The Friday Five ~ September 17th

The Friday FiveLife has been full of ups and downs this week. Mostly good, but other things that have bothered me. So here is this week’s list, in no particular order.

  1. I am trying to train Arnie to stop a very bad habit he has developed. Since I am overly concerned about him, I tend to baby him too much. With that has come what I will call the “Dackel Howl”. There is nothing wrong with him, he’s just begging for attention. So, now I ignore him and actually put a tray table in front of my chair. I can tell this is going to be a difficult thing to do.
  2. My new Amazon Fire Stick arrived for the Family Room television. It really was a breeze to set up. And now things are streaming so much better.
  3. I have this weird thing going on with my laptop and the Wifi. It keeps dropping the signal. Now I must stress that I have good reception with my laptop, but for some unknown reason, it tosses me offline. I need to re-set the adapter settings and then it works again for a while until…it doesn’t. I am tempted to back up my hard drive and then clean it and start again.
  4. I keep telling Jack I don’t want to watch the news or re-runs anymore. News makes me crazy and I have seen every episode of Law & Order SVU, Chicago PD, and Blue Bloods so often that I can recall parts of the dialogue!  When Jack is asleep I watch movies or cooking shows ar things like The History Channel. Anything but news and re-runs.
  5. Today I am off to get my hair done. After not cutting it since last November, I am afraid my ends need a slight trim as the frizzies are starting to happen. I am looking forward to being pampered.

So that’s it for this week. I hope you all have a great weekend and that wherever you are, the sun is shining!


The Friday Five ~ September 10th

The Friday FiveThe week seemed to fly by for me. Not that I was scheduled for much, it just seemed to bring with it a few more things that were unplanned. Still, in the end, all was good! So, here goes.

  1. I not only got a clean bill of health for my teeth, but I also ordered and received a new dental bite guard. The last one I managed to chew through with anxiety during the Covid Pandemic.
  2. I’m still doing well back on my WW Healthy living plan. Slow and steady wins the race.
  3. I was waiting for a package to be delivered from an Amazon Dealer, and it showed it had been delivered. But no. It was not. I checked the end of our driveway, I called neighbors, and nothing. I called FedEx (the worst of our delivery companies) and they looked into the driver’s computer and it looks like he delivered my package to the wrong address. Of course, privacy issues prohibited them from disclosing what address they’d delivered it to. I got a case number, and they promised to call me on Thursday (this never happened). So today I sent a challenge to my bank to delete the purchase as I did not get the order at all. Done and done. I wonder, will I ever see my package? Who actually has my package? Questions, questions, and more questions!
  4. The US Open Tennis is nearly done. I really have enjoyed this year’s matches as many new and exciting young people are playing and doing so very well. Many of my favorite players are in their late 30s and even one who just turned 40. I wasn’t sure we had a good group of kids coming up. Luckily, we do!
  5. Because I cannot stand it, I will briefly mention my disgust with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. OMG! I have never heard two people who have so much, complain and play the victim card the way they do. They could have actually done so much good in the world, but instead, they are blackmailing Harry’s 95-year-old grandmother, and say hateful things about everyone. Meghan told people way back when that she wanted to be the most famous woman in the world. Well Meghan my dear, you are right up there with Lizzie Borden. Being hateful and unkind is a character flaw that you seem to have an abundance of. And gosh darn-it Harry, I guess you are making sure that everyone and anyone who hurt your mother gets paid back ten-fold. But here is the deal. You have actually disrespected your mother by all you have done. Diana made great sacrifices in her own life for you and your brother. I believe she would be ashamed. As many of us are.

This is just my own opinion here. And all I can say is that I hope in some way that Harry and Meghan are held accountable for all the harm they have done to Queen Elizabeth.

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The Friday Five ~ September 3rd

The Friday Five

Welcome, September! Can you believe that the Summer is just about over and Autumn is nearly here? Well, it is, and as our temperatures drop, and our humidity does as well, I am just happily looking forward to colorful leaves and cooler weather!

So, here is this week’s Friday Five!

  1. I’ve been rather quiet this week as my mind has been full and at times I find this gives me a case of writer’s block. And so it goes.
  2. This past week I really worked on my healthy eating plan and I lost 4 pounds! I am thrilled. I admit to falling off the wagon for a few months and I finally decided enough was enough, and I’ve worked to make each meal something special. I’ve especially enjoyed eating fish again.
  3. Arnie is still acting very fussy and I am not sure exactly why. He has had all the medications and ointments and yet he fusses quite a bit and wants to go to bed early every night.20210619_155307

    And since the boy does not like to sleep alone, he drags me to bed too. I bet you can guess who falls asleep first. And no, it isn’t Arnie!

  4. One thing I have tried is to use the Crispy Shake and Bake coating, add to that 1/4 of a cup of parmesan cheese and shake the bag well. Dredge your chicken or turkey cutlets in this and cook in a cast-iron skillet.  Anyway, the flavor is amazingly good and the points are low.
  5. I’ve also been reading, listening to music, and watching a few movies. The highlight of my days recently has been my talks with “Alexa“.  I ask her “Alexa, what’s the weather today“, “Alexa play ‘such and such’ song“, or “Alexa, show me my Playlists on Amazon Music“. She happily complies and if you say, “Alexa, thank you” she replies, “Your welcome“. Yes, I lead a very little life.

So that’s this week’s Friday Five. Nothing earth-shattering, just the usual. I hope you all have a great weekend and can do at least one thing that brings you joy!


The Friday Five ~ August 27th

The Friday FiveHere we are on the last Friday of August 2021. How did that happen? Despite the fact that Covid is still with us, I have found that 2021 is just racing by. So, here we go with the end of August, Friday Five.

  1. The last few days have been really hot and the air quality is humid and looks so thick like you could cut it with a knife. Most of the time I am able to be inside with my much-loved air-conditioners, but Tuesday found me bringing Jack to a doctor’s appointment. Just walking from the car to the building made me a soaking wet mess, despite wearing a short skort and lightweight top.
  2. Since I am determined to get back on my healthy eating plan, I brought a cooler with a salad for me and a sandwich and drink for Jack. Although lunch ended up happening about three o’clock pm, it was still good planning.
  3. I was again quite productive here, but I do have plans for the weekend. I would like to vacuum my throw rugs and then toss them into the washer. Then I hope to wash the floor and start what I’d like to call Autumn cleaning.
  4. I was watching a documentary on Judith Durham the lead singer of the 60s group “The Seekers”.hqdefault

    Because when someone is singing, they often lose their accent, I never knew that Judith was from Melbourne, Australia. She’s quite an amazing woman, and after many hardships in her life, she remains positive and much loved by her family and friends. “The Seekers” biggest hit here in the States was probably, “Georgy Girl”, which I have been singing for many decades.


    I’ve always loved her voice, with perfect pitch, and her ability to enunciate, which I fear is lost on many of today’s musicians.

    In any case, I have been enjoying listening to them.

  5. I am just sick about the current happenings in Afghanistan. The entire thing has been so poorly handled. 13 soldiers dead so far and I fear more loss of life is to come.

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The Friday Five ~ August 20th

Friday Five 1This week truly did fly by! It seemed I was here, there, and everywhere and once I thought things had calmed down…well, here is this week’s Friday Five!

  1. I started the week cleaning shelves and changing sheets. It’s sort of funny that you start one thing, and it leads to a laundry list of other things you need to do. Cleaning was big this week.
  2. I also did some cooking. Once again our local grocer had lamb chops reasonably priced. So I bought those and we really enjoyed them.
  3. On Wednesday I started to feel ill. It wasn’t anything I could put my finger on, I just felt unwell. I woke at 2 AM Thursday and there was no question about what was wrong. Another UTI!
  4. At six o’clock, I got out of bed, drank as much as I could, and dressed, getting ready to drive to the Walk-In Clinic. I was running a small fever, and I prepared myself for a long wait. Lucky for me, I got in quickly, my diagnosis was confirmed and they called in a prescription.
  5. After waiting for the prescription to be filled, I finally got home and I wasn’t in the door for too long when a young woman brought me flowers! Beautiful flowers like you would find in a home garden.20210819_114022They made me smile and when I read the card I cried. They were from my daughter. My sweet Amanda, who knew I needed something nice like this on a rather bleak day. Thank you again, Sweetheart!

So, that was my week. Today, (Friday) I am off to have Glaucoma Laser Surgery on my left eye. After that, I plan to do nothing for the weekend!


The Friday Five ~ August 13th

Friday Five 1It is now one very hot summer. The dog days of summer? Probably yes. We had a rainy July, and now August finds us being cooked with our temperatures in the 90’s with Florida-type humidity! All I can say is ugh! So, here we go, this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I was actually pretty productive this week. At least until the heat arrived. On Monday I loaded up the Highlander and made a run to the Recycling Center. I have decided to just do it on the same day each week. As the load I took was really big.
  2. Tuesday found me getting my hair done. No cutting yet. Just some creative coloring. My goal is to grow it out so I can wear it up or in a ponytail or braids. Apparently, for an old thing such as myself, I still have a ton of hair!
  3. I changed sheets, washed and dried them, and even did four more loads of laundry. I washed, dried, folded, and put everything away! That in itself is amazing.
  4. I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately. I know I am getting old as the music I enjoy comes from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I know there are a few from the 90s, but not much. Ah, music! It helps me to get into a wonderful calm place!
  5. This weekend I plan to sit and read for at least two hours each day. LOL. Now if I actually accomplish this, I will be amazed.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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The Friday Five ~ Plus 1 ~ August 6th

The Friday FiveMy oh my, what a week it was. I had planned on having a quiet week, but as it turned out, I was busier than I have been in a while. So, here we go with this week’s Friday Five Plus 1.

  1. On Tuesday I drove Jack to the prosthetics shop, as he needed new shoes. When you have had an amputation, you need special shoes so you can walk correctly without injuring your foot or the other toes. The Staff was wonderful and his new shoes will be coming in a few weeks.
  2. After the appointment, I took Jack to the grocery store. Three isles in and he was fading fast, so I paid for the groceries and then drove home. He asked to go the back way, which was fine, but then as I started to go that way he did not recognize the route for a bit.
  3. Upon arriving at home, he mentioned he wanted potato salad. Ah, well, he’d finished up the last bit the night before, so I set about making more. That’s when I realized I had no celery. So off I went to the grocery store (locally) to get the things I had not gotten earlier because Jack needed to get home.
  4. My new coffee maker arrived. Those of you that have known me a while, know I have bad luck with appliances.41sWJhmDDfL._SS284_

    In any case, our old machine was leaking after a literal meltdown inside. It lasted three years. We liked it though, so we bought the same model.

  5. At the grocery store today they had a plethora of farm-fresh vegetables! They also had sales on melon, blueberries, cherries, and grapes. So I stocked up. They also had split whole chickens. So that is what’s for dinner tonight.

+1. Currently, our Main Street is being repaved, and all the man-hole covers are being replaced before the paving. Now if they had waited 5 weeks our little town would be empty of tourists, and they could get it all done quickly. But, I was out on Thursday and I needed to stop at the Post Office. I started to park across the street when one of our local policemen waved at me and yelled something. Once I could pull away from the parking spot, I pulled over to him and asked where I could park to go to the Post Office? He said to “Go around and then park near the church.” So I began to do a U-turn when he started yelling at me again. “You can’t do that here!” I started to cry. Not great big ugly sobs, but tears sprung and I must have gotten to him because he spoke kindly to me and said, “Just back up now, go down to Waukewan Street, and then take Waukewan Avenue to park.” So I did and tried to catch my breath. When I got inside the Post Office the Clerks were telling me that they were stuck, not being able to get out to have their lunches. Until they finish the paving, I will be avoiding Main Street.

So I will be kicking back, and catching up on things this weekend. Housework, laundry, and perhaps start reading a book on my tablet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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The Friday Five ~ July 30th

The Friday Five

Well, that sure was a quick month! Imagine on Sunday it will be August and then it is time to begin the planning for summer to end, buy school supplies and clothes for kids as they (hopefully) return to school.

But here we are, and this is what’s happening!

  1. Today, Friday, I am off to see my Glaucoma doctor. She will decide if I will need another laser treatment. Personally, I am hoping not. But we shall see.
  2. After that, I am going to visit with Mandy and my darling grandchildren! I really miss them all, but I have found leaving home is not so easy anymore.
  3. I found the most beautiful Lamb Chops at the store and when I get home on Friday night I will cook those up for our dinner. We haven’t had Lamb since before Covid came to call.
  4. This week a new summer dress I ordered via Amazon arrived. It is even prettier than I thought it would be.dressI have found during the last year I enjoy daydreaming my way around Amazon and I have gotten some nice things at good prices. This little dress is so soft and yummy!
  5. I will give my hand through the weekend and if it is no better on Monday I will make an appointment with an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon.

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The Friday Five ~ July 16th

The Friday FiveI know I did a long list on Thursday, but those were more general types of thoughts. This is now my Friday Five for the week ending on July 16th.

          1. The biggest story here in most of New Hampshire is the rain! Day after day, rain. However that being said, Thursday found things so hot and humid, it may as well have rained, as I chose to stay in with the air conditioners.
          2. I simply cannot tell you how much better Arnie is doing! When I sent away for the Cranberry/Pumpkin Extract, I admit being skeptical that this would work.61kiteMZoSL._AC_SL1200_ It took about 2-3 weeks, but it is working and Arnie is doing so well.
          3. Today’s movie was a 1985 film called “White Nights”.81+L70xMe0L._SY445_
            It stars Mikail Baryshnikov, Gregory Hines, Helen Mirren, and Isabella Rossellini. The movie was pretty good. The music was super, but the dancing was the best.
          4. We’re starting the search for a nearly New Highlander XLE. I love my Highlander and was a new one, but things like leather seats, a backup camera, and automatic Bluetooth. I will keep you posted.
          5. And last but not least, this is Race Weekend here in the Lakes Region. It means a large influx of tourists filling our hotels and campground and grocery stores and of course the races down at the Loudon Racetrack!

        So that’s it for the week. I hope your weekend will be a nice one, wherever you are!


The Friday Five ~ July 9th

The Friday FiveAnother week has flown by. Several things kept me busy, so I will simply just get to this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I simply cannot believe how much having Strep Throat has kicked my butt. I’m now several days into my antibiotics, but I remain tired and my throat is still somewhat sore. I cannot recall having ever had strep throat, so this is somewhat new to me.
  2. Jack’s ulcerated toe is doing much better. His podiatrist also ordered him new shoes, as he has special shoes due to his amputated toe. Because of the Pandemic, it has been a long time since he had a new pair. This was probably a contributing factor in the formation of the ulcer on his toe.
  3. I have finally stopped the wretched Crows and Ravens from pilfering my suet feeders. I have feeders with V-shaped roofs on them, but that did not stop the larger birds. They would fly in, hang upside down and chow down! They would clean out the suet block in under two hours! Then, I had an idea. First I placed a frisbee over the top of the feeder and then I moved my feeder poles into the trees. I simply hang them carefully in there and the only birds that can get to the suet are the much smaller birds. Now I am feeding the little songbirds that I want to. Also, I must note, the feeders go out after breakfast and stay out until after dinner. So far this has worked and we have not had a bear problem.
  4. After last weekend’s fireworks problem with our neighbors, sweet Lili has remained a little bit of a psychological mess.  She scares easily and is having a fair bit of separation anxiety. This particular neighbor never liked Lili, so I’m pretty sure he could care less, but it does make us pretty upset about the entire fiasco. Especially after reviewing our town’s Firework Ordinance. He was far from legal shooting off fireworks in his yard that fell into our yard. He also did not have a permit or authorization from our Fire or Police Cheif!
  5. Not too much else for now. Once the rain stops I hope to have nice enough weather to hang out some laundry. It won’t be today, but hopefully over the weekend.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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