TBT: My Grandchildren & Me

This week I am looking back at the birth of my two grandchildren. There is something so special and amazing when you hold your grandchild for the first time.

I was thrilled when Mandy told me she was expecting a little girl! And then, when I held Savannah for the first time, my heart swelled with a love so strong and so full of happiness!

Ever since her birth, Savi and I have had this connection between us. Maybe all grandparents feel like this with their grandchildren. I would go anywhere and do anything for her, and her brother.


June 02 12 009Savannah May 31, 2012

Holding Savi for the first time brought happy tears to my eyes. Watching her grow and change has been such a delight!

After Savannah’s birth, I figured if that were all the grandbabies, then I was a lucky lady. But one day I was in my yard and a woman came by. She was buying our old truck. She took my hand and read my palm and told me that I would have another grandchild and this one would be a boy.

This woman had never met me before or been inside my home. And yet she told me all about my granddaughter and my soon-to-be grandson.

A few weeks later I was babysitting Savannah overnight at Mandy’s and my daughter came running down the stairs waving an EPT Pregnancy Stick! She was pregnant!

To say we were all thrilled was an understatement. I had told her about the woman’s prediction and a few weeks later we found out that our darling Quinn, a boy, was on his way!



Quinn March 7, 2016

Since I never had a boy, I knew very little about them. I learned fast that having a boy was rough and tumble and playing trucks and focusing on anything with wheels. This boy started walking at 7+ months and hasn’t stopped since.

I love being a grandmother, and the love I have for Savannah and Quinn isn’t measurable. I tell them all the time, “I love you to the moon and back!” And their smiles, their hugs, and their love mean more to me than anything.

20201224_193637Savannah, Mandy, Quinn, and me last Christmas.

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