TBT: Anneliese & Arnie

I have had these two since before they were born. Their Mama Greta was huge when she was delivered of 5 healthy puppies. And from the moment they all drew breath, I knew that my life was blessed. I just didn’t realize how much.

Here they are at about 7 weeks old. Side by side as they have been from the very start.

Jan. 20 Anneliese and ArnieAnneliese on the left and Arnie on the right.

And here they are now. Still best friends and still side by side. On December 10th they will be 13 years old!

Arnie & AnnelieseArnie on the left and Anneliese on the right.

What a blessing it has been to have these two sweet pups in my life. How special it has been to have enjoyed every moment of their lives since before they drew their first breath!

And how comforting it has been to have Greta’s babies with me after she left for Rainbow Bridge.

Yes, I am so lucky to have these two very special puppy friends.

TBT: The Cousins


This picture was taken back in 2011.

July 10 11 007

This is my family. In green, my cousin, Janet. In yellow, my sister, Melodie, In lavender, my cousin Rikki and in blue, me. We’re New England’s version of Steel Magnolias.

We have all been through so much in our lives, but we are a tough bunch and never give up!

We have a cousin (not pictured) and he is the only man in our little group. He is dearly loved, although he was not with us on this day.

TBT: Savannah & Me!

Whenever Savannah has the chance, she asks me to tell her the story about when we first met each other. She loves to hear about how happy I was, and how I couldn’t believe I was her Oma!

Savi actually knows the story so well, she could tell it herself, but she always will sit there listening to me, and if I miss something she will jump right in and correct me!

I saw you lying in a little hospital cot. You were all wrapped up in a blanket and little hat! I went over and looked into your face and asked Mommy if I could pick you up? She said yes, and I held you in my arms and my heart filled up with so much love. You see, Savi, I immediately fell in love with you!”

May31 12 002This is one of the pictures taken when I got to hold her for the first time! Me and my darling grand-girl!

June 02 12 005The next day, I was back snuggling with her! Look at those beautiful long fingers and that perfect little face! It just doesn’t get any better than this. Or that was until Quinn came along!

This week Savi wanted to hear all about Quinn. That was a fun story too! But that is for another day!

64467716_2538902969476624_8175454300722429952_nSavannah Rose and her Oma, Me!

TBT: Grammie Alice

This week I am focusing on my girl’s grandmother, Grammie Alice. She was the mother of my first husband, and she was such a dear, sweet woman. She loved her family with her whole heart and was such a loving Grammie to all of her grandchildren.

In a few days, it would have been her birthday and so I have been thinking of her. I went in some old photo albums and found this cute picture of her and my girls taken one Christmas at our apartment in Milford, NH.

66461783_627388121116704_5417072504747327488_nMandy, Grammie Alice, and Katie!

I have always loved this picture as everyone has such sweet and happy smiles on their faces!

Throw Back Thursdays are such a great time to pull out those old pictures of our much-loved family.

TBT: Katie

It’s been nearly 34 years since my daughter, Katie passed. I wish I could explain the depth of pain you feel when you see the last picture of your child.

The last picture I knew of was taken by me of Katie and her sister on a lovely Spring day that year. They both looked so beautiful and I brought them outside and shot nearly an entire roll of film.


A few weeks after those pictures were taken, Katie passed away. I remember holding the pictures in my hands, thinking that this was it.

And so it was for 34 years.

Recently, Katie’s best friend from those long ago days passed away. Her father posted two pictures of his daughter’s birthday party. There, before my eyes, were two pictures that included Katie! Two new pictures of my sweet daughter!


I have cropped the pictures to protect the privacy of the other family, who just lost their daughter. She was a wonderful girl, who grew up to be very special. Sadly she passed just before her 40th birthday


I saw Katie’s face. Her beautiful smile. My heart filled, and so did my eyes, which overflowed and tears fell down my face.

What a beautiful gift!

I am so very thankful

TBT: My Family

Here I am, with my family, getting married for the first time.

wedding 2g

Left to right, my Mom, Me, my sister, Melodie, my brother, Richard and my Dad. This is the last picture I have of the five of us together, as my brother developed cancer a year later, and a year after that, he passed from this life to the next.

I married my High School sweetheart and our marriage produced two daughters and lasted 11 and a half years. The wedding was beautiful too.

I’m glad I can say after all these years that Bob and I are once again friends. We enjoy our daughter and grandchildren and I think we are very lucky.

(PS: I look at this gown now and wonder what could I have been thinking? My taste in clothes really has changed!)