Disney Kids

Mandy and Matt took the kids to Disney for February Vacation. I love it! So many parents never take the time or opportunity to play with their kids. Mandy and Matt really like their kids, as well as love them. They enjoy spending family time together, just having fun. It’s just wonderful to see.

Screenshot_20200225-133924_SnapchatMatt & Savi

49585743221_d290a8a509_kMandy and Quinn.

Mandy has been sending me pictures and videos and I wait each day for her texts and pictures to arrive. It makes me so happy to see them having such a good time.

Quinn and Savi. How did they grow up so fast? It was just yesterday that they were little babies!

84222888_10221912543824418_4856120226514731008_nAren’t they the sweetest?

87284821_10221912542464384_1601918085810356224_nI am just loving Savannah’s purple sandals. They look so comfortable! And just love those scary faces!

They’ll be back soon and I can hardly wait to hear all about their adventures!

Mandy and Matt are such good parents and I am really proud of them. Not because they go to Disney with the kids, but that they both have the ability to play with their kids, and their kids both know how loved they are.


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