The Friday Five ~ May 20th

The Friday FiveAnother week has gone by and here we are halfway through 2022. The best part of 2022 so far is that Heidi has taken up residence in our home. So let’s go with this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Most of this week was very quiet. On Tuesday I started to feel very stuffy and I was having trouble breathing. Since my yard is filled with blooming fruit trees I guessed that it was allergies.
  2. The Internet Guy came to see what our problem was. The symptoms were strange, The connection would go in and out, and it was getting progressively worse. It was terrible when I was trying to stream a program, as I kept getting kicked off the Internet.
  3. A very nice young man arrived from our Internet Provider. His name was Serge and he was from Ukraine. He came here several years ago and loves this country!  After troubleshooting the problem, he knew exactly how to troubleshoot to determine our problem. In short order, he found three things that were wrong, installed new cables, and was here about 40 minutes before all was ship shape and running smoothly.
  4. On Wednesday morning I went to attend my ladies’ meeting and as I sat there I began to feel worse and worse. I became totally congested, and all I wanted was to get into my pajamas and sleep.
  5. Since then I’ve been running a small fever, coughing like crazy and I am very congested both in my sinuses, and my chest. I took a home Covid test, that said I was negative. I will retest tomorrow to be certain. Apparently, there are many cases of the Flu around the Lake’s Region where I live, so I am betting that is what it is.

That’s it for this week. My plan for the next few days is to lay low and sleep as much as I can. Meanwhile, Miss Heidi is a really great Nurse.


The Friday Five ~ May 13th

The Friday FiveThis week passed with some work around the house and some taking care of Heidi. In the end, it all worked out.

  1. Monday found me driving Heidi to the Vet. She is fine now but it seems that her little tummy is sensitive to rawhide bones.

    2022-05-12_08-33-53Oh my goodness, Heidi needs some work on her hair-do!

  2. Each day the weather reported an increase in our temperatures. Our house has no shade trees and so we quite literally bake! Today a friend of ours, Bryan came and in no time he and his 3 years old son had all 5 air conditioners installed.
  3. It’s such a pretty time of year here. The grass is emerald green and today the skies were robins egg blue. Just beautiful!
  4. On Friday I go in to see my Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. I’ve been having a few problems. So, although I am glad to be going in to see her, I am also a bit on the nervous side.
  5. Lastly, Mandy, Matt, and the kids are coming up on Saturday for a visit. I can hardly wait. This Oma needs a hug!

I wish you all a very happy weekend. I hope wherever you are, you can take a few moments to enjoy the beauty of nature!


The Friday Five ~ May 6th

Friday FiveSpring arrived this week, and as I write the grass has turned green and is growing, and the tight buds on the fruit trees will very quickly begin to open. But for now, here are this week’s Friday Five.

  1. My back is pretty much healed. If I begin to overdo then it will pinch me and let me know I need to sit for a few minutes and rest before getting back to things.
  2. It’s been a challenge as both dogs had tummy trouble within one day of each other. They’re fine now, but nothing moves you faster than the sound a dog makes just before they lose their dinner!
  3. We just learned that a very old friend of Jack’s and mine passed away. She had attended college with Jack and they both graduated the same year from Middlebury College in Vermont. Carolyn married one of Jack’s good friends and theirs had been a very happy marriage. We are both very saddened by this.
  4. It’s Cinco de Mayo tonight so I am making Tacos. Since we don’t get out much, I make an effort to celebrate these little holidays when I can.
  5. Nothing much planned for this weekend. If possible I’d like to get the big vacuum out and run it all over the house. However, we will see how the back feels.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms & Grandmoms!


The Friday Five ~ April 29th

Friday Five
This was literally a crazy week. And here we are on Friday and although much was accomplished I ended up having to take some much-needed downtime. Let me explain.

  1. On Tuesday I made up a grocery list and headed to our local store. I needed everything from Avocados to Ziploc Bags. So, I shopped and was helped by a new teenage bagger, who filled each grocery bag to maximum capacity.
  2. When I got home I started to carry the bags up the stairs from the basement garage to the kitchen. Heavy sacks and I carried far too many of them at once.
  3. Just as I finished the groceries, Chewy arrived and I went down to bring up a few dog food things. Nothing heavy, but as I hit the third step, my lower back went out. Each step, each movement, brought on excruciating pain! Once I finished putting things away, and with tears streaming down my cheeks, I sat down on my recliner.
  4. I have worn my back brace some and used my heating pad, but the best relief I get is when I am reclined in my recliner.
    Heidi makes a great Nurse.

    So, I have decided that I need to get a reclining bed. Once I am mobile enough, I will start shopping.

  5. Today our snowplow people came to repair the grassy area next to the driveway, where his plow truck skidded off. So far it looks good.

So that was the week that was. I managed to get through it and my back is slightly better. I’ve been walking and doing gentle stretches. I hate being laid up and want to be enjoying the sunshine. So, MYBACK, get better fast!

278925926_1697064820646134_7390489941568587447_nMy love, Heidi.

The Friday Five ~ April 22nd

Friday FiveThis week sped by and several things got accomplished. So I am pleased that it all went off without a hitch.

  1. I got our taxes done over the weekend and in the mail on Monday. It’s the first time I have done them alone (pretty much). I think my blood pressure was soaring.
  2. Wednesday found me getting my new crowns. They are wonderful! They feel like real teeth and my bite is perfect. So, I am one very happy girl. Despite the hit to my bank account!
  3. Heidi went in early on Thursday for her spay surgery. The Vet’s Office is some distance from my home, so I asked if I could just sit and wait in their parking lot. Since Heidi was first on the surgical list they said sure.
  4. So, I sat looking at the beautiful farm and all the animals. The Vet’s children came out to play and it was fun watching them too. The two hours sped by and soon they brought Heidi out. She was sleepy but happy to be with me. We drove home, I walked her a bit in my yard, and then she came in and fell asleep in her little bed.
  5. Tonight she had a little dinner and had her pain meds. She is happily curled up with me on my chair. Her little recovery suit is just perfect. So much better than the cone of shame.

278416850_10160116315551499_115961659644533700_nSo the week was busy, but in the end, everything went well and we have the weekend to recover.

The Friday Five ~ April 14th

The Friday FiveDuring the week we had a visitor nearly every day. Of course each time we saw the Fox, my camera or cell phone wasn’t around. Finally, today Lili barked and I grabbed my camera and got a few pictures.

  1. foxFoxy!
  2. Fox 4Walking down my driveway!
  3. P4140044Look at the fluffy tail!
  4. Fox 3If I’d only gotten this shot I would consider myself lucky.
  5. fox 2But then Foxy turned and I got this picture. Well, it just made my Thursday, I will tell you!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a very blessed Easter!

The Friday Five ~ April 8th

Friday FiveWell, there goes the first full week of April. I can’t believe how life is flying by. Here are this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Our little Lake Waukewan is now ice-free. It is so wonderful to see the open water again! Soon we will see rowboats and small boats used for fishing on the Lake. Our Lake has life during all four seasons.
  2. Lili’s ankle is better. She is not happy that we have restricted her movements. The girl really is a running, jumping, leaper!
  3. I have had a slight cold this week, and I have tried to drink a lot of fluids and get my rest. Although truth be told, Heidi keeps me on my toes. Walks, walks and more walks.
  4. Our fox was back this morning. Here is a picture I took last summer.
    P9170006 (2)
    Dear Lili told me with her barking and fussing. This isn’t the best picture, but as you can see we are still in very early spring. All brown and not too much green. I think she looks like she is expecting.
  5. Tomorrow, April 9th is our Anniversary. We used to go out for a fine meal each year, but I’m thinking that won’t happen. I am not sure exactly what we will do to celebrate. Maybe just pop a cork and have some champagne.


The Friday Five ~ April 1st

Friday FiveAnother week is gone, and here we are April first. April Fool’s Day. This year there is very little to joke about so I’m going to pass on anything cute!

  1. Thursday saw me heading out with Lili to go to the Vet. Now darling Lili is not a good rider. She fussed and I could almost feel her blood pressure rising as we drove along.
  2. She has a fever, but thankfully no break around her ankle. The Vet is concerned that she could have Lyme Disease. Now, I vaccinate for this and always have, but new strains of the virus are out there. We will know in a few days if that is it. Meanwhile, she is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. She is very quiet and just wants to rest. Good thing.
  3. The new hooks arrived for my bird feeders. I want to be able to hang them inside the trees making it tough for the Ravens and the Crows to raid the feeders.
  4. I also ordered new stripping knives for Heidi. My old ones are not working well and I hope the new ones will.
  5. There have been so many news stories lately that truly saddens me for mankind. There is no care or concern for others anymore. Somehow being rude and abusive to all others is supposed to be accepted. The old-aged Queen of England is being bullied by her grandson and his American wife. Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith. And let’s not forget Ukraine. We just are living in a more unfriendly world and I miss kindness a great deal.
    Bruce Willis, one of my all-time favorite actors has been diagnosed with Asphagia. Now if some of those I mentioned above were handling Bruce, he would be blamed for his condition and made to suffer. Instead, Bruce’s entire family has rallied around him and they are trying to make the most of the time they have left with him. Everyone from his first wife and daughters to his second wife and their daughters. So perhaps not all kindness has vanished from this earth.


The Friday Five ~ March 25th

Friday FiveAnother week has flown by. When I look back to where life was before Covid, I think we all took the ease of our lives for granted. I know I sure did. Anyways, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I had my six month blood tests run. The results could have been better, but, at the same time, they could have been worse!
  2. It is discouraging that each time I shop, groceries are more and more expensive. Today was a first for me. A very small head of iceburg lettuce cost $2.49! I kid you not.
  3. Tomorrrow we will be calling for a heating oil delivery. Currently it is $4. 97 a gallon. So we will have another hit to our savings account.
  4. I need to have one of my crowns replaced. At 21 years old it is cracked. Here’s the thing. It’s a front tooth and the one next to it is also a crown. I am dreading having it done and a mismatch in color. Also that tooth is also 21 years old. It could crack any day. I don’t spend too much time dwelling on my appearance, but I love to smile and if my teeth didn’t match I would be heart sick. I am going to call my dentist tomorrow. I need to get a ballpark figure for how much it would cost to do both?
  5. This is a catch up and rest up weekend for me because next week will be a full and busy week!

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Friday Five ~ March 18th

Friday FiveThis week found me thinking about the past. Oh, I didn’t dwell, but I spent time recalling happy times. sad times, and times when I found great growth in life. So, it was a good week all in all.

So, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. It’s Spring and we are having a lot of melting. Our puddles have puddles and everything is muddy and gross. Of course, Heidi thinks this is so much fun and tried to eat the mud!
  2. I was walking the dogs in the yard today and I slipped and fell. While getting up I noted I was wet, muddy, and slightly yucky. The dogs were so impressed. I swear they wanted me to “do it again!”
  3. I have been slow cooking the corned beef all day. I just added the celery and cabbage to the corned beef pot and the carrots, potatoes, and onions are prepped and ready to go.
  4. Lili had a great birthday.
    She had her usual crunchie food, but today I gave her some poached chicken on top. Happy 8th Birthday to my love.
  5. Heidi is growing by leaps and bounds. She is sixteen pounds now, and such a beautiful girl. She is also my love. I scoop her up in my arms and snuggle her and then I thank God for sending me this cherished girl.
    20220310_163015Yes, I am a lucky doggy Mama. Lili and Heidi are such wonderful companions!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the time no matter where you are!