Spring In My Yard

My Blog friend Andrew, gave me an idea. He put photos up on his blog showing various blossoming trees. I thought, my goodness how blessed I am to have this beauty all around me.

I took a few new ones, as things are just starting to blossom, and got some older pictures of the Apple Trees and Lilacs as it’s not quite their time yet.

These are all my own pictures, so enjoy them, but if you use them please ask and give me credit.

April 21 12 011Peach Blossom.

April 24 10 038Peach Blossom with Bee.


flowersApple Blossom

April 30 12 004Apple Blossom

May 15 039Apple Blossom with Bee.

May 15 a011Apple Blossom.

May 25 11 014Lilacs

IMG_0952 (2)Lilacs



IMG_1438Plum Blossom.


I hope you enjoyed a little walk through my yard on this fine Spring Day. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and will also have a splendid week ahead!


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