This & That ~ September 21st

Do you ever look at your elderly pet and wonder, “When will they have their last good day?”

It’s been on my mind a lot lately because Arnie is showing signs that he just isn’t interested in much anymore. Monday he got up and after a short walk, he wanted to go back into his bed.

He would not eat. He refused his pills, and worst of all, after a few weeks of fussing, he did not make a sound. Whoever said silence is golden, was not talking about their beloved, elderly pet.

The day wore on with him still not interested in eating, It wasn’t until tonight when I poached a chicken breast, that he finally ate a little. Not much, but at least a little.

I’ll be poaching more for him in hopes he will get at least some of his appetite back. One can hope and one can pray.


And so, on this day filled with such worry, Jack and I did go and get our Flu shots. And we did stop for Soup & Salad at Olive Garden. It was a nice break. But while we ate I was distracted thinking of my darling, Arnie.


3 thoughts on “This & That ~ September 21st”

  1. Been there and it’s awful. Our pets are worth the pain but it’s heartbreaking when it gets to that point . ❤️

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