TBT: Greta Meets The Lake

Way back, when Greta was a very young pup, we were taking her daily for walks in the forest to a local lake. Each day, our German Shepherd, Fritz would jump in, but Greta would just stand there and watch.

dogs swim

I tried to get her interested, but she just stood there watching Fritz swim. She was so stubborn!

August 25 006

Then one day Jack threw a larger stick out, and Fritz jumped in, along with Greta!

August 25 007

Jack was panicked and began to take off his shoes, and remove his wallet from his shorts, as he feared that Greta would not know how to turn around and come back to shore.

But Greta was far smarter than anyone knew, and when Fritz grabbed the stick and turned to swim in, so did Greta.

dogs swim

And thus began Greta’s love affair with the ponds and lakes in Central New Hampshire.

TBT: My 2nd Great Grandparents

My sister and I have been working on our family’s genealogy. It’s been fascinating seeing where we came from.

My grandmother, Grandma Honey (Mary), was very much into that stuff in her day, and I imagine her sitting in the Boston Public Library looking things up. (No computers back then!) She told me stories about her father and her father’s parents. I was always interested to hear these tales. She never knew her own grandparents, But her father had told her some of the stories and she retold them to us, her grandchildren.

Although they were long gone when I was growing up, I knew all about George Keith and Pheobe Sophia. Grandma even joked with me that I must be like her because I could be overly dramatic at times, and apparently, from the stories told, so could she.

So here are my second great-grandparents.

George Keith.

George Keith Daniell 2nd great grandfather

And his love wife Phoebe Sophia.


This is where part of me started. These two people are in my DNA and the stories I heard about them made me feel like a part of it all.


TBT: Cape Cod Summer Memories

Summer Memories

I grew in Falmouth on Cape Cod and my summers were always full of sun, sea, and soft, cool, cotton sheets after a long day at the beach. My sister Melodie is in the back on the left. I’m the bold one in the blue bikini!


I swam almost before I could walk, dreamed of magical kingdoms, built in the sand, and lay on my towel watching the clouds drift by in the afternoon. I remember thinking that time went so slowly as I lay there, that things would always be like that.


I ran barefoot all summer long through the sweet grass, and the scent of lilacs and roses and the ocean were always there. (Or so it seemed)


The feel of salt on my skin, the taste of it on my lips, and the laughter in the air, as I climbed the jetties along the Surf Drive Beach.


Melodie on the left and me at home on Clipper Lane. When I didn’t walk to the beach, I rode my trusty Schwinn Bike all over town.


Fireflies, cookouts on the grill at Goodwill Park, with marshmallows too. My Uncle George, cousin, Janet, and Aunt Betty with Grandma Honey.

Telling stories in the dark, movies at the drive-in, and ice cream cones at Dairy Queen!


Pop cycles and root beer floats, fried clams and frozen Milkyway bars. Lobster and butter, and strawberry shortcakes at the church festival.

August 2 013

At the Clam Shack in Falmouth.

Sunshine and happiness, visiting with relatives who flocked to our house and the beach. Summers are full of some of the best memories in my life!

TBT: Being Five

Here I am, at the tender age of five. From my browned skin and blonde hair, you can tell I spent most of my time outside. And from the length of my bangs (fringe) you can tell that my mother was the one who had cut them. For some unknown reason, my mother always cut the bangs too short, and usually, they were crooked!

20210428_174108Looking back, I recall spending most of my time either outside riding my bike, climbing trees, or shut away in my room. At five I still had so much daydreaming imagination.

Being five was fun.

Maribeth Dackel

TBT: My Mom & My Uncle

Mom and Uncle BobThis Throw Back Thursday is a picture of my Mom, Rosamond, and her big brother, Robert. Mom looks to be about 3 or 4 years old and Uncle Bob was 5 years older.

This was taken back in the day when most pictures were in black and white and then colored in. Still, it is a sweet picture.

Mom adored her brother, and quite sadly she lost him when he was fairly young.


TBT: Arnie At The Zuchtschau

Arnie was shown twice at a German dog show (Zuchtschau). This was the first time in September 2007. He did very well and was given an Excellent rating. The man with me was a Judge from Switzerland. He was very kind, and he enjoyed all of the dogs.

Sept 21 025The next picture is of Arnie and me as we walked the ring. Arnie was a joy to show.

Sept 21 021

Such a sweet dog, with a great personality. People fell in love with him then and still do now.

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TBT: Melodie & Me

I think this was taken when I was in fifth grade. Melodie must have been in High School. Those were two of my favorite dresses ever! Sadly the white one never really fit me well. But that chocolate brown dress with the funky collar I wore over and over until it no longer fit me.

img254It’s about the only time Melodie was taller than me. Shortly after that I went through a growth spurt and left her far behind! In the end, I was 5 feet 8 inches tall and she was 5 feet 3 inches.

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