The Weekend Wrap ~ February 27th

P1160020 (3)Just when I’d hoped for an early Spring and would be able to gloat that the rodent Punxatawney Phil, was wrong in his forecast of six more weeks of Winter, We got smacked with an honest 9 inches of snow.

I was actually scheduled to drive Jack down to the VA in Manchester for his doctor’s appointments that day, but they called me the day before the storm hit and rescheduled his appointment.

Cleanup came on Friday (although our plow guy was here on Thursday in the late afternoon). How happy I was when I had to clear our satellite dish, as I can reach this from the ground.

I went to get my hair done on Friday. A slightly new style, along with color.

But I learned for sure, what I have suspected all along. My hair is thinning out. I have noticed this, but was choosing to ignore it due to the fact that a Great Aunt of mine, who I resemble, had almost no hair on the top of her head in her elder years It is my hope that I will not take after her!

Saturday morning I decided it was time to open my closet up and start the tedious and unpleasant job of cleaning it out.

With trash bags in hand to either toss things away or donate them, I took a deep breath and started.

What I found is that I have far too many shoes and not a single pair of sneakers! You see, I have bad feet. Merrell clogs keep my arches high and I am pain-free. And it was this Plantar Fascitis that got me going with the Merrell Clogs.

Many of you will know that most Merrell shoes and boots cost close to $150.00. And as a Thrifty Scott, I simply refuse to pay that kind of money on myself. So, over the years I watch the sales of Merrell shoes, boots, and clogs. Thus, yesterday as I reached the back corner of the closet I found four brand-new pairs of winter clogs. I also found three pairs of summer clogs. None of these had ever been worn.

Now I have a large shoe box that I have under Heidi’s ramp and that holds probably a dozen+ pairs of shoes that I wear day to day.

I should swear off buying more Merrell shoes. But…but…I really do need a new pair of boots for next year. We shall see.

On Sunday morning I woke early and walked the dogs. By the time I returned, the coffee had brewed and as I sat down to watch the weather report, I noticed a light snow had started to fall. “The Weatherman” assured us all that most of the snow would evaporate. Well, it started to snow around 8:00 AM and at this point (11:00 AM) it is snowing harder.

My goal today is to clean out my dresser. I went to get a pair of socks the other day and found a jumbled mess. So time to organize.

I hope you all had a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ February 27th”

  1. I am sure you would like me to be honest and I think your hair curlier and wilder looks better.
    I don’t know of Merrell shoes. It is a wonder they are not available here, although I have not checked.

  2. There just be a Merrill outlet somewhere. I got great sneakers at a consignment shop years ago and had no clue what Merrill even meant 😉

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