TBT: Arnie

I know I publish a lot of pictures of Arnie. Now that my little Prince is closing in on the ripe old age of 15, I find myself loving him more and at the same time worrying about his health. I just hope that Arnie lives to be, oh, I don’t know, 25!

So, I was looking back at his puppy pictures when I came across this one. Arnie was about 8 weeks old here, and the cutest little guy ever!

Feb. 4 ArnieArnie had four sisters and he allowed them to be the boss of the whelping box. Arnie simply ate and slept and snuggled. He was really low maintenance compared to his sisters.

As Arnie grew, alongside his sister, Anneliese, the two became the very best of friends.

March 10 Arnie & AnnelieseAnd right up until January of this year, Arnie and his sister were devoted to each other.

20150824_181402Sadly, she passed away and in many ways, Arnie still mourns her loss. Siblings, best friends, and littermates, they’d been together their entire lives.

Now Arnie is left with just us and Lili. He follows me around everywhere I go. And at night when I get out of bed, I come back to find him waiting for me.

20210730_163854My friend, my sweet boy, my joy! As Mr. Spock said many times on Star Trek, “Live Long & Prosper“!

TBT: Uncle Bob, Uncle George & My Mom

This old picture I simply had to share. This week’s Throw Back Thursday is a picture of my Mom and her brother, Robert (left), and her cousin George (right).

She was the youngest in her family, like I was the youngest in my generation, with the exception of my cousin, Larry who is a year or so younger than me.

How quickly time goes by, and these three kids not only grew up, but also got married, and had their own families and are now gone from this earth. But the memories of each of them are held tightly in my heart.


TBT: Germany & Me

I first went to Germany in the spring of 1989. Hubby was a pilot for Pan Am, and he was temporarily assigned to West Berlin. This was before the Wall came down, and nothing I experienced then, comes close to the reunified city now.


This was the Airbus Jack flew over from New York with a 3 man crew, and me. They showed me how to warm up meals and make coffee and I was able to experience a takeoff and landing on this flight in the cockpit, as well as see St Elmo’s Fire. There were no passengers on this flight. They had to fill up to the brim with jet fuel to make the flight from JFK to Berlin, Tegel Airport.


There we are, at Checkpoint Charlie, when it really was a crossing from West into East Berlin. I went through several times with the US Military (a special privilege they gave to Pan Am families).


Here I am in East Berlin at Alexander Platz. I recall the gardens there were so beautiful. I spent a lot of time walking around East Berlin, and I brought back many wonderful things to remind me of my trip. The items we have used the most over the years are the cotton Decke (comforter type blanket). I love the two I bought, but they have slowly fallen to apart.

I also learned to love Dackels! Friends of Jack’s had a wonderful male, Wirehaired Dackel, named Shubi. He spoke no English, and I spoke no German, but it was love at first sight for us both.


In the years to come each time we visited, Shubi was at my feet, in my arms, and my bed! Oh, I loved that little man!

Years later, during the fall of 1995 Shubi got out of their yard and was hit by a lorry. My first visit back did not feel the same. I mourned the loss of my little friend. I saw how quiet their house was and said, “You know, we should get puppies together!”

And we did! In February of 1996, we brought home a three-month-old female Wirehaired Dackel, that we named Shubi-2. Our friends got her brother and named him Toni!

Shubi and mom

She was the best souvenir that I ever got!

TBT: Mom & Dad

This week’s Throw Back Thursday are pictures of my Mom and Dad in their teens. They were 13 and 14 years old when they met. Dad played the piano and organ at recitals and my Mom was a dancer.

DadFourteen-year-old Dad. James Alfred, also known as Jimmy to Mom and Jim to everyone else. He was a handsome teenager back then, and he swept my mother off her feet. He became a music teacher in the schools in my hometown and at one point everyone had had Dad as their teacher. He loved music. He loved sharing it with others.

MomAnd here is Mom. Rosamond Ruth also called Rosa. She was really a quiet woman, and I think she was probably a shy child. She was very close to her cousin George and her parents. She adored her brother, but often he didn’t want his kid sister hanging around. Still, she loved him deeply.

If there was one thing that they shared with me growing up, it was their love of animals. All through my childhood, we had at least one dog, mostly two, and always a Siamese cat! A house wasn’t a home for us without a pet or two or three.

They were married for over 60 years! Their marriage wasn’t perfect, but they remained close all through their life together….

Sig file for Dackel

TBT: My Little Shubi

The last Christmas I spent with my little love doggy, Shubi, was in 2005. She sure was one of a kind and full of love and cuddling. She has been gone for a long while now, but her memory lingers on. She was my first wire-haired dachshund, although her coat was a little soft, and not scruffy like Greta and Arnie and Anneliese. But what a wonderful companion she was!

Picture from 2002 2003 058

I loved her with my whole heart and she loved me. I think of her often and sometimes I have dreamt she was with me once again.


TBT: 9 Year Old Me

Well, it was like this. I found this stray cat and brought it home. Mom wasn’t thrilled, but since rescuing animals was my thing, my Mom let it stay.

Shortly thereafter the cat had kittens. And if memory serves me, the mother didn’t make it. So we cared for the kittens and they all made it.

We kept two of them, Ebony and Endora. Ebony had missed his mama and would suckle on anything he could. I surmise these were somewhat feral cats, as I don’t recall them being particularly friendly.

But here I am with the kittens standing in front of our car. I was not yet ten years old.

Falmouth 1968I have always loved all animals.

TBT: Baby Arnie

This is our Arnie, way back in February 2006, at the age of 7 weeks old. He was a sweet and handsome boy even then!

Feb. 4 ArnieAt that time he had been sold to a woman in upstate New York. But a series of crazy events lead to her canceling her plans the day she was due to pick him up. Throughout the weekend we talked about putting an ad in the newspaper, but by Sunday night we knew, Arnie was here to stay.

One of the best decisions we ever made. Arnie has been my devoted companion for the last 14 years, our lives filled with joy and laughter. I have never regretted the decision we made. Arnie is a joy!

20210619_155307Old boy Arnie. My love.

TBT: Greta Meets The Lake

Way back, when Greta was a very young pup, we were taking her daily for walks in the forest to a local lake. Each day, our German Shepherd, Fritz would jump in, but Greta would just stand there and watch.

dogs swim

I tried to get her interested, but she just stood there watching Fritz swim. She was so stubborn!

August 25 006

Then one day Jack threw a larger stick out, and Fritz jumped in, along with Greta!

August 25 007

Jack was panicked and began to take off his shoes, and remove his wallet from his shorts, as he feared that Greta would not know how to turn around and come back to shore.

But Greta was far smarter than anyone knew, and when Fritz grabbed the stick and turned to swim in, so did Greta.

dogs swim

And thus began Greta’s love affair with the ponds and lakes in Central New Hampshire.

TBT: My 2nd Great Grandparents

My sister and I have been working on our family’s genealogy. It’s been fascinating seeing where we came from.

My grandmother, Grandma Honey (Mary), was very much into that stuff in her day, and I imagine her sitting in the Boston Public Library looking things up. (No computers back then!) She told me stories about her father and her father’s parents. I was always interested to hear these tales. She never knew her own grandparents, But her father had told her some of the stories and she retold them to us, her grandchildren.

Although they were long gone when I was growing up, I knew all about George Keith and Pheobe Sophia. Grandma even joked with me that I must be like her because I could be overly dramatic at times, and apparently, from the stories told, so could she.

So here are my second great-grandparents.

George Keith.

George Keith Daniell 2nd great grandfather

And his love wife Phoebe Sophia.


This is where part of me started. These two people are in my DNA and the stories I heard about them made me feel like a part of it all.