An Announcement!

Dog Pablo PicassoAn Announcement!

I guess that I can finally let you in on a little secret. I have been accepted as a future Mama for a 2-week old wirehaired dackel! She is currently living with her birth mother while she spends her days drinking and growing and sleeping. She will be coming home after Christmas to live here in the mountains of my State.

I had been toying around with different names for my wee lass, and I went back to my favorite girl’s name when I was a teenager. And so, when my little Miss comes home she will be called:


I cannot tell you how lonely I have been since Arnie died. Lili is sweet, but she is not a cuddler and actually is Jack’s dog. So my arms and bed are empty and there is no one to go on my walks with me. I knew it was going to be hard saying goodbye to Arnie, but I did not expect it to be this bad.

I guess what they say is true, “Grief is the price you pay for love.”

Now Heidi is on her way. We will walk, go to class, and learn all that one must to be a proper puppy. Best of all, I get to have another lifetime to spend with a pup. I’ve already ordered a collar and leash. Next is a new Airline approved bag for her and away we go!

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TBT: Some Dog Pictures & Me!

This is a picture of me with Baby-Dog, the Beagle, and Lorelai, our German Shepherd. I’m thinking I was about 12 or 13 years old.

554338105_770db81a90_oBelow: This was Greta’s first litter. My favorite thing to do at that time in the pups life was to sit in the puppy room and let them crawl all over me! Both Arnie & Anneliese are in there, but I can’t see collar colors, so I’m not sure who is who. Good times!


Jan. 20 Anneliese and ArnieAnneliese was such a little dog. Here she is next to Arnie who was already way ahead of her. It didn’t matter. They were devoted littermates.

Sept 6 040And here I am with Greta. She was an amazing dog and friend!

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For The Love Of My Dackels

Back in 1996 when I brought home my first wirehaired dackel, I didn’t realize how much these little creatures would change me and the world I lived in.

SHULOOKBaby Shubi.

Shubi was my first wirehaired dackel and honest to God, she changed my life. She was my little Army. When I listened to Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko say their wedding vows on Blue Bloods, it made me think about Shubi and how she saved me from depression.

“I will always have your back. If you fall behind I will wait up.
I will earn your respect and pay you respect every day we have.
I’ll be your scout, your night watchman, your cavalry.
Your medic, your chaplain in our army of two.
No retreat, no surrender. You can count on me.”

Shubi came into my life at just the right time. I was quite lost after the death of my six-year-old daughter. I was going down and there was very little I cared about.

But when darling Shubi came she was just 3 months old. She needed to be fed several times a day, walked, and we even went to doggy school so she could train me.

MUNICH6Walking with Shubi and a friend in Bavaria.

After so much sadness, Shubi gave me a reason to get up each day, and soon I was not only working my way out of the depression, but I was starting to enjoy life once again.

Shubi was an only dackel-child for 8 years before Greta joined us. We flew to Germany and went to the breeder’s home and picked up our girl. I was sure that no dackel could be as wonderful as Shubi, but I was so wrong. Where Shubi was a Beaty Queen, Greta was fierce and unafraid. I still recall the Easter afternoon when Greta cornered a garter snake (not poisonous) and barked loudly to protect me from it. Remembering that moment still makes me laugh!

Sadly Shubi left us shortly after her tenth birthday. She had contracted a very rare illness  GME (granulomatous meningo-encephalomyelitis). That was a very difficult goodbye. Shubi was so special.

greta at sunsetMy darling, Greta.

I did not have time to grieve as Greta went to her first German Dog Show, was rated Excellent and a boyfriend was found for her who was from German stock. Ten months later, Greta gave birth to her first litter and my love grew with the addition of Arnie and Anneliese.

Jan. 20 Anneliese and Arnie
Baby Anneliese and Baby Arnie.

We were so lucky to have had Greta for 14 and a half years, Anneliese for 14 years and one month, and Arnie for 14 and three-quarter years.

April 02 10 010Anneliese and Arnie.

Right now I am alone. Well, I have Lili I know, but as sweet as she is, she isn’t a cuddler and she is very much a protector of the home and hearth. This is funny because there is not a mean bone in Lili’s body, yet when we did have that daytime break-in back in January of 2019, fierce Lili was the heroine of the day.


But I was puttering around the house today and I had to go down to the basement and I said  “I’ll be right back Arnie” and then I realized he wasn’t here and I stopped and a sob caught in my throat.

I hope to find a new dackel-baby soon. I am just one of those people who has found the breed of dog that is perfect for them, and the wirehaired dackel is it for me!

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Thank You!

First I want to thank everyone who has written to me with their love and condolences after the passing of dear Arnie. His loss has taken the wind out of my sails and the sadness is rather great. Your love and care mean a great deal to me.

I woke in the night and discovered an empty bed. Always I would get up and return to a warm furry body waiting for me. Now the bed is empty and I am alone.

Lili and I got up at six o’clock and we both looked at each other and wondered how we would get through the day. Somehow we managed, but tomorrow I need to do a few things around here.

I need to wash Arnie’s bed and put it away. The little dackel steps need to be washed and also stored. For now, we have no small fur babies, and both Lili and I keep expecting to find Arnie sleeping in his bed.

One day, we will adopt a little wire-haired dackel. We will need all the little things that made my pups live and thrive in their home.

One day.


The Weekend Wrap ~ August 9th

weekend wrap 1I’ve begun to think I should simply give up on having a quiet lazy weekend. No matter how I try, I seem to get caught up in things around the house, or out and about our little town, that is bursting at the seams with Tourists!

During my days, and the times spent alone in my car, I have thought about so many things. Mostly, happily, about my dogs!

I remember how naturally my first Dackel, Shubi walked with me. I did use a leash when walking her around our home in Florida, but when we took her back to Germany to visit her brother, Toni in the Munich area, I never used the leash. It seemed that Shubi was always happy to walk by my side.


She would lay by my feet in restaurants and in parks when in Germany. It was as if she already knew the rules for little dogs in Germany.

I thought about my Greta. Another German girl. She was fierce and brave and loved being out in our yard running around. I recall one Easter morning when Greta found a snake in the yard. Forget about Easter Eggs, Greta had an Easter snake!

We were also camping with Greta when a young girl came over and asked about her. What type of dog? Where is she from? I said, “Oh she is from Germany” and the child asked, “Does she speak English?” The same girl said, as she turned to leave us, that she liked Greta’s bangs!

Feb 7 020Greta and her bangs.

Greta was also the best little doggy-mama ever. In fact, I remember her nursing the pups at 12 weeks of age, as the new owners were about to carry them away.

Oct 26 075Mama Greta and her five babies!

This brought to mind darling Fritz. He was a 78 pound White German Shepherd who I think thought Shubi was his Mama. He was so respectful of her and then Greta, Arnie, and Anneliese.

In fact, one day when Greta was outside with her first litter (this included babies Arnie and Anneliese), a stray dog came into the yard and was heading for the puppies.

Oct 22c 023Fritz.

Before I could react, I felt a brush of white fur against my leg, as Fritz sped by and broadsided that stray dog! He then made sure the stray dog left our yard. Yes. Fritz just knew that he was born an ugly dackel!

Which got me thinking about a trip we took to New Mexico in our motorcoach. We had yet another White German Shepherd, named Max and Shubi with us. Both were excellent riders and we really enjoyed the trip. We looked up an old Pan Am friend of Jack’s and parked the motorcoach at his home.

We were delighted to discover that they had four Corgis! So cute. Well, they wanted to play, but the story went like this: They sniffed and looked over both dogs, decided that dackel Shubi was close enough to be a Corgi, so they allowed her to play.

MAXSHUShubi and Max.

But dear, sweet, beautiful Max was not allowed to play any Corgi games! To watch the Corgis plus One, brought a smile to my face.

Anneliese was my quiet girl. We had wonderful adventures going to Germany to meet her boyfriend, and my little love was such a gentle soul. She never demanded attention but was just happy to be around us all. She loved traveling and made many new friends at the airports we were in and also in Germany.

UsAnneliese and me in Germany.

And then there is Lili.The niece of our darling Fritz. She has that same sweetness in her personality, but this dog goes from zero to sixty in mere seconds. She also is able to jump higher than any dog I have ever had. My beautiful Lili Marlene! She also saved me when I was home alone and there was a daytime break-in at my home. I do not want to think what could have happened if she had not been here!

20210524_191751Lili Marlene.

Last but by no means least is my Arnie. My precious, darling. When Greta gave birth to her first litter, most people wanted females. In this litter, there was one male. Handsome Arnie. He allowed his sisters to do whatever they wanted and he hung back. The term, I’m a lover, not a fighter could be said about my boy!

Arnie was sold to a Professor at Cornel University. She wanted to show him and have a companion dog.

The day she was due to pick him up, I got a call. She had lost her job, her husband had run off with a student and her daughter had moved out of their home. I told her she needed this pup, but she said no.

Over the weekend we went back and forth about this wonderful pup. He was sweet and gentle and loving and everyone who met him fell in love with him instantly!

Janets pics 099Anneliese peaking around her brother, darling Arnie! My twins!

On Monday morning we looked at our little dog family, Fritz, Greta, Anneliese and decided that Arnie was home. How difficult could it be to take care of four dogs?

And you know, in the nearly 15 years of Arnie’s life, I have never regretted the day we decided to add this marvelous boy to our pack!


It amazes me when I recall each and every dog that I have had and the fun we shared. I have never looked at my doggies as anything but my fur children. Gently handled, greatly loved, and sorely missed when they leave me.

The memories of these splendid friends gave so much to me and to my life. Each, in their own way, saved me. Whether it was making me laugh when I was sad, or licking away my tears, or pressing their bodies close to mine when I felt down.

                      Max                  Anneliese              Fritz                       Greta

My dogs                         Arnie                               Shubi                                Lili

How lucky I have been!


Happy 4th of July

Happy4thToday is Independence Day for my country. Many will celebrate with cook-outs, parties, and fireworks. I always enjoyed the 4th growing up because we would sit at the beach in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and watch the fireworks between us and Martha’s Vineyard.

One year when I was a young mother I was showing the girls how to hold a sparkler so that they didn’t get burnt. Well, guess what? Yup, I ended up with a burnt hand and a visit to the Emergency Room.

So, I have always had a healthy respect for fireworks, and quite honestly, I leave it to the pros.

Flash forward to last night. In years past our neighbors have shot off a few fireworks and although it shook up Lili, it wasn’t too bad. But last night was horrible.

Our neighbors were shooting off high-quality explosive fireworks. You know, the ones that shoot far into the sky and then blossom out in various colors.

Explosion after explosion found Lili near panic as she raced around the house, trying to find a safe place. I sat with her, but each explosion found her jumping away. After about 45 minutes Jack got up to see where the fireworks were coming from and unfortunately, they were coming from a house one street over and one house up. And worst than it being so close and upsetting Lili, the sparks were coming down in our yard. Thank God for rain, as we had had moderate rain all day long and the grass was still wet.

Jack opened the siders to see how far into our yard the sparks were landing. That’s when the unthinkable happened!

4th-of-july-pet-safety-minA panic-stricken Lili slipped by Jack and ran out the door! I pushed Jack aside and began hollering for Lili. I yelled for two reasons. I desperately wanted her to come back inside for her own safety, and I wanted my neighbor to understand that things had reached a dangerous level.

So, there I was running up the driveway in my nightgown and slippers. I was calling for my girl, and just as I was going into my garage to get the car, I saw my beautiful girl running down the driveway toward me. I quickly got her in the garage and closed the door.

Jack was on the phone with the Police. In this one instance when Jack was saying to me that this had to stop, a voice from the other yard say “F-off”! Not what anyone should say to deescalate a bad situation. In fact, I react badly when someone says that to me.

The Police arrived and we explained that the sparks from the fireworks were coming into our yard, which made us quite nervous, (Think propane tank close to where the fireworks were landing!) as well as poor Lili.

The Police Officer said that he did not believe that our neighbor had a permit for these high explosive fireworks and that he would go over and talk to them.

I sat up with both Jack and Lili (and by this time Arnie was freaking out) until I felt sure that the fireworks were over for the night, then went off to bed.

I am sure I will be looked upon as being the bad neighbor, but honestly, this time I feel completely justified for my actions.

Please remember that not only do some dogs fear the noise and sounds of fireworks, but combat Veterans with PTSD find them horrific, as they bring the war right back to them.

In most cases, it is best to leave fireworks to the professionals. They have them in places away from people’s homes and animals.

Sixteen Years

I noticed today that it is now sixteen years since I started to write Dackel Princess. Where has the time gone? I recall thinking that only three or four people would ever read me, and those people were all related to me.

Here is the LINK to the first entry I made all those years ago

However, over the years I have met so many great people as they found my blog. It really has been a thrill!

It all started with Shubi and then Greta and Fritz. My original three all those years ago.

Shubi Greta FritzShubi, Greta, & Fritz

Shubi was at the end of her time with us, and Greta and Fritz were puppies! Time sure does fly when one is having fun! And these three were so much fun!

Of course, soon Greta took a husband and she brought to us, Arnie & Anneliese. Fritz went to Rainbow Bridge and we got his niece, Lili.

Arnie Anneliese and LilArnie, Anneliese, & Lili

Of course, Anneliese left us in January, but there is still a lot of doggy love in this house!

During this time I also became an Oma! That is the best yet! Two beautiful and very special people named Savannah and Quinn came into my life. They are the loves of my life, along with my wonderful daughter, Mandy.

BeFunky-collage 2 (2)So in 16 years, so much has changed, but the love continues and the joy of sharing my life with my family, friends, and my pets continues. Each day presents an opportunity to find something new in life!

So Happy 16th Blogoversary to me!


Tuesday I finished up programming our laptop computers. I needed to make a change in the actual program going into the configuration files, and I was nervous, but the changes were made, and yippee! I did it and I learned a little more about the programming wonders of computers.

Quite honestly, I’d love to take a few courses. I think I could add to my knowledge and who knows, maybe you’d call me for help sometime!

I will be getting my Corona Vaccine in April and after that…who knows!

I thought a lot about Greta during the day. March 9th would have been Greta’s 17th birthday.

A Funny Little G irlMe with a very young Greta.

You know, it’s funny, but I remember all my pup’s birthdays and we always celebrated with them with a cupcake or something.

March 9 004Greta’s 3rd birthday complete with cake.

Lili’s birthday is coming up on St. Patrick’s Day. Lili will be 7 years old this year. It goes too fast.


Monday, Monday…

My Monday was stressful! What else can I say? Nothing was as I had thought it would be, but somehow, somehow I got through the day. But it’s a good thing I have naturally low blood pressure because much of the day found me feeling pretty frustrated.


So in order not to get lost in the minutia, I will simply bullet list my days’ events!

  • Jack and I had spoken and decided to bring Arnie in on Monday to our Vet. This skin problem is something we are both very concerned about and we wanted to be sure he knew about the latest events and saw it in person.
  • I happen to notice that both Arnie and Anneliese were due for their yearly shots. So when I made the appointment for Arnie to be seen, we planned to give both dogs their vaccines.
  • But as I drove out to the Vet’s Office I was thinking about Anneliese and all her fussing. I started to wonder if she had another UTI.
  • Upon my arrival at their office, I called them and explained my hunch. They brought out a small bowl and we walked Anneliese until the magic moment.
  • Arnie went in first, was checked out, and brought back after his shots.
  • Next Anneliese went in, had her exam and shots, and then she was returned to the car.
  • The Vet came out and we spoke about Arnie and the plan of attack for his recovery. A spray was included to help with the healing.
  • Then the subject came to my little girl. Yes indeed, she does have another UTI!
  • She was prescribed another antibiotic and then we were off.
  • At about this time, heavy snow began to fall! It was incredibly pretty, but fairly quickly, the roads became slick. Thankfully, by the time I reached our hometown, the snow had stopped and all was good.
  • I dropped them off at home and then went and did our grocery shopping. I stopped to get the mail, as I knew that Anneliese’s pain medication was there. But once again the US Postal Service let me down.
  • It actually arrived here on December 26th at 12:01 PM. Of course, that was too late to be delivered to be on a Saturday. But surely today, Monday, the package would be there! Ah no. Not sorted.
  • I told the Postal Worker I would be coming back. This package was very important to my pups!
  • Once I unloaded the groceries, had a quick lunch, I returned to the Post Office with my Tracking number. The Worker was not thrilled about finding this box, but I wasn’t leaving without it!
  • Let’s just say that I am one very determined woman, especially where my pups are concerned.
  • The box was found and I was able to give them their medication with their dinner!
  • I also had a weird thing happen with Lili. She’d gone out and was in the yard for a bit, and I called her to come in. She looked almost skittish like something had scared her. I went out and called to her again and she finally came in.
  • Dinner was made and cleaned up and it’s finally 8:15 on Monday night and I am able to sit down! Going to bed will be next and very soon!

Yes, it was a very long day!


November Arrives Like A Freight Train!

I woke to the sounds of high winds blowing around my house. It resembles a freight train at times when our wind is blowing full force out of the north-west. Not only was the wind blowing, but at 5:30 am our temperature was just 22 degrees (F). So it was very cold!

I stumbled to the kitchen, turned on the coffee maker, and let the dogs outside. As soon as they came in (and they returned very quickly due to the cold!) I jumped into the shower and then into my thermal-lined clothes.

I got my coffee and then watched multiple episodes of The Dog Whisperer. It’s one of my favorite shows. In fact, I’ve been working with Lili training her to do simple polite things, like sit down when she comes in to await her cookie. The dog is smarter than I am.

I made meals, went out to get our mail, only to find I had four packages at the Post Office! I knew they were coming, but all at once? That is something I did not expect!

Tuesday I get my stitches out. I can hardly wait. In the last two days, the site has swollen and been very sore. So I am happy the doctor will be removing the stitches and hopefully, I will get some relief from that.

Tuesday is also election day and so once I am done at the doctor’s office I will swing home and pick up Jack and we will go and vote.

I repositioned my bird feeders today, as with this type of cold weather, the ground will be freezing soon, so I wanted to make sure they were in the correct spots for the winter. We are good to go!

I will leave you with this little joke I ran across. Please pardon the salty language, but this is exactly what my two dachshunds are thinking right now.

6a00d8357e4fe369e20240a49997ad200cEnjoy the day and for those of you who are in the USA, be sure to go out and vote!

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