An Autumn Thursday Thirteen

Scav SatSince there is so much happening around me I thought I would do an Autumn Thursday Thirteen. Here goes.

  1. It’s been a beautiful Autumn. The leaves were vivid and bright and glorious! Some years, not so much, others, like this year, lovely.30380788381_d20cf8473a_k

    Chalk one good thing up for 2020!

  2. I had to go for pre-op work yesterday and a Covid test. I was a little nervous because I’d heard the Covid test is terrible. So, as I drove to Concord, and passed two McDonalds, and three Duncan Donuts, my old habits of eating the anxiety hit me. I wanted to call someone to talk me off the wall, but it was so early. So, I sat up tall, straightened my crown, and kept on driving!
  3. Of course, when I arrived at the Out-Patient Surgical Center, I walked into their lobby and what do I see? A Green Mountain Coffee stand with Cider-belly Donuts and treats! Once I checked in, I sat with my back toward the stand and soldiered on!
  4. On my way home…I stopped and had my hair done.50516210111_d0ac0dda55_3k copy After all, I will not be able to be around any chemicals after the surgery during my incision healing. I asked for shorter hair and got the cutest cut! Thank you so much, Becca!
  5. After that, I came home and made lunch. I cooked up several eggplants, ate a little, and then made an Eggplant Parmesan (WW Recipe).
    aubergine-parmigiana_2423-500x500Since I have three more eggplants, I plan to cook them up today and make a casserole of Eggplant Parmesan then cut into portions and freeze for future meals.
  6. Yesterday I woke up early, and I said: “Alexa what is the weather in Meredith, New Hampshire?” Well, Alexa said it was partly cloudy, with breaks.” Well, Alexa lied. It rained the entire day!
  7. I woke early today. I have a lot to do, and although I am isolating here at home, I would like to get caught up on laundry and change sheets, etc. The first load of laundry is already in the wash!
  8. What is it with all this pumpkin mania? This morning they did a story on the news about canned pumpkin shortages! Really? Really? I was just at the store the other day and I was able to buy several cans.
  9. How many of you decided that as we approach flu season it might be a good idea to stock up on a few things? In the last few weeks, I have stocked up on canned soups, vegetables, and pre-packaged potatoes. I have a freezer full of meat, chicken, turkey, and fish, and should the worst occur, we are prepared.
  10. Oh yes, I also bought the jumbo size toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, and napkins. Needless to say, I have plenty of cleaning aids.
  11. I also just ordered a box of paper masks from the USA Company. So, we will be set to be able to cover up.
  12. I love the yarn I bought for my latest afghan.20201017_114302
    In fact, I love it so much that once this one is done, I am going to make another with the same yarn for me!
  13. And lastly, my favorite Apple is back on our shelves!koru1 It is called Koru and it was originally from New Zealand, although there are places in the USA that now grow it. Oh, I cannot tell you how happy I am!

Autumn in New England

This weekend found me traipsing around town taking pictures and enjoying the last remnants of the fall foliage. It’s already started to fall, and by the end of the week, I think we will be leaf-less once again. Another Autumn is slipping by.

As I drove I could see that “Red Hill” was still ablaze with color, but there was no place to stop, to pull over, and get a good shot. You will simply have to trust me that “Red Hill” was breathtaking!

The day started kind of dark and grey,

Oct 17 001

but rather quickly the sun came out and that is what set me off to find the picture!

Oct 17 004

It was such a lovely day! And I enjoyed the fresh air and slightly cooler temperatures!

Oct 17 003

I’ve not done too much with my photography this year, but today I did just what I wanted!

Oct 17 014

Autumn is nearly done and in a month I will be sixty-two. It’s all good. There are so many Seasons in life and on the earth. I think it helps one to stay balanced.

Sig file for Dackel

Apple Blossoms

I thought this morning I would take you for a walk around my yard. The Apple Blossoms are in full bloom and not only does it smell lovely, but it is simply beautiful!

Apple Tree Lady AppleLady Apple Tree

Apple Blosson and bee 2A little bee working the blossoms.

Apple Blossoms 2A lovely group of Apple Blossoms.

Apple Blossom Perfect
A perfect Blossom.

Apple Blossom and Bee 4

A Bumble Bee working. It’s funny, but when they are working the blossoms, they do not care about bothering you.

Apple Blossom and Bee 1

Another blossom and Bee.

Apple Blossom 2

Apple Blossom.

It’s a wonderful thing, being able to go outside in your yard and walk around in all of this beauty. While I was out there, the birds began to come. They appear to know me now and do not scurry off as they once did. It was lovely and peaceful and for a time I was able to forget about the Virus, and any little problems I might have.

Apple Blossoms

Spring In My Yard

My Blog friend Andrew, gave me an idea. He put photos up on his blog showing various blossoming trees. I thought, my goodness how blessed I am to have this beauty all around me.

I took a few new ones, as things are just starting to blossom, and got some older pictures of the Apple Trees and Lilacs as it’s not quite their time yet.

These are all my own pictures, so enjoy them, but if you use them please ask and give me credit.

April 21 12 011Peach Blossom.

April 24 10 038Peach Blossom with Bee.


flowersApple Blossom

April 30 12 004Apple Blossom

May 15 039Apple Blossom with Bee.

May 15 a011Apple Blossom.

May 25 11 014Lilacs

IMG_0952 (2)Lilacs



IMG_1438Plum Blossom.


I hope you enjoyed a little walk through my yard on this fine Spring Day. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and will also have a splendid week ahead!



I was walking the dogs tonight, as I now normally do because of the bears and coyotes when I hear the most wonderful, welcoming sound! The call of our Loons! They’re back and they are calling to each other. I just love the call of the Loon. They are beautiful birds. The Loons or divers are a group of aquatic birds found in many parts of North America and northern Eurasia.

I found this on Youtube. It shows the beautiful Loons as well as allowing you to hear them.

The rest of our day was as they have all been since this all began. A little computer fun work, meal preparation, and TV watching.

My next foray out to the shops, etc will be on Monday. I am making up a good list and I hope I can get it all at one time.


When It’s -8 Fahrenheit

It is cold. -8 Fahrenheit! I poked my nose out from under my comforter and groaned. Sub-zero weather has never been a favorite of mine.

I sat up and yawned and immediately wanted to dive back under the covers. Mr. Arnie had commando crawled under the covers, and Miss Anneliese was under my robe at the foot of the bed. Not a day fit for man or beast!

I grabbed my robe, my to the dismay of Anneliese, and padded out to the kitchen to turn on the coffee, meeting up with a happy Lili. You know, I have never owned a dog quite like Lili. Every morning she greets me with an abundance of happiness and joy, as she dances around the kitchen! I swear I can see her smile.

The dackels and I show a lot less enthusiasm, as we would much rather be in bed. Yes, in my previous life I think I was a dackel.

Due to the extremely cold weather, I think I will stay in and work to finish an afghan I’ve been making. I have only the border left to do.

I got some great news yesterday. My cousin and his wife are due for their first child in August! I am so very happy for them both!


Happy Weekend!

Lights Out

Just before I was starting dinner on Friday night our lights began to flicker. We looked at each other and thought, “Uh-oh!”

P2060009 (2)
Mr. Arnie braves the icy storm.

Our weather on Friday was quite simply, sloppy. It started with ice and then skipped over to rain and then back to ice pellets and because we had not had enough fun, it started to snow and the wind blew and then flicker, flicker, and the lights went out.

2020-02-07_08-48-59The ice was thick and on everything. Probably this is the reason we lost our power!

My cell phone was nearby and I used that to get over to the candle, which I lit and then used that to get the large flashlight.

It was then that Jack and I jumped into action! Jack took the flashlight and went down to set up the generator. When we built our home we had the generator hard wired in. So, off he went.

Meanwhile, I got three long extension cords so we could plug the TV, satellite dish, and cable box in. The next extension cord went from the kitchen down the long hall to the office where I plugged the computer, router, and wifi in. Thus giving us internet access.

Lastly, I plugged the two laptops into the third extension cord. Now we have everything basically working.

Of course, we also have the two fridges and freezer going.

P2060010 (2)My Downy Woodpecker trying to get some food in the storm.


And it keeps on snowing, sleeting and icing!


Monday found us waking to about 6 plus inches of snow, with pellets of ice shooting down. Unbeknownst to be, we had icefall in the night leaving a layer of snow, a layer of ice and then more snow on top and then more ice.

I had nowhere to go on Monday, so we waited for our plow guy to come. He arrived just before noon and I sat in the window watching him plow through this slop.

I am always impressed by how these guys can move their blades around for a really good close plow. (Very much like a man shaves.)

Then it happened. As the plowman pushed the sloppy mess forward in the yard, he got stuck. He tried rocking it, but the wheels would not grip. Oh, I had so much sympathy for him, as I had done something similar when Jack and I were first married. He still mentions it.

His boss (brother) arrived and after finishing our drive, he got out his chain and pulled his brother out. The drove off.

But here we are on Monday night and it is still snow/sleeting out! I’m rather worried as I have a doctor’s appointment some 60 miles away. And unless we are totally snowed in, we will go tomorrow. It’s my annual skin cancer screening.

Oh, I do hope the precipitation stops.

New Moon

220983b10316ed43f3713d6f2619088f--vintage-christmas-cards-victorian-christmasI woke up this morning and as I opened the door for the dogs to go outside, there was the most beautiful new moon! Ah, what beauty is around us, if only we take the time to look!


I poured my coffee and then coughed and coughed, making me glad that I have a doctor’s appointment today. Although I am doing so much better, there are certain parts of this illness I cannot shake! The cough is one part for sure.

So, since I am still coughing a lot and don’t have a lot of stamina, Jack offered to drive me. I’ll report in tomorrow with Dr. M’s findings.

Meanwhile…Have a wonderful day, filled with holiday cheer!

Pretty Snow

On Tuesday we got more snow. Now all of the previously fallen snow had melted, so this frosting of 4+ inches is pretty, but also makes the roads slick.

PB140006 (3)

The good news here is that the long-range forecast shows no snow from now until well after Christmas. Perfect! A few years back we had gotten quite a bit of snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. God bless Jack who drove us handily down to Mandy and Matt’s house safely. There were many cars off the road that day, but slowly we soldiered on!

novogodnyaya_girlyanda_1920x1200So now I need to sit at the kitchen table and wrap the gifts I have. I just need a couple of boxes and I will be all set!

Tonight (Tuesday) I am feeling a little bit better. I wonder if this super antibiotic is working. I think I will know more in the morning.

I’m feeling a little hopeful tonight that I am finally on the road to recovery. My fingers are crossed!