Oh Yeah, Life Goes On…

The last few weeks have found me establishing a new normal for myself.

I have been slowly making this house my own, and during this process, I realized that it was the very first time in my life that I was living my own life.

Having gotten married at 17, I have been living the lives of my two husbands.

It’s not that this was bad. Our beautiful daughters came with my first husband, and with my second husband came the ability to travel the world.

However, I never decorated a house or selected my dishes or glassware.

Since last July, I have sold many pieces of furniture and selected the things I like.



The walls have been painted, the bathrooms refurbished, and a new reclining bed installed.


Finally, I am not sleeping in my recliner.

Also, my first foray out was to a local diner. “George’s”. It’s become my place. They know me, and when I go in, I feel looked after. That’s such a nice feeling.

So my life is going on.


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