Birds & Ice

Tuesday was quite simply, the best Spring day. It started with a wonderful hot shower in the morning, and as I dressed, I heard a loud thump on my bedroom window. Bird!

I raced down the stairs and opened the door and there lay a Northern Flicker Woodpecker. He was lying completely still on his side and I feared he was dead!


I felt tears well up in my eyes, as I thought he was dead. But I inspected him a little more closely and he blinked at me!

I went to get my gloves and I carefully turned him right side up to inspect him and check for broken feet wings, or neck. He seemed to be in one piece, but I am sure he had one heck of a headache!


Isn’t he handsome? I looked up all about him and discovered that yes, this is a male. As I spoke to him I called him Woody, and I tried to soothe him.

I decided then to move him carefully to an area on our driveway under the briars where he would be safe from predators while he recovered. He never struggled as I moved him and when I set him down he winked at me again.

I left him there for an hour, watching intently from the window. After an hour or so, I went back out to see how Woody was doing and as I approached him, he jumped up and down and then…flew off!

I stood there watching, then jumped up and down waving my hands in the air! Go, Woody, Go!!!

After this, I checked our Lake and at 11:30 Tuesday morning,  Lake Waukewan was iced out!

20190423_175218The big lake, Lake Winnipesaukee was still not clear, but it is expected by the morning to be free of ice as well. Ice Out is a big dear up here in New Hampshire!

Springtime in New Hampshire

I woke at 5 AM this morning quite anxious to see if we had ice-out on my lake, Lake Waukewan, here in New Hampshire. We’ve had such warm weather in the last few days, and our nighttime temperature has also stayed fairly warm.


I ran to the window (or should I say, walked quickly), and noted that we are so close! Just a few icy areas near the shorelines. I feel certain that by the end of today we will have official ice out!

It’s rather a lovely time of year. It’s warm and yesterday I opened all the windows and let the air flow in. As I sat here I listened to the Loons calling to each other.


Could it be any more wonderful? Warm air, the silence of the day, and the Loons singing to me, their Spring song!

Spring On The Lake

It seems Spring is starting to arrive on my Lake here in New Hampshire. Yesterday, after a 45+ mile per hour wind storm overnight, I noticed the very beginnings of the ice breaking up. Hurrah! Soon the water will be back, as will our Ducks, Geese, and Loons!


If you look in the center bottom of the picture you can see the very first open water on our Lake.

Our day had been a fairly quiet one, but as I finished the dinner dishes, I saw fire in the sky! What a sunset!

I raced outside, with coat and cell phone and started to snap a few pictures. My neighbor yelled to me to come to use her porch above my house to get a few pictures.

So I ran up (old lady style I am sure), and got these wonderful pictures. Enjoy!


Half way up the hill.


From their porch.


The fire in the sky. One of the best sunsets this Spring!

Anniversary Snow!

So, as you read yesterday, it was our anniversary. It was a pleasant day with a car ride down to Manchester and back.

We stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant we enjoy and had fajitas. Very nice.

But the farther north we drove toward home, the more the snow fell! At first, it was nothing, but then it started to come down pretty heavily.


Oh, come on! It was April 9th! And snow? What’s that all about? But snow it did! In fact, it snowed enough so that later in the afternoon we heard the snow plows go by below our house.


And then it snowed some more!


It finally stopped around dinner time and of course, the dogs all wanted to go out and play in it. Anneliese especially loves to play in the snow. Go figure.

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday Jack and I had appointments at the VA. Nothing wildly important, just the usual.

The great part of that was that we got to go out for a ride on a beautiful sunny day! The sky was blue, the temperatures had warmed to the mid-fifties and there was no wind. I mean, it was just one of those glorious Spring days that we all live for during the bitter cold, winter months up here.

There was a lot of snow-melt in the yard and I think we are down to about a foot of icy snow. However, we do have a few places that have melted down to the bare ground!

When I was out with the dogs, I could see places where the wild turkeys had dropped ornamental apples that freeze on the trees during the winter but provide great food for them in both the Fall and the Spring.

I could also hear the songs of the returning birds from the South. As we live in a densely wooded area, we have quite the harmonious tunes of bird song.

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

Spring Is On The Way!

Today was an interesting day for me. I woke to bright sunshine, no clouds in the sky and despite it remaining cool, this sparkling day reminded me that Spring is on its the way.


When I was outside with the dogs, I could hear birds singing, which means that some of them have returned from their winter in the South.

Oh yes, we still have snow in the yard. About a foot or so in most places, and yet 2-4 feet where the snow was pushed into snowbanks.

Our Lake is still frozen, but the news reported that Fish & Game wants all the Bob Houses off the lakes by this weekend. There are many places around the area, where they have had ice outs and open water.

But real Spring is right around the corner and I can hardly wait!

It’s Mud Season!

We have many seasons here in New Hampshire. We just entered another one. I guess you could call it Pre-Spring or Mud Season.


We still have two feet of snow in our yard, but there are places where melting snow and streams have caused the dreaded mud puddles!

And Miss Lili, all 80 pounds of fluffy whiteness, went out and rolled and frolicked in it today. She came back to the house after being out in the yard with Jack and she was COVERED!

What’s a doggy Mama to do?

Well, I went down to our basement where we have a hose and a floor drain in our garage, and I hosed down the dog! She dislikes this so much, but somehow today, she knew she had messed up and didn’t fuss too much. OMG!


When Will Winter End?

Monday dawned icy cold with snow flurries. Winter, yes! Am I tired of it? Yes. But so it goes.

I had nowhere to go on Monday, so I happily sipped my hot coffee, read my book and enjoyed sitting in my new chair.

Jack went out to test the driveway with the Highlander and while out he went and got the mail.

But the wind blew, the snow fell and outside it remained generally yucky!

Jan 22 010

As I considered what to make for dinner tonight I ran through what we had for leftovers and came up with a meal plan. Leftover ribs for Jack and some roast beef for me. Easy peasy!



The Seasons

Monday was another day of snow here in New Hampshire. I was thinking about this, as I was grumbling about it and then I remembered that I really do love the four seasons, and yes, that includes the snow.


I took this of Anneliese this morning.

I guess that New Englanders like to complain. We complain about the cold and snow in the winter. We complain about the mud and rain in the Spring. You will find me complaining about the heat and humidity in the Summer, and let’s see…do I complain about the Autumn?

IMG_0673 (2)

I took this picture of our Lake Waukewan. It’s one of the best I’ve taken with my cell phone.

Actually, I don’t really complain about Autumn. I like Autumn. Cooler temperatures, clear, sunny skies, and the gorgeous leaves changing colors to all sorts of beautiful reds, gold, oranges, and corals. Yes, Autumn is perfect!

I often need to remind myself that I do like Spring when flowers bloom and grass turns green again. There is so much to celebrate about Springtime, but with a White German Shepherd who enjoys playing in the mud puddles, I admit to complaining a little too much about that.

And Summer? Well, folks, it is nice to run around wearing a lot less clothing and enjoying the longer days of sunlight. So a high temperature of 95+ should just be the price you pay, right? (Thank goodness for Air Conditioning!)

Well enough about the change of Seasons and the Weather. Let’s just say I love all four Seasons, or at least having them, and in some small way, I enjoy gabbing about it too!


More Snow!

I woke on Wednesday to snow. It was forecast and expected, but really, it’s February and I am so over winter. Especially this year! That darn Rodent, Punxatawney Phil said we’d have an early Spring. I’m holing him to it, or a trip to Pennsylvania is in order!

Our plowman arrived before sunup and began clearing the drive. The only problem here is that there is no place for the snow now. We literally have too much!


Lili went out and even she has seen enough snow. She stood there looking at the wet stuff, wondering what happened. Yesterday things had finally gotten to the point of being dry and clear.

20190213_095225Anneliese went out, only to discover that it started to snow again. She made it through the snow in order to find a place to do her business, and then waded back to the house!

20190213_100117Jack went out to clean up the edges of things. He was out there for a while. And the drive and doggy run area were clear when he finished.

20190213_153033Dinner was easy and now we are digesting before dessert. Strawberry Shortcakes! Yum! We’re both tired and I think an early bedtime is coming for us tonight!