Autumn in New Hampshire

Here we are, midweek in New Hampshire. The foliage colors are getting prettier and stronger, but we have another two weeks or thereabouts until we have peak colors.

Every day, busses of tourists from all over the world travel through the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and further north to see our beautiful leaves. I have always taken it for granted, but this year, I am enjoying it so very much!


I took this as I came down my driveway today. You can see a little of the change of color, but also that we still have a lot of green around.


I was out today driving around, and I got my hair done. It came so pretty. I’m just loving what my hairstylist Becca is doing for me!

In the next few days I want to slow things down. I have, what I hope are just Autumn Allergies, a slight sore throat, and stuffy nose. Fingers crossed it is nothing at all.

Redd Foxx

On Tuesday I found a new animal in my Yard-Zoo. Why I have Deer and Wild Turkey’s, a plethora of Birds and Geese, a Duck or two, Squirrels, Chipmunks and Ground Hogs, and now I can add a handsome and seemingly healthy Fox.

P9170008 (2)I think I will call him Redd Foxx!

P9170006 (2)He scampered about the Orchard in our yard grabbing Pears, Peaches, and apple and munching on them. I knew something had been in the yard, I suspected Bears, as frequently Lili wakes up around 2:00 AM barking at something. I usually stumble to the bedroom door and tell her to be quiet! Then stumble back to bed!

Now I know, it’s Redd Foxx!

Since he/she looks healthy I am thrilled with the new addition. It certainly makes life interesting!

Isn’t that just wonderful!


Usually, I cook and can my Heavenly Peach Jam in early August. But for us, this year, our peach crop is still not completely ripe.

Our Spring was very wet, very cold and very late. Our Apple and Peach trees blossom in mid-May, but this year it was the first week in June!

Thus the Peach Crop is small and late. We have all the supplies that we need to make the Heavenly Jam, but it will be the weekend before I can even start.

It got me to thinking back to when my friend Emily lived next door. She would come over and the three of us would work, Dipping the peaches in boiling water for a minute, tossing them in ice water and then peel off the skin and then we would take out the seed, and chop the peaches.

Em and MeEmily and I back in August 2006.

Yes, Jack, Emily and I were a great team and the prep time went fast and we talked and joked and had fun. Below you will see some of the Jam we made together.

24 Jars Of Heavenly Jam & A New Hair Cut

I sure miss Emily and I wish that she lived closer! Of course, she and her husband are expecting baby boy #2 any day now, so I don’t think she would be up for jam making.

So on Wednesday I will be preparing the peaches and setting the Jam to rest before cooking it up on Thursday and canning it.

The Recipe can be foundĀ HERE

A little aside, if you share this recipe, I am all for it, but please be sure to credit me. Recently someone “borrowed” one of my very own recipes and took credit for the recipe. For the first time in my 60 years, I felt bad. Perhaps it was because I’d worked hard to create that recipe. In any case, use whatever you would like and please don’t forget me!

The Seasons

Sunday was quite simply, a beautiful day. If I could order perfect weather like this every day I would. Of course, then all the tourists would stay and the crowds would make me crazy!

There are reasons for the Seasons up here and I admit to enjoying them all. We’re definitely at the end of summer. With temperatures in the 70’s that is right where it should be.

The Sun rises after 6:00 and sets at just about 7:20 in the evening. The days are getting shorter and shorter.

Soon the trees will start their color change, leaves will fall, as well as temperatures. My truly favorite time of year! Autumn!

Here is a picture from last year.

Oct 17 006Ah, before I know it, the lake will be awash in color! Truly, my favorite time up here.

Of course, winter will follow, but truth be told, I don’t mind that too much either.

Four beautiful Seasons! It’s why I love New England!

Lobster Fest 2019

Today my cousins Janet and Larry, and Janet’s husband Dave came up for our annual Lobster Fest. They stopped to pick up the Lobster, steamers and corn all fresh from the sea and the garden, on their way up here and they arrived by 10 o’clock.

I’d been cleaning and puttering all morning and I’d managed to set the table, put out the dishes and I got the pots we would need too.

69021047_377893962922778_543479174451429376_nThe Lobsters before being cooked!

When Dave and I unpacked the loot, we worked together deciding which lobsters to cook in which pot and when and where to cook the corn and steamers. For those who do not know, Steamers are Clams.

69609880_809810296087837_4730889726171545600_nMy cousin Janet took this picture of Dave and me after we put everything we had cooked on the table!

Dave and I cook so well together. Since we had 5 pots that all needed full flame on the burners, we did a bit of juggling and in about 40 minutes (By this time it was about 12:45) we served up the luncheon. If anyone left here feeling hungry, it was their own fault.

20190818_125655I took this one of my plate.

We each had a two-pound Lobster, Corn on the Cob, Steamers, and Potato Salad. I never really appreciated the size of a two-pound Lobster until I found myself unable to finish mine!

68496064_495298354551991_733756336017244160_nJanet took this picture of her two-pound Lobster! Just look at that sucker!

I cleaned the rest of my Lobster, and the rest of Jack’s Lobster and we have enough for a nice meal tomorrow. I really must be getting old if I am unable to finish my Lobster!

20190818_125705My homemade potato salad with eggs. A real hit today!

One really great thing about cooking the meal with Dave was that at the end of the meal, Janet washed all the cooking pots. I managed to get all the other dishes into the dishwasher, but all those pots! She made quick work of them, and she told me that she really likes washing dishes. I’m thankful. At this point in the day, I was getting pretty tired.

So Lobster Fest 2019 is over and a success! I love eating Lobster, but more than that, I love getting together with my family! Thanks, Janet, Dave, and Larry!

Traffic Jams

I recall growing up on Cape Cod back in the sixties and being aware of the influx of tourists starting in May. Our otherwise sleepy town would suddenly grow to an almost intolerable size. Jokes were made, that we needed to dismantle the bridges which allowed tourists onto our beloved Cape Cod. Anyone who has been caught in a 6-mile long traffic jam can relate to this.

IMG_1275 (2)

So where did I relocate in my grown-up years? To the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. And what did I experience today (Saturday) as I headed home (North) from my daughter’s home? Yes, traffic. Bad traffic! I mean, honestly, I am not sure I have seen it this bad in New Hampshire, ever! In fact, when I got to my exit off of Route 93, I was backed up a half a mile, just to turn onto another highway!


Now there were people who were stressed, with kids in the backseat feeling the boredom of a long, hot ride, but then there were people like me, who decided that they couldn’t change the situation, so I put on a playlist of my favorite songs and sang out loud, while I was doing the old stop and go on the highway.

It brought me back to those long-ago days on Cape Cod. All these travelers, trying to get to the same spot to have the vacation of their dreams.

And me, growing up, living in that special place! And now living in the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire! How lucky is that?

So, instead of getting upset with the traffic, I smiled and realized that I was a very happy girl living in this beautiful spot.


After The Long Winter

One of the things that happen here in New Hampshire after a long, cold, snowy, muddy, slushy, winter is the annual clean out of the car. In our case, our Toyota Highlander is our year-round car. Or most importantly, the car we use in the winter, with all that bad weather!


The other day I noticed that the car was a mess. There was more sand and dirt on the carpets than at the beach near my home! And the seats in the car were simply filthy!

So first thing this morning out I went with the vacuum, Windex and paper towel. I washed everything down on the dash and instrument panel and then began vacuuming.

I felt the sun on my skin and immediately put on sunscreen, and then when I wasn’t sure that was working put on my rash-guard SPF-50 shirt to protect me.

I have a wonderful rug cleaner with all the upholstery attachments, so I got that out next and shampooed the seats and carpets. By the time I was done, I looked back and everything looked beautiful!

I came upstairs and drank down two huge bottles of water, and I noticed that I felt really sore too. I guess I got a workout.

However, the Highlander now looks fresh and clean and I feel pretty good about all that I accomplished.