Seven Things I Love

Header 1 (2)1. French Onion Soup. Made with Gruyere Cheese and baked until the cheese browns. Totally worth the time to make and so very yummy!

The One About Food2. Wiener Schnitzel with potato pancakes and asparagus. A favorite German meal, but one I do not cook too often.

The One About Food3. Lobster. As I have said, Lobster is my all-time favorite! I would eat it more often if it weren’t so expensive.

The One About Food4. Chocolate dipped strawberries. Does it get any better than this?

Sept 145. Peppermint Bark. I remember the first time I tried it. Soooo good! And it is now a lifelong addiction!

img61l6. Pizza. Almost any kind. My actual favorite is Eggplant Pizza. My least favorite is Pepperoni.

July 31 0107. Ribs! I love barbecue ribs. I have a recipe for the best barbecue ribs and I used to make it often. Now I am on WW I think I won’t be eating these much at all.

July 04 093Well, here is this week’s list. I decided to make it a list of some of my favorite foods. What about you?

2 thoughts on “Seven Things I Love”

  1. I love French onion soup, but a simple consomme. We often have chicken schnitzel. I love Bourbon barbeque spare ribs, my favourite meal at a hotel.

  2. I live everything on your list. I don’t cook schnitzel, but there’s a great German restaurant…

    French onion soup was a favorite back in college, haven’t had it in years.

    My list of favorites changes with my mood. Today I might include lasagna, chicken souvlaki with tzatziki, shrimp fried rice and a good steak. Tomorrow I might say cannoli and cheesecake.

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