there, and then it was on to my cell phone provider. I am still having trouble getting the bill switched over. From what they say, it cannot be done.

Did I mention that I became pretty ill on Thanksgiving Day (my favorite meal day)? After loading up with Pepcid and Mylanta, I start to feel a little better, but I must be careful because all this stress is hitting me in my stomach.

I have one more thing to do this week, and then I will sit down and write Christmas Cards.

So, don’t give up on me. Just know that I hide in the closet when the stress gets too great.

What on earth were we thinking when we wanted to grow up so fast?


Happy #65 to Me!

So, this is what 65 looks like! I now have my medicare card. I have found a caring Nurse Practitioner at the end of my street, and life is going on.


I made this video a bit ago but didn’t feel up to making a new one. Maybe next year I can show you all the highlights of my 65-ness.

I have plans ready for this year. Places to go. People to see, things to do.

So as I start my 65th year I look back and I am grateful that I made it.



I wish I could report that all was settled and well. However, I think it will be a while until life as usual. Goodness, where do I start?

Over the weekend, the hair around Heidi’s right eye fell away, and she was itching and scratching like crazy. I sent the Vets a picture and called them on Monday.


She also had a spot on her little doggy lips. Allergy. She was presented with a cone of shame, but after she stopped scratching, I put the donut on her.

Notice was given that porky pig Heidi, weighing in at 30 pounds, must go on a diet!

While at the Vets, I talked about Lili. Recently, she came close to knocking me down the stairs, and a few nights back, she actually knocked me down as she nervously followed me everywhere.

We will try Prozac, and I will contact a trainer. She was with Jack that day, and in her little doggy mind, she was probably terrified I would leave her.

I have had this weird thing going on now for almost two weeks. During the day, my temperature is near normal, but by 8-9 PM, it’s up to 100.+. Minor cough, nothing big.

And then there is my Delta Medical insurance. They made me get a new number with a new card. Saturday, another card arrived; this was the sister card to Jack’s employee number. That made sense, but then the bill arrived, which was twice the cost of what Jack and I paid for the two of us. I have started a complaint. I sure hope they can resolve this soon. Meanwhile, my Dental Surgeon wants to be paid. I can’t say I blame him.

Halfway through the week, and things hopefully will come together soon. My sister arrives home late tomorrow from her vacation to the UK.


I have the best sister. She called on Messenger every day to check in with me. If you are lucky enough to have someone who calls just to say hello and check in with you, then you truly have it all.


Friday Five ~ Birthday Memories!

This week sped by and so here goes all the details.

  1. The first snow of the season fell. It was about three inches, and now, on Friday, most of the snow is gone. But it is still cold and feels like winter.
  2. Our roofers have been here each day, but on Wednesday when it was raining/snowing.
  3. My birthday started with a Doe and her two Fawns presenting themselves just before dawn.  They simply stood silhouetted in the early morning light. I was there watching them, watching me and it was such a peaceful moment. I don’t have a camera that could have done justice to that picture, so it is stored in my memory.
  4. Lili and Heidi are bothered by all the noise. I’ve been cuddling with Heidi today after she had sort of a doggy nervous breakdown. She had two accidents and just couldn’t settle down. Today Lili is quite the worse for wear as the loud noises overhead scare her so much. I had them out and a stack of shingles hit the roof and Lili started to bolt. Thankfully I called her and she stopped, turned, and came back.
  5. For my birthday dinner, we went to George’s Seafood. We both had the fried Whole Belly Clams.

    316126384_10160560209356499_413668426005259974_nMy dinner.

    They were so good! My only problem is driving at night and we also had snow flurries. But we made it home. Turning 64 wasn’t so bad after all.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, here I am. Today is my 64th Birthday. I recall various family members reaching this grand old age, and here I am not feeling all that old!

Oma's birthdayMy family.

The next generation! Mandy, Matt, Savannah, Quinn, Lili, and Heidi!

I’m happily a Mom, an Oma, and a wife, and I am owned by a little bit of a doggy named Heidi and a big doggy named Lili.

So how does it feel to be 64? Funny actually. I have things figured out, mostly, I know what I like and what I don’t, and naptime is so welcome.

I stop and watch with wonder all the animals and birds that fill my yard. How lucky I am to see them eating apples, catching a field mouse, or munching leaves.

Life sure has been interesting over the last 64 years! I could write volumes where I recount each moment, but suffice it to say, it has never been boring.

Here is a short video I made a few years back.  I watched it and thought about how much I still enjoy it.

Here’s to number 64. Let’s see what we can do to get to number 65!


The Question Is…

The last week has been a bit stressful. And as hard as I might try to enact the don’t worry, be happy motto, I find I am still feeling sort of stressed.

I went in for my physical a while back and they found that my heart doesn’t go tick, tick, tick…but rather shows several irregularities.

The 2-week test begins on Thursday where they have me hooked up to a monitor 24 hours a day for 14 days. After that, I will see the Cardiologist.

I’ve noticed a few things since recovering from Covid for the second time. I chalked it up to Post Covid Syndrom and tried not to think about it

I have been sleeping a lot. Each day I am napping for at least one hour. I’ve also been losing my appetite. I think that all of this is due to stress, but who knows? It’s all a waiting game, isn’t it?

Happy Wednesday.


Update: On Me

Yesterday was a day that seemed to fly by. I spent most of it sleeping in my recliner with Heidi in my lap.


I think it is what the body needs when one is sick with anything. Sleep, move around a bit, drink and then sleep some more.

I love streaming TV. How great it is to go on a streaming service and watch movies or old TV shows. Currently, I am watching ER and I am on Season 7 out of 12 seasons.

Yesterday I even ate a little. I keep trying to eat so that my stomach doesn’t get too nauseated. That’s difficult because I don’t feel like eating and nothing really tastes good.

So that’s the latest I hope that today I will be able to sleep, walk, eat, and repeat!

The sun is out and the humidity is gone, and I choose to believe that although I  feel sick, the sun is shining in my life. You know, the light at the end of the tunnel!



So life has been tricky the last few days. I have not felt well, and my home Covid test showed a faintly positive result. I wrote down everything wrong with my body, and I  called my Nurse Practitioner.

I spoke to the Triage Nurse and she suggested I go to the closest walk-in clinic.

So I woke Jack, got in the car, and headed down to the clinic. I didn’t have to wait long.

They reran the test which showed that I do indeed have Covid. They also chose to run the three-day test as well. I was sent off with my inhaler, these wicked good cough pearls that work great at relieving my cough.

I’m to isolate for the next 5-10 days (until I test negative) and drink copious amounts of water.

I’m also to stay in my jammies and sleep as much as I need to, but also get up and walk around to keep myself from getting any sicker.


Heidi is the sweetest. She just lays there in my lap making me feel loved and taken care of.

Here’s the thing. I was recently mask-shamed at the Post Office. I always wear a mask, and I am very careful in public. But somehow this darn virus got me.

Be careful my friends. I’ve been vaxxed, and yet here I am. Oh well, at least I have plenty of movies and tennis to watch right now.