Happy Heavenly 16th Birthday ~ Arnie & Anneliese

Sixteen years ago, Jack got up in the morning and I told him that I thought that Greta would be having her puppies soon. He examined her and said, he thought he could get a few runs in skiing, but to call if things got going, and off he went!

big bellyGreta right before giving birth. She was huge!

Greta looked at me, with eyes that related to me just how miserable her contractions were, and I knew that things were getting close.

Then, all of a sudden, things just sort of stopped. Then started again, and this went on for about an hour. I called the Vet. and I brought her in for an exam.

It was, of course, a Sunday, and so my Vet. had to get his staff to come in and assist in the Ceasean delivery. You see, we had one very large baby and then 4 “normal” sized ones. That was the day that Arnie and Anneliese were born.

I called Jack, who had just gotten up to the slopes, and he turned around and came home, and made their birth!

Arnie was the only boy, and Anneliese was born squealing loudly! I didn’t know then, which puppy I would want to keep, and I certainly never expected to keep 2, especially a male dog, as I had never been a boy dog fan, but I digress…

That was December 10th and by Christmas, I knew Anneliese was going to be my forever puppy girl, and two months later Arnie was rejected by the people who’d wanted to buy him. The woman’s life fell apart following a divorce, her daughter had run off with her boyfriend, and the woman lost her job. I told her she needed this friend, but she declined and he remained, forever with us.

Jan. 29 Anneliese and Arnie 001Anneliese and Arnie as babies!

Now I couldn’t imagine life without my two little A-Litter Puppies. I call them “The Twins” even though they aren’t, and if they are outside I will call them “Puppies” and they will both turn their heads and run toward me!

Anneliese went on to have her own babies, and “Uncle Arnie” babysat and helped his sister out with them. It was just so cute!

And in life, they were the very best of friends. When I look back having sibling puppies it was one of the best things I have ever done, even if it was absolutely by accident!

All three, Mommy Greta and Annelise, and Arnie made it to their 14th birthdays. Having these fabulous friends was incredible. When Arnie passed three months before his 15th birthday I was crushed.

But here we are. Heidi is home and she has brought me such love and joy!

Happy Birthday to my Dackel Princess puppies. Knowing you was simply marvelous!
Dec 8 christmas dogsAnneliese, Arnie, Greta, and in front is our dear old Fritz.

TBT: Greta’s First Litter

It’s hard to believe that fifteen years ago tomorrow the A-litter, otherwise known as Greta’s first litter of pups were born. Greta had labored for some time, and not had a puppy, so I rushed her to the Vets, where he delivered all 5 puppies safely, and healthfully. One big fat puppy was stuck in the birth canal, so the cesarean had to be done.

Dec 10 031Arnie is in the blue-collar and Anneliese was the green. Everyone made it through just fine, including Greta, who went on to have one more litter before we retired her.

Greta was a fabulous mother and she tended to her babies so sweetly. It was truly a joy to watch her with her pups.

Dec. 31 005Fun times!

TBT: Greta Meets The Lake

Way back, when Greta was a very young pup, we were taking her daily for walks in the forest to a local lake. Each day, our German Shepherd, Fritz would jump in, but Greta would just stand there and watch.

dogs swim

I tried to get her interested, but she just stood there watching Fritz swim. She was so stubborn!

August 25 006

Then one day Jack threw a larger stick out, and Fritz jumped in, along with Greta!

August 25 007

Jack was panicked and began to take off his shoes, and remove his wallet from his shorts, as he feared that Greta would not know how to turn around and come back to shore.

But Greta was far smarter than anyone knew, and when Fritz grabbed the stick and turned to swim in, so did Greta.

dogs swim

And thus began Greta’s love affair with the ponds and lakes in Central New Hampshire.

Anneliese’s Eyes

In the Harry Potter books and movies, during tough times for Harry, when he meets his parent’s friends, they almost all say the same thing.

“I would have known you anywhere, you have her eyes. You have your mother’s eyes.”

Lately, I have noticed that as Anneliese has aged, I look into her eyes, and I see Greta. Anneliese is so much like her mother in so many ways. She is spunky and feisty, and she is also not afraid of anything!

Greta was a wee bit more affectionate than Anneliese is, but Anneliese has her own way of showing her love for us, her owners.

Here is dearest Anneliese. Looking up at me with love in her eyes.

20190516_053000And here is her Mum, Greta, also looking at me. Oh my, how I miss this little pup. She was so devoted to me and I miss her constant presence.

20180516_111141So, when I look at Anneliese, and I see her mother staring back up at me, it is almost like Greta is soothing my broken heart. What a joy it is to see Greta in her daughter’s eyes.

Now I understand what JK Rowling meant when she wrote: “You have her eyes.” about Harry Potter and his mother Lily. It isn’t all about color or shape, rather it is about the soul and sweetness of the person, (or in this case my pup Greta and her daughter, Anneliese).


March 9, 2004 – September 4, 2018

July 9 09 Greta15

Greta and I, back in the day.

To My Darling Greta

When you must go,
my furry little friend,
I will be by your side.
I will hold you tenderly,
until the life has left your eyes

I see you wandering,
your eyes seem lost each day,
I watch you as you try to walk,
and tears fall on my face

The long goodbye is over
I held you in my arms
You closed your eyes and sighed at me
as you drifted off with God

I hear that Rainbow Bridge
Is a happy place to be
I hope you’re happy there
as you dance and wait for me

I will not forget you
Your fur and lovely eyes
I shall see you in my memories
As if you were alive.


Scary Things

On Friday morning I got up quite early. The dogs followed me to the back door, and I let them out. In the early morning, the dogs all follow me out, do their business and then follow, me back in.

I was on my way back with Anneliese, Arnie, and Lili, and I glanced over and saw Greta walking along the top of the retaining wall toward the house. She has done this a million times in her 14 and a half years, and I expected her to reach the house for her morning treat!

It was then I heard it! YELP! My heart stopped for a second and I ran over to where she had been. She was gone! I called her, frantically, and looked under the fruit trees, and then I heard her cry again and my eyes followed the sound.

Greta had fallen off the wall, about 5 feet onto the crushed stones below! I raced down the stairs, and gently picked her up and carried her into the house. I set her down onto the floor and then asked her to walk toward me. She limped, just slightly, and walked to her little bed and crawled in.

I went over and checked her over, she seemed fine, but I was not sure. Over the next two hours, I checked her gums for color. Pink gums are healthy, white gums indicate internal bleeding. Hers were pink!

I gave her a small dose of her pain medication and then I let her rest most of the day.


There is no doubt that her spinal problems are getting worse. I’m pretty sure she lost her balance and fell off the wall. We talked about it and Greta will need close supervision outside.

Tonight she is quiet and despite the rain showers, we have been outside (on leash) and she’s done her thing. Today gave me an all too real vision of what it will be like on the day that Greta’s spine gives out, and we have to bring her in.

I didn’t like that vision at all.


TBT: Greta At The Dog Show

Greta was two years old when she went to a German Dog Show held in New York State. She was examined by a German Judge and found to be Excellent! She was such a good girl and she allowed me to show her, even though we had not worked too much on the form.  But she somehow knew what to go and flirted in a nice way with the judge.

Sept 23 033

Sept 23 030

In the end, she came in second place. The winner was the sister of Greta’s eventual mate, Bernie.

Sept 23 039

Here is Greta with her prize. She loved that thing for years. Until it completely fell apart!

Happy 14th Birthday, Greta!

Today is Darling Greta’s 14th Birthday. She is the oldest doggy I have ever had. It’s been one heck of a ride. Two beautiful litters of puppies, 5 puppies in each litter (10), the mother of our Arnie and Anneliese, and the Matron of our four dog crew.

Greta is fierce, gentle, funny, warm and bossy. She was so dark when we got her, and now her fur is nearly white, as she has aged.


It’s funny, when I wake in the night, I always know which dachshund is Greta. Her whiteness stands out in the dark.

I know her time on earth is coming to a close, and as painful as this is for me, I am grateful, beyond words, to have had this wonderful doggy as my constant companion these last 14 years. She truly has been, such a blessing.

TBT: Baby Greta

These pictures are from the first year of Greta’s life in the USA. In many ways I was like a little kid and I dressed her up in funny costumes. Here she is in her raincoat! (She didn’t like it!)

Oct 16 001

Her sun visor for those sunny days! This one she actually did like and allowed me not only to put it on, but she actually wore it a while!

Aug 2 002

And the last picture is of her at about 10 months old. She had a beautiful full beard and wonderful eye brows. It was very funny, we were at a camp ground and I was walking her and a little girl came riding up on her bike, and she stopped to pat Greta. Then she smiled and looked up at me and said, “I like your dogs bangs!” Even all these years later, that makes me smile and laugh.

Greta oct 13

My Darling Greta

My girl Greta is quite an amazing pup. I remember when we drove with Uschi to Rheden, German to pick her up at The Vom Geestmoor Kennels. When we arrived we were greeted by a whole bunch of wire-haired dackel puppies and several Mama pups. The owner met us at the gate and invited us in for coffee and cakes. As we sat enjoying our coffee, the owner left us with his wife and then came back with a squirming little bundle. My darling Greta!


Later when we left, I feared she might be sad to leave her brothers and sisters and her Mama, but she never looked back. She was a girl on the go!

We spent several days with Uschi and Volker before flying back to the USA with Greta. Every time we went out to explore a new place we brought baby Greta with us. She was all for new experiences and meeting new people.

The Kids are back

In the airport in Frankfurt, and old woman stopped me to admire the puppy and asked her name. “Oh, her name is Greta!” I said proudly. “Oh, like the famous actress, Greta Garbo!” she exclaimed, and patted Greta again. And the nickname stuck! I often call out the door, “Miss Garbo! Paging Miss Garbo!” And Greta comes running.

Greta was always up for anything. She hiked and swam and ran so fast, one was amazed that those short little legs could move at such a fast pace. She loved to play in the snow, or run around the yard playing with her red ball. (She knew the red ball from any other color and she knew that the red ball was hers!)

silly greta

Why am I writing all of this now? Well, Greta will be 14 in a month and a half. Her eyes show signs that she probably is nearly blind. Her hearing is not good either and in a 24 hour period, Greta spends 22 of them sleeping.

It’s hard to watch your beloved companion getting old. She is still as sweet as ever, but that spunk, that “I’m up for anything” attitude that she once had is gone. The other day I took her for a ride and she actually slept on the car seat instead of standing on the armrest to look out the window. And after that when I asked if she wanted to go for a ride, she didn’t even leave her bed.


So for now, I cuddle with her all the time, day and night, and I enjoy her as much as I can. But there is a sadness in my heart and my mind, as I know that we have started the long goodbye.