TBT: Savannah & Me!

Whenever Savannah has the chance, she asks me to tell her the story about when we first met each other. She loves to hear about how happy I was, and how I couldn’t believe I was her Oma!

Savi actually knows the story so well, she could tell it herself, but she always will sit there listening to me, and if I miss something she will jump right in and correct me!

I saw you lying in a little hospital cot. You were all wrapped up in a blanket and little hat! I went over and looked into your face and asked Mommy if I could pick you up? She said yes, and I held you in my arms and my heart filled up with so much love. You see, Savi, I immediately fell in love with you!”

May31 12 002This is one of the pictures taken when I got to hold her for the first time! Me and my darling grand-girl!

June 02 12 005The next day, I was back snuggling with her! Look at those beautiful long fingers and that perfect little face! It just doesn’t get any better than this. Or that was until Quinn came along!

This week Savi wanted to hear all about Quinn. That was a fun story too! But that is for another day!

64467716_2538902969476624_8175454300722429952_nSavannah Rose and her Oma, Me!

TBT: Grammie Alice

This week I am focusing on my girl’s grandmother, Grammie Alice. She was the mother of my first husband, and she was such a dear, sweet woman. She loved her family with her whole heart and was such a loving Grammie to all of her grandchildren.

In a few days, it would have been her birthday and so I have been thinking of her. I went in some old photo albums and found this cute picture of her and my girls taken one Christmas at our apartment in Milford, NH.

66461783_627388121116704_5417072504747327488_nMandy, Grammie Alice, and Katie!

I have always loved this picture as everyone has such sweet and happy smiles on their faces!

Throw Back Thursdays are such a great time to pull out those old pictures of our much-loved family.

TBT: Katie

It’s been nearly 34 years since my daughter, Katie passed. I wish I could explain the depth of pain you feel when you see the last picture of your child.

The last picture I knew of was taken by me of Katie and her sister on a lovely Spring day that year. They both looked so beautiful and I brought them outside and shot nearly an entire roll of film.


A few weeks after those pictures were taken, Katie passed away. I remember holding the pictures in my hands, thinking that this was it.

And so it was for 34 years.

Recently, Katie’s best friend from those long ago days passed away. Her father posted two pictures of his daughter’s birthday party. There, before my eyes, were two pictures that included Katie! Two new pictures of my sweet daughter!


I have cropped the pictures to protect the privacy of the other family, who just lost their daughter. She was a wonderful girl, who grew up to be very special. Sadly she passed just before her 40th birthday


I saw Katie’s face. Her beautiful smile. My heart filled, and so did my eyes, which overflowed and tears fell down my face.

What a beautiful gift!

I am so very thankful

TBT: My Family

Here I am, with my family, getting married for the first time.

wedding 2g

Left to right, my Mom, Me, my sister, Melodie, my brother, Richard and my Dad. This is the last picture I have of the five of us together, as my brother developed cancer a year later, and a year after that, he passed from this life to the next.

I married my High School sweetheart and our marriage produced two daughters and lasted 11 and a half years. The wedding was beautiful too.

I’m glad I can say after all these years that Bob and I are once again friends. We enjoy our daughter and grandchildren and I think we are very lucky.

(PS: I look at this gown now and wonder what could I have been thinking? My taste in clothes really has changed!)

TBT: Greta At The Dog Show

Greta was two years old when she went to a German Dog Show held in New York State. She was examined by a German Judge and found to be Excellent! She was such a good girl and she allowed me to show her, even though we had not worked too much on the form.  But she somehow knew what to go and flirted in a nice way with the judge.

Sept 23 033

Sept 23 030

In the end, she came in second place. The winner was the sister of Greta’s eventual mate, Bernie.

Sept 23 039

Here is Greta with her prize. She loved that thing for years. Until it completely fell apart!

TBT: A Six Year Old MB

I was thinking today about Savannah turning six years old this month. I have some memories from my year as a six year old. I recall starting school, meeting teachers, and the fact that that was one of the years that my Mom did a lot of sewing for my sister and myself. So many matching outfits!



We lived on Clipper Lane, and I rode my bike everywhere, climbed trees and went to the beach every day in the summers. I was perpetual motion, which now seems sort of strange, as my soon to be 60-year-old body is not nearly as limber as my six-year-old body was! ha!


When I was in Falmouth a few weeks ago we drove to the Community Theater where I performed. In between rehearsals I used to go out and climb this big old tree. It was massive, and a great climber. It is still there! My heart sang, and I so wanted to go over and climb that tree, but my older and stiffer self prevailed!

img081 (2)

So, here are a few pictures of six-year-old me!

TBT: My Sister & Me

I have so many pictures of my sister and me, but this week I thought I would share one of my favorites. This was taken when I was in 5th grade and my sister was a Sophmore in High School. Back then I was still shorter than my sister but soon grew to be much taller than her.


I remember how much I loved that brown dress. It was the height of fashion in the late 1960’s and I felt so grown up in it. I also recall that it fit me for such a short time as this was the year that I grew several inches and started to get my adult body. But oh, looking back at this picture, I can easily recall how lovely I felt!

My sister’s dress never fit me. She is so slender and her body frame is so petite compared to mine. I loved it and we usually did wear each other’s clothes, but this beautiful dress just never fit me. Even now, Mel is slightly built, and when we compare our wrists, hers is tiny and mine is quite large.

It’s also interesting to note that at that time we did not look too much alike. However, in our twenties, we looked like twins. Now as we enter our golden years, we have gone back to being quite individual.

The one thing that has never changed from the time when we were very little until now is our deep and abiding love for each other. How very blessed we are to have each other.

Love you so much Mel!