The Friday Five

The Friday FiveWell, here we are again. The end of another week! This week seemed to fly by. Between Anneliese and traveling around, it appeared I did not have enough time to get things completed as I went through the days.

But I did get many things done and so here is this weeks list of the most memorable moments.


  1. Anneliese has definitely taken up a lot of my time this week. Today she seems more comfortable. I got all her little dog bedding together and washed it all up. As soon as I put it all back together, she hopped right in!
  2. I went to WW Class this week on Wednesday morning. I knew I had done well, but I was really surprised by the three and a half-pound weight loss! Let’s just say, Yay for me!
  3. I found three thick cutworms on my tomato plant. Yesterday my plant was beautiful, today I noticed that the plant was severely defoliated!
    354401After much searching there they were! Three big, fat, ugly cutworms! Tomato worms (A.K.A. cutworms) love to snack on tomatoes and tomato plants! Tomato worms, or more specifically cutworms, gobble up stems of tomato seedlings. They work mostly at night to do their damage.
  4. Yesterday I decided to go through Jack’s closet. You see he had more shoes than Imelda Marcos, and since he can no longer wear any of them due to his toe amputation, it was time to get rid of them. We have almost new shoes that I will bring to St. Vincent to donate and then there are two bags to go to the recycling center. But it is wonderful to be able to step into his closet again!
  5. It’s Lobster Fest this weekend! My cousin Janet, her husband Dave and my other cousin, and Janet’s brother, Larry will be coming up for our annual feast! I can hardly wait!!!

I’m still binge-watching Downton Abbey and enjoying every moment! I want to be all ready for when the movie comes out this fall. What a great show!

The Friday Five!

The Friday FiveHere we are, at the end of another week. It’s been a good one with many positive things happening. So, here we go.

  1. This week I went back to the doctor who evaluated my neck and shoulder problems and sent me to PT. He is really pleased with my progress and wants me to continue with PT for a few more months. I am so encouraged. I am feeling better and moving better too!
  2. Our EZ Pass transmitters were dying. Well, one was quite literally dead and the other was close. It had been close to 20 years since we got them. The old office was in a trailer off the highway. The new office was out by Concord Airport. And the office was quite nice. I am thankful for WAZE. I never would have found the office without it!
  3. I watched a really good movie today. It is called “Still Mine”.
    saIt’s about an elderly couple fighting against local authorities in rural New Brunswick, Canada to build their final home.  James Cromwell, and Geneviève Bujold star in it. This movie has such heart and soul to it. Put it on your must-see list. You will not be sorry.
  4. I went to WW Class on Wednesday with renewed determination. I’ve really been struggling this summer, but today, I managed to grocery shop and when I was overcome with hunger, I bit into a wonderful Honeycrisp Apple! I truly savored every bite!
  5. I will be seeing my sister and our closest cousins on Saturday. We do not come from a large family so there are just five of us left and I am hoping this will be the first of many get-togethers. Saturday we are celebrating my cousin Erica’s marriage to her Joe! We’re all so happy for them!

So that is the week that was. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy your summer! (Or winter if you are down-under!)

The Friday Five – August 2, 2019

The Friday FiveWelcome to August, and what is commonly known as the dog days of summer!

We certainly have had our share of hot, humid and hazy weather. But, after a cold, rainy Spring this is almost welcome.

So, as I close out the week and look forward to the first weekend of August, here’s my Friday Five!

  1. My grandchildren continue to delight me. They are both happy, healthy, and good kids. I get Snapchats and pictures from them all the time. They are my joy in this world!


Quinn with Freya.

2. My neighbors are having their porch rebuilt. The workers arrived at 7:30. I was up, but the dogs are not appreciating the noise.

3. Another neighbor decided to demolish her old house (a small bungalow) and build a new one. So there are all kinds of changes going on here on my street!

4. I have a little summer cold going on. I feel a little run down and have a slight fever. Nothing dramatic. Mostly I feel like sleeping and being quiet.

5. This weekend I have no plans. I’m enjoying reading my book  “Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece” by Hugo Vickers. It’s all about Prince Philip of England’s Mother. Alice was an amazing woman. You can read more about her: Here

1903-her-royal-highness_medPrincess Alice

The Friday Five

A day late!

The Friday Five

I sort of lost my days this week and instead of doing a Friday Five yesterday, I wrote about my sister’s birthday. So, even though it is Saturday, her

  1. Connecticut is far away from me. WAZE said I could get there in 3 hours and 55 minutes, but trust me, this is not possible. I left early and it took me 4 hours and 20 minutes. Glad I left early! Still, it was a pretty ride and a beautiful day.
  2. It was so good to see my sister, her kids, and grandchildren. Her oldest grandson was the reason I moved back to New England from Florida. I wanted to be closer so I could visit the baby. The baby is now all grown up, finished with school and working at a great job!
  3. Driving home was more hectic. I took a different route and it was more highway driving. There was a lot of construction and it was not a fun drive.
  4. Friday, Jack and I drove out to do our weekly grocery shopping. I sort of nagged him to hurry up, as it is tourist season. The store was mobbed, the lines long (40 minutes at the Deli counter). From 10:30 to 1:00 we were shopping! Too long.
  5. We stopped at our usual Chinese Buffet and it was terrible. Not just the food, but the waitresses were rude. The previous owners sold out this spring, and it has only gone downhill! Sadly, it’s the last time we will visit this place.

So that was the week that was. Lots of good stuff and a little frustrating stuff.e is this week’s Friday Five.

The Friday Five.

The Friday FiveHere we are, another week has sped on by. As this week closes I am getting ready for a trip down to see my sister, Melodie. Her birthday is on Tuesday and for the first time in a long time, we will be celebrating together! Anyway, here is this week’s Friday Five!

    1. I have been enjoying my birds. There are two that delight me. The first one is my Downey Woodpecker. It is tiny and yet so sweet and he is not at all worried when I am nearby. Thus, these two great pictures of my tiny friend!

Downey 2Isn’t he just the sweetest thing?

Downey Woodpecker 1I love this picture because you can see his beak inside the cage getting seed!

2. Jack and I went to a presentation at the local Airport. A Research Vessel is trying to local a Pan Am Flying Boat, Samoan Clipper, which crashed near Pago Pago, American Samoa, on January 11, 1938. The research vessel is trying to locate the remains, and the search is being led by a team from the Nautilus Live Expedition led by the Robert Ballard Group. Dr. Ballard found the Titanic and his expeditions have been fruitful. Alas, they have not located the Samoan Clipper, which I fear may be lost for all time.

BdrUMkZCQAAAILnI will be writing more about the Samoan Clipper tomorrow. We wanted to go to the presentation since Jack was associated with Pan Am for over 25 years. He started as a Flight Engineer and left as a Captain. More on that tomorrow.

3. I had to go to the Pharmacy today to get Anneliese’s Eye drops. I signed her up for the Pharmacy Program and so her drops, which normally cost $150.00 per little bottle, are $40.00. I have to say my Pharmacy team has been wonderful and helpful. Today I brought them a picture of Anneliese and they were thrilled. I was too. They are such kind people!

4. Yesterday I was driving in town and suddenly there was a traffic jam. Why? Well, two large flocks of Canadian Geese were crossing the road from one lake to the next. They were bringing all their little goslings and I think there must have been 40 Geese! Everyone stopped and watched the spectacle!

5. We had a remarkable sunset the other night. I ran off with my cell phone and snapped a picture.

67193279_388309738463969_5780343084910903296_nHave a great weekend everyone!

The Friday Five

The Friday Five

We’re nearly halfway through July of 2019 and I wish I understood the whole cosmic speed of time. I’m still wondering how that little girl I was way back when, who lay in the sunshine watching the clouds, feeling like time just stood still, is living her life at 60, where the days, weeks and months fly by!

In any case, I won’t bore you all with those ponderings, but I will present this week’s Friday Five!

  1. We’ve been so lucky as this week we have had amazingly good weather. Hot, dry days with bright sun. Shorts and tank top weather. Right up until Thursday when the air was so thick and humid you could have cut it with a knife! Then the clouds moved in and the rains poured down!
  2. Lili, of course, had her day at the spa and was all shampooed and groomed. SO, I brought both dackels into the shower with me and they were washed, dried and groomed. Now all three of my doggy kids are fresh as daisies!
  3. I’ve been doing well with my healthy eating plan. At WW this week I was two and a half pounds lighter. I have been eating very healthfully and happily.  They have 200 Zero point foods and I use those to fill up my diet and I have really been feeling good about it all. I just hope I can keep up the positive feelings and keep going.
  4. I’m on my way to see my daughter and grandchildren! I’m going to babysit so she had Matt can have a date night. Fun will be had!
  5. Wimbledon has been amazing this year! Today’s match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will probably be the most exciting match of the entire series!

The Friday Five

The Friday FiveWell, here we are at the end of the first week in July. I’ve been busy, busy, busy, but blessedly, the 4th of July arrived and everything calmed down. As we enter the weekend, here are the five things on my mind.

  1. In 1989 when Jack and I lived in West Berlin, we made several trips into East Berlin. There was a wonderful department store in East Berlin that sold some things we needed for the apartment. Our apartment on Lietzenburger Strasse was nice, but we needed some blankets. I found the most perfect summer weight Decke (comforter type blanket, Twin size) and I bought two. I have used them almost every day since then.
    April 29 020
    (Jack sitting on the bed with the dogs. The two Decke’s can be seen under him and the dogs. But now they are in tatters, having been well used and well loved over 30 years! I am now on the hunt for just the right duvet and duvet cover for my bed. My daughter directed me the right way for the duvet, but now I need to select the duvet cover.
  2. Thursday was very hot. nearly 100 in the shade and over 100 degrees in the sun. It’s a tad humid too. I turned the air conditioning on early, and then watched Wimbledon Tennis!
  3. I have managed to stay up to date with my housework, bills, etc. Despite my PT being painful at first, I have turned it around and feel so much better now.
  4. I was able to get New England Sea Scallops, and last night I made Seared Scallops for dinner. Wow! Was that fabulous!
  5. Lili is going to the Groomers today for a wash and blow dry! She is a handful and it is so much easier to get our pleasant young Groomer to take care of it for us.

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Once again the week flew by. I don’t know where 2019 is going, but it sure is slipping by at an alarming rate! In any case, here is this weeks list of five things that are on my mind!

  1. Today would have been my mother’s 90th birthday. I’ve been missing her a lot this year and so many times I have wished I could have called her and chatted with her, even if it was for a few minutes. She was so beautiful and she was loving and kind. Happy Birthday, Mom.
  2. Each day I start my day walking the dogs and feeding the birds. The birds have caught onto this and while I am walking the dogs, the birds are singing to me reminding me to get their food out!P6250024 (3)
  3. I have been continuing with cleaning and clearing a space in our house each day. Some of the junk will go to the recycling center and some will be donated to charity. It will take me a long time to get this done, but it simply must be done.
  4. Today I start my extensive Physical Therapy. After my surgery in 2017, no PT was ordered. After such a lengthy illness and recovery, my body was in very bad shape. And the muscles clenched in my shoulders and neck. I am starting this new PT program and it will hopefully relax those clenched muscles and then help me to rebuild my strength. I have a great hope!
  5. I would be remiss without mentioning that all the rain we have had has turned my yard into a lush green paradise. We have had many summers that were dry and everything turns to burn toast! This year, the grass is thick and green, and the fruit trees are full of green leaves and tiny apple, peaches, and plums.
    P6250006 (2)

So that’s my week and I am feeling so positive about it all. Have a great weekend and enjoy your summer!

The Friday Five

j0382597This week seemed to go by very fast. I’ve been amazingly productive and I have found so much joy this week, I am all smiles! So here goes with this weeks list!

  1. I think one of the best things was spending part of Tuesday with my grandchildren, and going out to dinner with Mandy, Matt, and both kids. It was Savannah’s last day of First Grade and so we celebrated her accomplishment! She did so well in her first year of Public School, and I am so proud of her!
  2. Little Quinn had an accident and fell and sliced his head open. Apparently, it was quite a bloody mess, and he wore his stitch and band-aide as a badge of courage! He is one tough cookie.
  3. I had my first Physical Therapy Session and begin actual treatment next week. I expect to be slightly the worse for wear during the initial stages, but I am excited by the prospect of getting the pain under control.
  4. My Bird Feeders are providing me with such joy. I even got my windows clean and sparkling so I can take a picture and also see out clearly.
    P6200021 copy                                    A tiny Downey Woodpecker at the feeder.
  5. Despite the fact that I promised no more gardens, I have some patio pots with tomatoes, peppers, basil, rosemary, and thyme that I am growing. Nothing too much, just a small number and just right.

So that’s my week and what a nice week it was. Enjoy your weekend one and all!

The Friday Five

Friday Five

The start of the week found me at the beach, and the end of the week found me at home. In between, I filled my days with lots of good stuff.

  1. I’m so lucky that despite a sprained ankle, I did a lot on vacation. I managed to get to see my elderly cousin and have lunch with her. Her health has not been good, so this was a very nice visit that we had!
  2. I got to eat lunch on the beach in the rain! Now trust me, there were people that ran inside when the raindrops fell, but it was 90 degrees and the gentle rain felt nice on my skin.
  3. Forget any sort of good hair pictures during my trip. It was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit each day, with 70+% humidity. I looked like Bozo the clown! It matters not. It was nice and relaxing and I had a great time.
  4. Beware of Seatmates on Airplanes who are facing Federal charges for crimes we all know he committed. I was so surprised to see this man and tried to sneak a selfie, but alas, I was not able to.
  5. How wonderful to have doggies that missed me and welcomed me home! I sure missed them and I know they missed me.