Life Is Better With A Dackel


Over the years, my dackels have been my joy. I’ve had them since 1996 when I brought home my very first dackel, Shubi from Germany. Shubi was gentle and loving and she made me a lifelong convert to wire-haired dackels.

Picture from 2002 2003 058My darling Shubi, in her later years.

Shubi became quite ill when she was eight years old. She had a form of Encephalitis. So, we flew to Germany and brought Greta home. Greta was so much fun. She played well with Shubi and I truly believe that the two years that Shubi lived beyond what the Veterinarians told us, was due to having Greta as her baby.

Greta was a feisty girl, and we found her a nice German boy, and together they had two litters of pups. Greta’s parents were German Champions, and she sure was a beautiful girl.

July 9 09 Greta15Feisty Greta.

I never thought I could enjoy anything more with my dogs, but watching the puppies grow filled my world with wonder.

Greta lived a long life and passed at the age of fourteen and a half.

We kept two of her puppies. Arnie and Anneliese. Each one was so different from the others. Arnie was a real lover dog, you know he loved everyone and would have been comfortable in any home. I adored him, and when he left us at age fourteen and a half I was simply gutted. He was the very last to go of my Dackel Princess dogs.

568560659_ag4jH-XLArnie. Also known as Mr. Arnie Man!

His sister, Anneliese was quiet. She cuddled with me, and she loved me well, but she was not the most lovable of dogs with others. Perhaps she was shy.

DSC00358However, she and I traveled to Germany twice and there was a bond between us that I did not have with the others.

And now I have my Heidi. I had this feeling when I saw her pictures when she was born that she was special. She has been here with me since January of 2022 and my gosh, it’s as if God took the very best of each of my previous dackels and put it all into Heidi.

52320744939_9ed5e0d7ac_6kMy darling Heidi.

I have family and friends who avoid getting pets because it is too difficult when they die.

What I say to that is this. All the moments of all the years that we shared were worth the sadness at the end.

If you truly love and are truly loved, then the ending will be painful. But the joy! Yes, the joy and the love make it all worth it!

received_1226597837850617Savannah, Quinn, and baby Heidi.



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