The Wonders of Grandchildren

I had the pleasure of having my grandchildren for a few days. What a wonderful adventure. I learned so much more about each of them and was able to thoroughly enjoy the wonderful ages that they are. One is fully conversational now and the other tells wonderful stories with words that far surpass the actual age that he is.


Savannah was incredibly interested in me. She asked me about my previous marriage, what her mother was like as a little girl, and did I love dogs as much as she did? I could see the wheels turning in her head about what to ask me next.

I gave her simple answers for now. The only thing I corrected her about was when she asked if I was sick when I divorced her other grandfather. I told her no, but I was very sad. She asked then if I had loved him and I said yes.


She wanted to know how many years I was married to my former husband and then wanted to know how long I’ve been married to Papa Jack? 11 years the first time and 31 years to Papa Jack! She was amazed that Papa Jack and I had been married that long. I guess 31 years seems like a very long time to a seven-year-old!

Quinn is at the age where his imagination is running wild. He told me stories where he was the Super Hero with big strong muscles! He is extremely well-spoken for a three-year-old and his vocabulary is amazing! He wants to tell jokes, although he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it. Still, I must say Quinn’s laugh is infectious! And I found myself really laughing with him!

20190827_144014It was nice to see that the kids felt at home with us here so that spending a couple of nights was easy for them. Both slept well and ate well, and played well. So the entire experience was a real success!

I hope we can do it again really soon!

Monday Musings

On Monday I figured I would bring the two grandchildren with me as I did my errands. I never thought too much about it. After all, I raised two kids who were closer in age than Savi and Quinn. So it should be a breeze with these two.


Well, mostly it was. But I worried a bit in parking lots and at the beach and at the Post Office. But, I managed with a great deal of joy in my heart. Especially at the beach. They loved that, and we are in fact going back tomorrow to swim.

I very seldom go down to Waukewan Lake Beach, (Say, like never), but it was really wonderful to be there and watch the kids swim. Tomorrow I will actually put on my swimsuit and go in too! Of all the things we did today, being at the Lake Beach made them the happiest.

20190826_160026I also must tell you about my darling grandson Quinn. He is three years old. And as we talked today I found out that we were having one of those conversations that any adult will lose. It goes like this.

“Quinn, be careful of Anneliese because she is pretty much blind”


Well because her eyes got a disease and she can’t see too well now.”


“Because she is very old.”


And so it went until I was ready to laugh!

20190826_102032I need to get the kids ready for bed now and then get myself in bed early too. 5 AM comes awfully early!

Grandchildren Are Great!

I think one of the greatest joys in my life is certainly my two grandchildren. With Savannah and Quinn, I get absolute, unconditional love. They bring me such joy! So when my daughter, Mandy asked if I could watch them while their Day Care/Camp was off I said yes! They will arrive in the afternoon.

Now I have planned meals and drinks and snacks and activities. I have books to read, Legos to play with, and coloring books to color. And I have every known color of Crayola Crayons.


67556701_10219856717710050_1284153440062144512_nI am thrilled with this visit and I feel like the luckiest Oma in the entire world!


Such a crazy Friday. I was scheduled to drive down to Mandy’s house to watch the kids so they could enjoy date night. During the ride I had torrential rain with hail! There was also a pick-up truck accident which had me stopped in traffic about 20-25 minutes.

Despite the rain we continued to have high temperatures and high humidity.

The kids came home from daycare and we played around, had a picnic for dinner and then decided to just hang out. None of us felt like doing too much in this weather.

Still the very best thing was seeing my grandchildren and their happy faces when they saw me. Put a smile on my face!

Weekend Happenings

I woke this morning to rain, fog and just generally sad weather outside. Even the dogs didn’t want to go out. I cannot say I blame them, as it’s just plain crappy.

The weird part is that it is really warm. It’s already 60 degrees at 7:00 in the morning! Thus the fog.

Today I will be doing some cooking for Easter, which we will be celebrating at my daughter’s house tomorrow.

I will finally get to meet my new grand-puppy, Freya! She is 14 weeks old and already a much-loved member of their family.

Savannah and Freya.

Quinn playing with Freya.

So I expect tomorrow will be a lot of fun! You know me. Having had a dog in my life for almost all of it, I’m thinking that this is a great addition!

TBT: Sibling Love

Since Facebook was down all day yesterday, I did things like, read a book, cook a splendid dinner, and make the picture I am posting!

3 years

This is a collage of my two grandchildren. It starts the day of Quinn’s birth, March 7, 2016, and then shows them each year since. Three years of Sibling Love!

And they really do love each other. Here is a great example. I was babysitting for them, and Quinn fell off the chair onto the floor. It was a tough fall and knocked the wind out of him. I asked if he needed me to make it all better?

“No”, he said, “I need Sissy”. He went over to her, climbed in her lap and she sang to him. Then he was fine!

That was just the sweetest thing I have seen.


My daughter put up two pictures today of my darling grandchildren, Savannah and Quinn. As I gazed at their beautiful, happy, faces the world became a better place and I felt even more excited about the trip I am about to start this week with them!

Beautiful Savannah!


Handsome Quinn!

I look at their faces and I am so thankful that I am their Oma! These two kids are not just my much-loved grandchildren, but they are both really nice, interesting children, that I enjoy spending time with.

I’m looking forward to going on the rides, watching their faces when they see the different Disney characters, and even watching them crash out in the evenings after we are done with the theme parks for the day.

Stay tuned for pictures and a travelogue which will begin on Saturday Morning on this blog. The activities will all be one day after, and I will try to write and post each night before I crash.


Christmas Eve


Can you believe it? Here we are. It’s Christmas Eve! Here in New Hampshire, our ground is nearly bare of snow and they really are not expecting any significant snow by Christmas. In fact, Christmas Day is forecast to be cold and sunny. Which is fine by me, as last year we drove through a big snowstorm to get to my daughter’s home to celebrate the big day.

I’ve always loved Christmas. The people, the fun, the food, and then something totally magical happened in my life.

I became an Oma!

Suddenly, the magic I knew when my children were little, is back and in many ways even better than before. My appreciation for all that I have in my life is so much greater than when I was young. Each person, each love, brings a smile to my face and makes me anticipate sharing Christmas Day with them.

48405328_1136175726560925_5215264030301618176_nThe wonder of watching their happy faces as they open their packages fills me with sheer joy!


Today I will visit the Post Office for the last cards and packages before Christmas Day.


I will pack the car, and decide what I am wearing Christmas Day and lay it out. Our day begins early, as we breakfast and prepare for one very special day, spent with those that I love.

Have a blessed Christmas Eve!



On Saturday I was up bright and early, my bags were packed and I had Christmas gifts for my cousin to bring down to my daughter’s house. I was on time, and even got a nice bottle of water for the ride.

Everything was going well until I got out of my car at my daughter’s house, went to get my overnight bag out of the back seat and found I’d forgotten it!

Yeah, call me stupid. I have never done this before. Especially since I take two very important medications that I cannot go without.

Oh well, I told Mandy and Matt to go on out and I would bite the bullet and drive home in the evening.

I’m not a fan of driving in the dark. I don’t see all that well, and so I really avoid it. Lucky for me, when it came time for me to drive back, the traffic was light and I did just fine.

But I am still annoyed with myself!

I did get to see Savannah perform at her ballet class Christmas show. And she was wonderful and adorable and this Oma was thrilled!

Here Savannah is waiting with her classmates to perform for us and for Santa.
She was so adorable and knew all her steps and little hand gestures!

She sure can jump high!

Savannah really loves Santa and is always good for hugs, snuggles, and cuddles!
When we got home Quinn was playing with his Christmas Tree. Fun to watch!

Our weather today was splendid! Our temperatures were close to or right around 50 degrees! And the sun was shining! All in all, a great day.

If only I hadn’t forgotten my medications!