The Weekend Wrap

It was an ABBA kind of weekend. What does this mean?


Well, it means I was into listening to their music, dancing when no one was looking, and pondering that time, that ABBA time, in my own life.

I was in High School and then married to my first husband. I had little ones who also liked to dance to their music and in many ways, it was an easier time for me.

Life has a way of teaching you lessons that you never would want to learn, and it was at the end of the ABBA era that my innocence was lost. Their last poignant ballads brought tears to my eyes.

So I danced and I got lost in the music and that suited me just fine. What did you all do this past weekend?

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The Weekend Wrap August 24th

weekend wrap 1

One can dream of sleepy, lazy, weekends, but for me, it is rarely the case. Both days I was up exceptionally early, and I was working on Jack’s computer both days.

How I would love to back up his machine and do a total wipe of his hard drive and start again. Now that I know how to do it within Windows 10, I am happy to do it, again and again, to keep in practice. Quite honestly, Jack’s computer is a programming disaster, and one day I will have to do it.

I cooked and stopped the beds and then did some sewing. Miraculously, I got it all done.

I even read for a while. A good book, about Carrie Mathison before the start of the series Homeland. It’s kind of a prequel.
reading_dog_644_350autoThe week ahead will be a quiet one. I have no appointments, and simply need to go out and buy some fresh vegetable for the week. Other than that, I am good.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy these last summer days. September is almost upon us!


The Weekend Wrap August 17th

weekend wrap 1The weekend seemed to fly by, even though I kind of checked out for the weekend. I’d pulled a muscle in my back and it was tender, so I worked on stretching and resting it. It’s Sunday night now, and I think it is somewhat better.

Poor Jack has eaten so much fish lately, that I decided to cook different meals for him. But I’ve been almost craving fish and I have indulged myself.

I’ve also watched quite a few movies. Not that I sit here with popcorn, but I have them on while I am doing things like making meals and chopping up vegetables for salads.

“Red” with Bruce Willis, “The Family Stone” with Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rachel McAdams, “Sully” with Tom Hanks, and the last two Harry Potter movies.

I also sat stitch ripping a mask that I had ordered, that came and was sewn so poorly. I know that once I pin and sew this, I will have a very adorable wire-haired dachshund mask.

Laundry will be done today (Monday) and I am also planning on sewing a few things, so that will keep me happily busy.


The Weekend Wrap

weekend wrap 1

The Covid-19 life means that none of us see our friends and family too often. I’ve been very careful about where I go and also have been keeping myself masked and gloved and clean. My “bubble” is a small one.

So I was able to go and see my daughter and her family! My darling Savannah and Quinn!

I think that’s been the hardest part of the Pandemic. The isolation. However, when the numbers were very high I didn’t feel safe seeing the kids. I did not want to get them sick!

Seeing their faces when I arrived filled me with such joy. I realized that they had missed me as much as I had missed them!

Friday I had an appointment with my Glaucoma Doctor late in the day. I asked if I could come down to visit, and it was the perfect day for a visit and a swim in the pool! My appointment went well, and so far, my eye pressures are holding steady.

Then it was off to Mandy’s!

116987009_10223687780284220_2529960498303297912_nSavannah and her Mommy, my daughter, Mandy!

We were in the pool for a couple of hours. It felt so good to relax in the cool, pleasant, water. My second swim of the year!

Mandy made a wonderful dinner, with Matt doing the grilling, and it was so nice not to have to cook or clean up!

Quinn and me, his Oma!20200808_093119
20200808_061348Me with my darling Savannah.

We talked we played and I got to hold my babies. Oh, how wonderful that was! All too soon, I had to go back home, as Papa Jack and the doggies needed me.

Still, Friday and into Saturday was just a great day!

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

The Weekend Wrap ~ July 27th

I woke on Sunday morning and knowing that I wanted to change the sheets on my bed, I simply got up and stripped the bed before I even made the coffee.

This proved to be a wise move because after showering and starting the day cooking and cleaning, I lost interest in changing the sheets. However, since the bed was stripped, I had no choice but to make it up!

It was hot here today and rather soupy with humidity. I do try never to complain about humidity as nothing up here compares with what I lived with during the 6 years I spent in Florida. Southern humidity is a thing unto itself!

Over the weekend I watched two movies about a Dog’s purpose.

819OGMiuFqL._SY445_A Dog’s Purpose was the first one and A Dog’s Journey the second one. In many ways, I liked the first one best, but both were good, especially if you love dogs.

And how was your weekend?

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The Weekend Wrap

weekend wrap 1

Over the weekend I decided to lighten my hair with the lightener that Madison Reed sent to me. The very dark brown was not rocking my world.

So, I read the directions and set out to “lighten my hair”. Just a shade or two!

What happened will go down in another volume of “Things Maribeth Will Never Do Again”!

My hair came out a very orangey/reddish color. Which on some people looks very nice, but on me, not so much!

50100435301_ffa60806cf_3k copy

Yes, it’s this bad!

So I wrote to my hairdresser and threw myself on her feet, begging for mercy and help. I go in to be normalized on Wednesday!

I call this shade Corona-19-Red!

This about the craziest thing I have ever done with my hair. I’m just not that much of an adventurer!

I am also all set up with my Pampered Chef Party. As I said, if you want an invitation let me know.

The two dackels seem to be better, although they tag team me as to who is feeling better and who is feeling worse. I suppose this is to keep me on my toes.

It’s been hot, humid, and hazy here for the last week and it looks like the week ahead is going to be the same. At least having lost 45 pounds, I am no longer hiding under heavy clothes.

Have a great week Everyone!

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The Weekend Wrap …. June 22nd

weekend wrap 1

I sometimes wonder when/if we will get back to normal life? It’s an odd time for us all right now. If/when we go out, we wear masks, some of us wear gloves. I cannot even recall when the last time I went out to eat was. I suspect it was probably sometime well before Christmas, as I was sick most of November and December.

Right now, I have no desire to go out to any restaurant, although I must tell you when my daughter ordered take-out for me and I got some wonderful Haddock and a salad I didn’t actually have to make, it felt incredibly good!

I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, but there is one big problem! It’s Summer-time and the Summer Residents/Tourists have arrived back in my little town. People from all over our country and some from other countries as well.

My grandmother’s voice rings in my ear, “Don’t touch that kid, you don’t know where that kid has been!” Her words could not be more appropriate at this time.

I even had a Covid-19 dream. I dreamt that my eye pressures were down to 6 and I leaped up and went to hug the technician and she recoiled and yelled “Covid” at me. You see, I cannot escape it, it’s even there in my dreams!

I’ve been watching old movies where people are actually holding each other and (gasp!) kissing! But then yesterday we watched Soccer and The Belmont Stakes, Horse Race and although these were live events, there were no spectators. That was so strange.

We are in day 4 of a heat-wave and even the dogs don’t want to go out. My birds have been hitting the suet pretty hard. This leads me to believe that the fatty suet may be a nice soft liquid in the tiny throats.

And lastly, Today is my cousin Janet’s Birthday. I suspect there would be no me if there had not been a Janet. She is a year and a half older, and I’ve always suspected my mother had an “I want another baby moment” after holding Janet.

We grew up, closer than close, and in some ways, she was more like a sister than a cousin. We may not see each other that much as we live far apart, but in our hearts, we are and will always be there for each other.

So Happy Birthday to my dearest and much-loved cousin!

Feb 13 11 033Janet and me at the Ice Fishing Derby.

The Weekend Wrap

weekend wrap 1

Our weekend was a full one. Part frustrating and part wonderful.

The frustrating part was about our TV. Or should I say our satellite coverage?

On June 1st our provider could no longer provide us with the networks from Los Angeles and New York. The Congress in all their wisdom decided that people outside of those viewing areas had no rights to the coverage. Even though we were paying for it and had this service for over 20 years!

Have I mentioned that I think we need term limits in both the Congress and Senate? These jokers make laws with no input from all of us.

I digress.

I had heard from a neighbor that he had the local stations (networks) out of Boston, Massachusetts from our same satellite provider. So on Saturday, I got all our information and called the Provider.

The first woman I reached kept telling me it couldn’t be done. She argued with me, and after a half an hour, I asked to speak to her Supervisor!

She said she didn’t have one, but would put me through to programming.

I will just tell you that this is where I should have landed all along. This nice young woman, had us all signed up for the Boston package and reduced our fee for the next 24 months for everything we’ve been through. Yay!

Problem solved!

Then on Sunday, I was walking around in my favorite Merrell Clogs, which I use as slippers, and the sole came off one of them! These lasted just about 4 years. Ugh.

Now I am online to find a cheap in price, but comfortable Merrell Clogs to replace these as my slippers.

The week ahead finds me meeting up (and social distancing) with a few of my dearest WW friends. We have not seen each other since March 11th. I’m so happy about this.

I hope you all have a great week ahead. I hope this finds you getting your life back to what might be termed as normal.

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The Weekend Wrap

weekend wrap 1

Crazy things can happen on weekends. Usually, I try to catch up on odds and ends, but Sunday found me cut off from my local world. Well, sort of.

When I got up on Sunday morning, we had no local cable TV nor did we have Internet service.

I tried to call the Service Provider, but they have now done away with all real people and all you can get is this perky automated voice that leads you round and round and then hangs-up on you!

Fortunately, when I got my Tablet I got the one with access through our Cell Phone Company. So I was able to monitor things with that.

Our service did not return for 10 hours! But, at least it did return.

I made a nice dinner but was fretting about the leak I discovered in the laundry room. I have the plumber’s number all set to call tomorrow so we can get that fixed.

So, despite all the events of the last few months, life, regular life, goes on.

Maribeth Dackel

The Weekend Wrap May 25th

weekend wrap 1

Over the weekend I did a lot of TV watching. Movies, mostly and I worked hard, planning meals and then following through with eating healthfully.

Jack likes to watch the news. When he is not watching the news, we are watching “Police-TV” type shows. I have become a music listener. I have a Bluetooth device and so when I want to shut all of that out, I listen to music.

The blossoms on the fruit trees and my wonderful birds kept me happy, that was until a hornet decided that I was to be his lunch!

Red Bellied Woodpecker LadyA new friend. A Red-bellied Woodpecker, female. She is lovely!

After stating that Bees and such didn’t bother you when they have those lovely blossoms, I had a hornet literally attack me and eventually sting me on the top of my head!

Apple Blossom and bee 3Owch! I had a lump there for the remainder of the day.

Today will be another quiet day, but tomorrow, both of our cars go to the garage to be inspected. This will be Jack’s first time out since March 13th. He can hardly wait. Me? Not so much. But I know eventually, he must get out again and learn to distance himself from others as well as wear a mask and not touch his face.

A Blessed Memorial Day Weekend to all and may the week ahead, be full of happiness and good health.

Maribeth Dackel