Happy Heavenly 16th Birthday ~ Arnie & Anneliese

Sixteen years ago, Jack got up in the morning and I told him that I thought that Greta would be having her puppies soon. He examined her and said, he thought he could get a few runs in skiing, but to call if things got going, and off he went!

big bellyGreta right before giving birth. She was huge!

Greta looked at me, with eyes that related to me just how miserable her contractions were, and I knew that things were getting close.

Then, all of a sudden, things just sort of stopped. Then started again, and this went on for about an hour. I called the Vet. and I brought her in for an exam.

It was, of course, a Sunday, and so my Vet. had to get his staff to come in and assist in the Ceasean delivery. You see, we had one very large baby and then 4 “normal” sized ones. That was the day that Arnie and Anneliese were born.

I called Jack, who had just gotten up to the slopes, and he turned around and came home, and made their birth!

Arnie was the only boy, and Anneliese was born squealing loudly! I didn’t know then, which puppy I would want to keep, and I certainly never expected to keep 2, especially a male dog, as I had never been a boy dog fan, but I digress…

That was December 10th and by Christmas, I knew Anneliese was going to be my forever puppy girl, and two months later Arnie was rejected by the people who’d wanted to buy him. The woman’s life fell apart following a divorce, her daughter had run off with her boyfriend, and the woman lost her job. I told her she needed this friend, but she declined and he remained, forever with us.

Jan. 29 Anneliese and Arnie 001Anneliese and Arnie as babies!

Now I couldn’t imagine life without my two little A-Litter Puppies. I call them “The Twins” even though they aren’t, and if they are outside I will call them “Puppies” and they will both turn their heads and run toward me!

Anneliese went on to have her own babies, and “Uncle Arnie” babysat and helped his sister out with them. It was just so cute!

And in life, they were the very best of friends. When I look back having sibling puppies it was one of the best things I have ever done, even if it was absolutely by accident!

All three, Mommy Greta and Annelise, and Arnie made it to their 14th birthdays. Having these fabulous friends was incredible. When Arnie passed three months before his 15th birthday I was crushed.

But here we are. Heidi is home and she has brought me such love and joy!

Happy Birthday to my Dackel Princess puppies. Knowing you was simply marvelous!
Dec 8 christmas dogsAnneliese, Arnie, Greta, and in front is our dear old Fritz.

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