Seven Things I Love

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It’s my Sunday meme day. Seven Things I Love. Here is this week’s list!

April 30 12 0071. Apple Blossoms. So delicate, fragrant and beautiful.

20190522_1639482. Peach Blossoms. They fill our yard in spring on our lovely peach trees.

May 15 0393. A Bee pollinating the apple trees. I always love watching this happen. It is part of the growing season.

Aug 12 0034. A sign for every season. This sign is near my home. I always laugh when I see it!

July 17 013

5. A basket that was full of my garden vegetables. I grew all of those! I miss my garden.

20180523_1203376. Lilacs. My favorite flower is lovely and the scent cannot be mistaken for anything else. How I wish they made Lilac perfume or air fresheners.

IMG_0269 (2)7. The most beautiful rainbow on my lake. Yes, I took this picture myself. It was so beautiful that day.

7 Things I Love ~ January 12 2020

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1. 24 Jars Of Heavenly Jam & A New Hair Cut

My homemade Peach Jam. It’s an old recipe from Jack’s mother that I have made my own.

2. Sept 9 012

Apples. There is nothing like going outside in your back yard and picking a fresh apple off of the tree. I love apples!

3. Aug 8 006

A brilliant sunset over my lake in the summer. One thing about living above a lake is that you experience all sorts of beauty. Sunsets are really amazing here!

4. tulip

Snow on a tulip in early spring. Every once in awhile, Mother Nature sends us snow, even after our Spring flowers have bloomed. Still, there is beauty in it.

5. Feb. 16 010

This Noah’s Ark was my grandfather’s. He brought it from Germany to the USA in 1906 when his family emigrated. He and his father came through Ellis Island in New York and they were greeted by my great Uncle Albert. The entire family came here a few at a time, as they saved the money for the ship fare.

As a child, I was allowed to play with this at my grandmother’s home in Brighton, Massachusetts. I had to play quietly and carefully and I was filled with pride that I was trusted. Years later my Mom asked me if I wanted this? Absolutely! I cherish it!

6. June 21 003

Mother Greta with two of her children. Left to right, Arnie, Anneliese, & Greta. I have always loved this picture. I had the privilege to watch Greta give birth. And then I have had the joy to have shared with her the raising of these two pups. Now she is gone and I have her two children to comfort me.

7. Oct 2014
Autumn on my lake. I mean, does it get any more beautiful than this? Each day during the month of October I just love the changing leaves and the cool crisp air of Autumn. It’s what makes my little corner of New England so very special!

7 Things I Love ~ January 5

I was driving around town this morning on the way to get our mail, and I began thinking of all the little things that bring me joy. So, I thought I would start a new meme. I will jot down a few things each Sunday and hope that perhaps, these are some of your favorite things as well.

March 10 Arnie & Anneliese
Puppies! Here are Arnie and Anneliese. They were the sweetest puppies ever! But I do love puppies and dogs and feel the purity of their love.

Lobster! Need I say more!

August 25 024
Fresh summer Butter & Sugar Corn on the Cob!

Walks in the Bavarian forests.

This is me with a dear friend. He is no longer with us, but I think of him so often and the walks we took in the forest and also going to hunt mushrooms!

Sunset on my Lake Waukewan.

Nov 16 5
A phone call from someone I love.

Beer. German Beer!

My favorite German beer is Andechs! That is what I am drinking in this stein.

Stay tuned each Saturday for new loves and pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!