The Friday Five ~ May 17th

The Friday FiveLife seems to be speeding by right now. A trip I planned last December will begin on Wednesday, and I am sure that too will go by quickly. So here are the things I am thinking about this morning.

  1. The first part of my trip involves flying from Boston to Heathrow Airport. When I clear customs, I expect a handsome British man to greet me and drive me to Southampton.
  2. I will meet Jessica, my stepdaughter, at MacDonald Botley Grange and Spa. It’s a lovely hotel with a British pub and a restaurant where we can have tea.
  3. They also have a spa where one can have their nails done or swim. But best of all, I will be seeing Jessica again.
  4. So, now on to packing. I am attempting to bring only two carry-ons. I’m using packing cubes, which seem to be doing their job of compacting my clothes so far. The killer is traveling with my medications in their original containers. Having those at the top of your carry-on is also advised.
  5. Since my hair is very short (and appears not to be growing back), I will not carry my blow dryer. My hair is naturally curly, so I will do a lot of scrunching.

That’s it for today. I will try to write while I am gone. Pictures too. I can hardly wait.


The Friday Five March 26th

I haven’t written in a while. I never dreamed that painting, getting a new carpet, and painting the bathroom would be crazy busy. But it was, and here is why.

  1.  I needed to get rid of my old bedroom furniture. Not only was it over 50 years old, but it was flat and offered me no comfort.
  2. So, I sold the kingsize bed with sheets, blankets, and two dressers to a young couple for $50.00. It made me feel good.
  3. My carpenter came in and took the bathroom apart. Painting was done, and I have a new shower and vanity. My washer and dryer are now in the bathroom where my jacuzzi once sat.
  4. Everything was finished, and on Monday, the new bed arrived. Since my spinal surgery, I have slept in a recliner. Now, I have an adjustable bed.
  5. I slept there last night, and it was an excellent, deep sleep.



dackel in bed

The Friday Five ~ March 29th


Another week has slipped by, and another month, as well. There has been so much happening.

  1. The bathroom renovation is done, and the washer and dryer are in working condition! I am slowly setting up the vanity, and soon, I will set up the shower with my shampoo and soap. I love it.
  2. Easter is upon us. My cousins are coming on Saturday. It will be their first visit since the bathroom reno. I am excited.
  3. Easter is on Sunday. I have no plans, so I decided to make myself a meal my grandmother used to make: Lamb, baked potato, and asparagus.
  4. It’s a first. Likewise, the 9th of April would have been our 36th wedding anniversary. I’ve never done this alone before, but I am learning that I have to do this myself from now on.
  5. I will head to England in a few weeks to see my stepdaughter. It’s been far too long since we last saw each other.

So that’s the latest. I wish you all a very Happy Easter!


The Friday Five ~ March 22nd

20200206_160117When I hoped for early spring, it was announced that we would get more snow on Saturday! So, here is an old picture of the Lake before I had the trees removed! And, here we go.

  1. I decided to redo my bathroom. After 24 years, it simply was time. I did not feel bad as the old was removed, and the new stuff was ordered.
  2. My goal wasn’t just painting. I have taken the old jacuzzi out, and they have redone the flooring and painted it. In its place, there will now be a washer and dryer. There will be no more stairs carrying a heavy laundry basket downstairs or upstairs. I will have a great corner shower, too.
  3. The dogs and I have enjoyed having these folks around. The bathroom is coming out so well they’re scheduled to paint my bedroom. I finally decided to get an adjustable bed. With this neck problem and having slept in my recliner for over two years, it is time!
  4. Friday, I am off to pick out a new pair of glasses. After losing my good ones on my trip in January, it is time.
  5. We have ice out on our Lake. It was just a few days behind the big lake, Lake Winnipesaukee.


The Friday Five March First

  1. The Friday Five1. The last few weeks I have been so stressed. Trying to get Heidi back on her feet..pending-1707144085-2024-01-29-09-41-25-058Good news! She is almost completely well.
  2. We started making plans to renovate my master bath. I think in the end it will be quite lovely.
  3. I need to take Lili outside and brush her. She is full of large clumps of her winter coat. Often these clumps fall off in one big piece.
  4. My sister is coming up this weekend. I need this. I need a hug. I need her calm, loving ways.2023-11-24-19-16-06-842I am so lucky to have a big sister like Melodie.
  5. I was trying to wait for my vision insurance to buy replacement glasses, but I have decided today that I have to go. I’ve been getting eye-strain headaches so it is time to go.


The Friday Five ~ Feb. 16th

131059219_2793054987613754_7347382249664705514_n (2)It’s been another busy week, so I will run with it and give you five things happening.

  1. Well, Heidi isn’t doing all that well, and it is frustrating for me. Last night, she got up and wanted to go out. I struggled into my boots, and she had gone on the carpet. I still walked her, but the ammonia smell hit me when I came in. There was no easy way to clean it at 12:30 in the morning, so I put the rug in the tub, closed the door, and went back to bed.
  2. Waking this morning, I took her right out, and she hardly went. Honestly, I am at the end of my doggy leash. Currently, she is asleep in the sun.
  3. Yesterday, I was feeling the need to get out. I went for breakfast. It was great to see everyone!20240215_095216
  4. Then, I was off to the farmstand, which had just opened. Almost all my favorite things were there. It’s also nice to go where people know you!
  5. Then I went to my local furniture store. Here is the deal. It’s President’s Day Weekend, with a lot of sales. I did not have new furniture with my first husband. But heck, we were 17 years old and had very little cash. Yard sales and inheriting things were how we filled our apartments.
    After that, I married Jack and moved into his house, where I inherited the furniture from his first marriage. There were promises of new furniture, but that never happened. I have lived with that furniture for over 35 years. Since I can no longer sleep in a regular bed, I tried an adjustable queen-size mattress yesterday. I have spine problems, so I decided to get a bed I could sleep in. After all, I’ve been sleeping in my recliner for two years. It has been the only comfortable place. Since I am giving away the two dressers that belonged to Jack and his first wife, I ordered a large ladies’ dresser, a mirror, a new bed frame, and a bedside table.

my bed

Friday Five ~ Feb. 9th

20200206_160117It’s an old shot of my view of the Lake, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s been a busy week, so here goes.

  1. Heidi had been acting strangely over the last weekend. And on Sunday night, when I took her out to wee-wee, I noticed that not much was coming out. Since I have been down this road before, I used my special pan to get a specimen. Almost nothing came out.
  2. The Vet was the first one I called on Monday, and I was instructed to keep catching samples in a Ziploc bag. We were scheduled for 2:30.
  3. X-rays were taken, and surgery was scheduled for first thing on Wednesday morning.
  4. I brought her out early and then drove back, stopping at a grocery shop and getting the mail. When I finished putting everything away, my Vet called to tell me Heidi was done and I should come around 2:30 to pick her up.
  5. All has gone as planned, and she is recovering well. We are working to find good food to avoid more problems with her Urinary Tract.


The Friday Five ~ Jan 26th

I’ve spent the last week lying here in the recliner, cooking. Until today, I have had a fever and felt pretty rotten. Covid is not fun!


But I think the worst is over. I will test on Sunday; hopefully, the test will be negative.

  1. Due to the high fever, all I have done is sleep. I have gotten no laundry done, and I am behind on everything.
  2. Have I mentioned I am going on another trip in May? I am going to England and will spend time with my daughter (step). It’s been so long since I saw her, and I am so excited!
  3. I hope I can at least start some laundry. I returned from my vacation, dropped my bags, sat down, and nothing got done.
  4. I’m still enjoying the Christmas decorations, but I have no desire. Soon.
  5. Both of the puppy girls are taking great care of me. I am a lucky Mama!


The Friday Five January Ninetieth

  1. I flew from Boston the night before I was to leave on the cruise. I did this because I didn’t want to take the chance of missing my cruise. I had a reservation at the Yotel Motel near the Miami Cruise Port. The room was lovely, and it had a movable bed. It was then I decided that a full-motion bed was for me.
  2. I had a simple breakfast in the morning and then took a cab to the ship. At noon, I was escorted onto the boat and shown my cabin.


3. I flew from Boston the night before I was to leave on the cruise. I did this because I didn’t want to take the chance of missing my cruise. I had a reservation at the Yotel Motel near the Miami Cruise Port. The room was lovely, and it had a movable bed. It was then I decided that a full-motion bed was for me.

4. I was apprehensive that a lower cabin would provide too much motion, and I might feel sick. I used an over-the-counter medication called Meclizine, which I sometimes use for dizziness. I used that, and I was fine.

That evening, I went to the formal dining room and asked if there was a space for a singleton like me. A group was quickly found at that table for the remainder of the cruise when I was in the formal dining room.


The Friday Five ~ December 22nd


So, this week flew by, although I did not get much done. I want to, but there are times I feel frozen. So, here we go.

  1. I believe I have mentioned my trips to our local diner. “George’s”. I love it.  I go in, people know me, and I smile. The other day, I’d finished my meal, and I was getting up to leave when I knocked over my water. We all mopped it up, and off I went.
  2. I did not feel like making lunch the next day, so I went to “George’s” for lunch. As I entered, the waitress said in a joking voice…”Don’t give her any water! She’s a spiller! We all laughed, and I smiled. “George’s” has become my “Cheers.”
  3. I have begun thinking about my cruise, and so help me, we’d better not have a hurricane that sends my ship to Boston.
  4. My goal today is to clear off the bed in my bedroom. I have slept in my recliner since I brought Heidi home (3 years). After the first of the year, I plan to buy an adjustable bed.
  5. My trip. Let us all pray for nice, warm, and dry weather!

Screenshot_20231221_222435_Vacation Countdown