TBT: Greta’s First Litter

It’s hard to believe that fifteen years ago tomorrow the A-litter, otherwise known as Greta’s first litter of pups were born. Greta had labored for some time, and not had a puppy, so I rushed her to the Vets, where he delivered all 5 puppies safely, and healthfully. One big fat puppy was stuck in the birth canal, so the cesarean had to be done.

Dec 10 031Arnie is in the blue-collar and Anneliese was the green. Everyone made it through just fine, including Greta, who went on to have one more litter before we retired her.

Greta was a fabulous mother and she tended to her babies so sweetly. It was truly a joy to watch her with her pups.

Dec. 31 005Fun times!

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  1. I am just curious. Do you think Greta would have eventually given birth if nature was left to take its course.

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