The Friday Five May 15, 2020

The Friday FiveHappy Friday Everyone! We have made it through another week. In fact, for me, it has been two months since I have seen my daughter and her family. That is a very long time!

Here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I think it must be very difficult for people who do not stay at home often, to be coping with this self-isolation. I actually have spent a considerable amount of time alone. Back in the day when Jack was still flying, he was gone so much of the time, that it was simply me and the dogs. There was a lot of peace in that. I listened to music, watched the things on TV I wanted and ate what I enjoyed.
  2. Spring has arrived here in New Hampshire. Although we still have low temperatures, the sun has been shining and the skies are Robin’s Egg Blue. Jack is talking about air-conditioners going into windows! Yay!
  3. We have enjoyed my Stuffed Cabbage Rolls off and on this week. It’s amazing how low in points they are and how delicious!
  4. I was watching the news and they were showing people out walking along a boardwalk in California. Well, all I can say is that I now know why Los Angeles had such high numbers.

    These people did now wear their masks correctly! I mean, how hard can this be? Watch this short video as to how to wear your mask!

  5. I decided to make my Banana Pancakes in the Waffle Maker that I have. I pictured a lovely Waffle that would be delightful. I got out my machine, mixed up the batter, and poured it into the machine, closed it, and waited until it alerted me the Waffle was done.20200514_075044

    Let’s just say, “Epic Fail!”

    I think the banana made the batter too wet. It tasted fine but had a very weird consistency.

So that was my week and now as I slide into my weekend, I will once again do the laundry and the other cleaning jobs that have become weekend events for me.

Get outside, if you can, and enjoy these beautiful days!

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