Sunday Thoughts

I thought I would take the weekend off, so to speak. You know, kick back, not worry about the little things in life…

That was not the case. Saturday found me stripping the bed, and washing everything from mattress pad to comforter. Why? Well, little dackels that are low to the ground can become wet and muddy faster that you’d think. Such was the case on Friday night when storms went through here.

I also wanted to do a countertop wash and dusting. Not my favorite things to do, but quite necessary.

20200515_155957Saturday was so beautiful and since we have not installed the air conditioners for the summer, I took advantage of the fresh air and opened all my windows.

The real glory in that is when I turned off the TV and sat with the open windows, and I could hear the loons on the lake, and the birds in the yard as they tweeted. Perfect!

We had a new addition to our back yard, This very pretty Yellow-Rumped Warbler Female.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler FemaleShe is quite lovely and spent a lot of time here this weekend.

20200416_081129Anneliese has been very happy this weekend and she has spent a lot of time stretched out, on her back, smiling.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. It is supposed to be untrue that dogs have proper happy facial expressions, but I choose not to believe it.

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