Happy 1st Birthday, Heidi

On September 27th, my darling boy Arnie went over Rainbow Bridge. I kept telling myself to wait, not adopt another Dackel for a while. But I started looking.

It was by sheer coincidence that I found Heidi’s Breeder. A great lady, who practices breeding the way I did so long ago with my Dackel Princess Puppies.

I was put on a list but there were 5 people ahead of me. I tried to brace myself in case there wasn’t a puppy for me.

Lucky for me, there was a puppy! Which one, nobody knew, but oddly enough I felt drawn to the smallest of the litter. A little female with a red collar.

51996183473_33b3e0a835_oAnd by November 11th I knew that this little girl, Heidi would be coming home with me in January!

It’s amazing how a little being like Heidi has fit into my life so easily. It’s like I have always known her.

A big thank you to her Breeder, Gail, from Boreas Dachshunds. She surprised me when I went to pick up Heidi. You see all registered dogs have a Professional name. To me, she is Heidi, but in the AKC she is Boreas Happy Ending.

And that she is! My Happy Ending!

The last nine months found me sleeping with my boots on last winter so I would be able to race outside with her during potty training. And this sweet little doll has slept with me every night, curled up on top of my stomach.

She brings me such joy!

Heidi MarieHappy Birthday, Heidi!

2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Heidi”

  1. Sweet and unconditional love and you have a lifetime companion. At least this winter you won’t have to wear shoes to bed and face night time cold.

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