Happy Heavenly 16th Birthday ~ Arnie & Anneliese

Sixteen years ago, Jack got up in the morning and I told him that I thought that Greta would be having her puppies soon. He examined her and said, he thought he could get a few runs in skiing, but to call if things got going, and off he went!

big bellyGreta right before giving birth. She was huge!

Greta looked at me, with eyes that related to me just how miserable her contractions were, and I knew that things were getting close.

Then, all of a sudden, things just sort of stopped. Then started again, and this went on for about an hour. I called the Vet. and I brought her in for an exam.

It was, of course, a Sunday, and so my Vet. had to get his staff to come in and assist in the Ceasean delivery. You see, we had one very large baby and then 4 “normal” sized ones. That was the day that Arnie and Anneliese were born.

I called Jack, who had just gotten up to the slopes, and he turned around and came home, and made their birth!

Arnie was the only boy, and Anneliese was born squealing loudly! I didn’t know then, which puppy I would want to keep, and I certainly never expected to keep 2, especially a male dog, as I had never been a boy dog fan, but I digress…

That was December 10th and by Christmas, I knew Anneliese was going to be my forever puppy girl, and two months later Arnie was rejected by the people who’d wanted to buy him. The woman’s life fell apart following a divorce, her daughter had run off with her boyfriend, and the woman lost her job. I told her she needed this friend, but she declined and he remained, forever with us.

Jan. 29 Anneliese and Arnie 001Anneliese and Arnie as babies!

Now I couldn’t imagine life without my two little A-Litter Puppies. I call them “The Twins” even though they aren’t, and if they are outside I will call them “Puppies” and they will both turn their heads and run toward me!

Anneliese went on to have her own babies, and “Uncle Arnie” babysat and helped his sister out with them. It was just so cute!

And in life, they were the very best of friends. When I look back having sibling puppies it was one of the best things I have ever done, even if it was absolutely by accident!

All three, Mommy Greta and Annelise, and Arnie made it to their 14th birthdays. Having these fabulous friends was incredible. When Arnie passed three months before his 15th birthday I was crushed.

But here we are. Heidi is home and she has brought me such love and joy!

Happy Birthday to my Dackel Princess puppies. Knowing you was simply marvelous!
Dec 8 christmas dogsAnneliese, Arnie, Greta, and in front is our dear old Fritz.

Good Night Sweet Arnie ~ 12/10/2006 ~ 9/27/2021

There are angels who can stay with us on earth until they get their wings. They have 4 paws, a black licorice nose, the most beautiful fur in the world, and the most loyal look you can imagine.”


And until these angels get their wings they call them dogs.”

Dackel Princess’ Arnold, “Arnie”, came into our lives on a bitterly cold Sunday morning. His mother, Greta had a problem getting one of Arnie’s four sisters out and so a cesarian was done. All five pups came out healthfully, and after a couple of hours, we drove the one mile from the Vets office back to our home.

I had decided to keep Arnie’s sister, Anneliese, and all the other puppies were sold, including Arnie. But fate stepped in and at the last minute the woman slated to adopt Arnie canceled. At 12 weeks old, Arnie was “Little Orphan Arnie”. What could we do? He had stolen our hearts and the boy was home.

Arnie lived quite happily with his mother Greta, sister, Anneliese, and a stepbrother named Fritz. They loved to play together, sleep together and ride in the car. Arnie was only six months old when he and Anneliese went to Canada with us for a family reunion. It was on the old family homestead and both pups enjoyed the freedom.

As time passed Anneliese was expecting a litter of puppies, and the only dog she allowed near them was her brother Arnie. Throughout their entire lives, Arnie and his sister remained best friends.

Arnie loved it when my grandchildren came into his life. First Savannah and then Quinn. The last sleepover found the kids nestled up with Arnie.

Arnie was one of a kind. He presided over the house as the King of all Dackels, yet he never once growled or did it by force. No, Arnie was a lover and all of our dogs adored this sweet boy. Especially our latest 7-year-old Lili.

Now Arnie has gone over Rainbow Bridge. I sobbed giant, ugly tears, as losing this boy is akin to having my heart ripped out of my body. I held him and kissed him until he slipped away.

Goodnight Sweet Prince. I shall miss you every day of my life. You truly were one of a kind.

John Galsworthy wrote: “Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.” So very true.


TBT: The Old Man, Arnie

Well, Arnie is hanging in there while we await his test results.


He is a little perkier but still wants to be in his bed sleeping. I suppose that when I get to be his age, I too will enjoy naps more and more.


Remember long ago, when you were small and you would get into trouble and your parents would send you to bed? I sure do and I really hated it. Now, naps are a reward!

Dackel Footer 1

This & That ~ September 21st

Do you ever look at your elderly pet and wonder, “When will they have their last good day?”

It’s been on my mind a lot lately because Arnie is showing signs that he just isn’t interested in much anymore. Monday he got up and after a short walk, he wanted to go back into his bed.

He would not eat. He refused his pills, and worst of all, after a few weeks of fussing, he did not make a sound. Whoever said silence is golden, was not talking about their beloved, elderly pet.

The day wore on with him still not interested in eating, It wasn’t until tonight when I poached a chicken breast, that he finally ate a little. Not much, but at least a little.

I’ll be poaching more for him in hopes he will get at least some of his appetite back. One can hope and one can pray.


And so, on this day filled with such worry, Jack and I did go and get our Flu shots. And we did stop for Soup & Salad at Olive Garden. It was a nice break. But while we ate I was distracted thinking of my darling, Arnie.


Doggy Feelings

It was a rough weekend for Mr. Arnie. I knew something was wrong, but I could not put my finger on it. On Monday morning, Arnie woke me at 4 AM. I tried to get back to sleep, but between Arnie not feeling well and Lili hovering around him, that was just not going to happen.

Right at 8:30 AM I called the Vet and made an appointment. I thought if I walked Arnie around the house to the garage, Lili wouldn’t be upset to see him go.

I was wrong.

Apparently, Lili could smell the problem that I could not. So, when we disappeared around the corner of the house, she went ballistic. Poor girl. I thought she had handled Anneliese’s passing well, but ever since Anneliese died, Lili has taken Arnie as a parent. She watches him. She follows him, and she worries about him.

Needless to say, when we arrived home with Arnie’s problem at least alleviated, Lili went right up and sniffed and checked Arnie and all but danced with happiness.

Arnie has a little infection in his anal glands and once drained he should be more comfortable. He is also on antibiotics and an ointment.

What struck me the most about this is that Arnie is in his golden years, and just like people “The Golden Years” also stink as far as little doggies go!

But alls well that ends well. Arnie should be right as rain quite soon and hopefully, we will go back into a healthy period for the dogs.


TBT: Arnie

I know I publish a lot of pictures of Arnie. Now that my little Prince is closing in on the ripe old age of 15, I find myself loving him more and at the same time worrying about his health. I just hope that Arnie lives to be, oh, I don’t know, 25!

So, I was looking back at his puppy pictures when I came across this one. Arnie was about 8 weeks old here, and the cutest little guy ever!

Feb. 4 ArnieArnie had four sisters and he allowed them to be the boss of the whelping box. Arnie simply ate and slept and snuggled. He was really low maintenance compared to his sisters.

As Arnie grew, alongside his sister, Anneliese, the two became the very best of friends.

March 10 Arnie & AnnelieseAnd right up until January of this year, Arnie and his sister were devoted to each other.

20150824_181402Sadly, she passed away and in many ways, Arnie still mourns her loss. Siblings, best friends, and littermates, they’d been together their entire lives.

Now Arnie is left with just us and Lili. He follows me around everywhere I go. And at night when I get out of bed, I come back to find him waiting for me.

20210730_163854My friend, my sweet boy, my joy! As Mr. Spock said many times on Star Trek, “Live Long & Prosper“!

Arnie’s New Bed

In his old age, nearly 15 years old, I decided that Arnie needed a new bed. I had been hearing a lot about calming beds. After checking them out, I found one I thought my old boy deserved something cushy and wonderful. Something that would feel good on his old bones.


This bed arrived today. I got it in a darker color to hide any doggy dirt, and I got a slightly bigger size to accommodate a long dog! It is machine washable and dryable!

He loves it! He even chased Lili out of the bed when I first put it down. It was as if Arnie knew that this bed was just for him.

TBT: Baby Arnie

This is our Arnie, way back in February 2006, at the age of 7 weeks old. He was a sweet and handsome boy even then!

Feb. 4 ArnieAt that time he had been sold to a woman in upstate New York. But a series of crazy events lead to her canceling her plans the day she was due to pick him up. Throughout the weekend we talked about putting an ad in the newspaper, but by Sunday night we knew, Arnie was here to stay.

One of the best decisions we ever made. Arnie has been my devoted companion for the last 14 years, our lives filled with joy and laughter. I have never regretted the decision we made. Arnie is a joy!

20210619_155307Old boy Arnie. My love.

Crazy Monday


I did a lot of running around on Monday. I woke, not feeling my best (don’t worry it’s not Covid, probably an ulcer) and I had no food in the house I could eat. So after dressing, I toddled off to the grocery store, and already at 9:30 AM, the place was jumping with…Tourists. I’m sure many of them don’t think of themselves that way, but those of us who live here year-round look at all those license plates from out of State and groan!

I got foods that are easy on the stomach and then came home, ate a small breakfast, and then scooped up Arnie for yet another Veterinarian appointment. I packed a small snack and off we went.

Arnie is not well. He is slowly going downhill and we decided to do what we can to keep him comfortable during this time. Arnie has had 14 and a half wonderful years! And we have had fourteen and a half wonderful years with him! We have really been blessed! Arnie was and is a truly fantastic boy!

On our way home I decided to get a vanilla shake. You know, coat my stomach, and stuff. Well, a thought struck me. I’ll get that and give Arnie a little.

At the window, I told the girl I planned to give Arnie a little whipped cream. I paid and went to the next window and what do I get handed? A small shake and a small cup of whipped cream for Arnie! And he thought he was the luckiest boy around!

And watching him…I knew was the luckiest girl!


Way Back Wednesday

As you know, Arnie isn’t doing well and I find myself looking back in time to when he was a young, sprightly puppy!

Feb. 4 ArnieWe’ve had Arnie since the very moment he drew breath. Arnie was Greta’s son. The only boy in that first litter of five.

Arnie was the one pup who just moved about quietly, stealing people’s hearts. Those eyes, that sweet look, he simply went around collecting fans!

Oct 13 031We had never intended on keeping Arnie. He was due to go to a woman in New York State, but at the very last minute (the day she was supposed to come and get him) she canceled. At that point, he was little orphan Arnie and we knew he was meant to be with us.

Sept. ,3 002Where have the last 14 years gone? Really, it just flew by. And now my handsome little guy is an old man.

It matters not. Way back when or now, Mr. Arnie is still the most loving and amazing little man ever!